EP:58 Protect your car from theft. Chevrolet Silverado EV production date. First vehicle delivery.

In this episode, I talk about car theft and how to protect your vehicle from being stolen. We finally know when the Chevrolet Silverado EV is going into production, sort of. And, I talk about what I learned from delivering my first new vehicle.

Hi everyone happy friday this is mike talks cars podcast episode 58 news in industry news vehicle theft is becoming an epidemic manufacturers are working ever harder to find ways of theft proofing your next vehicle it used to be that alarms coated keys or fobs and tracking devices were all that was needed at least that was good for a moment as vehicles became

More and more sophisticated so did the thieves today the electronics that secure our vehicles are often the very things that make them vulnerable to theft today’s thieves will just steal a signal from your remote to open the vehicle tap into the obd port and program a new fob into the system so they can start and drive the vehicle away and they can do that very

Quickly if that is how your vehicle is stolen your fob also becomes useless so how do you protect your vehicle in today’s electronic world here’s some basics be careful where you park your vehicle don’t store your key fobs close to an exterior wall and make sure you put them inside something preferably metal don’t lock or unlock your vehicle in public using the

Remote most new cars have a proximity sensor and a button on the door use the button on the door let’s face it if the thief really wants your vehicle however they will get it your best protections are still low tech many of you will remember the club steering wheel lock well it’s still a great deterrent because it slows them down so they will probably just choose

Someone else’s vehicle to steal and nothing really beats keeping your vehicle inside your locked garage i am amazed at how many people use their garage to store a few dollars worth of junk that they really don’t want inside their house and leave sixty eighty hundred thousand dollars worth of vehicles in the driveway just put a sign on your lawn please steal

What you like in new vehicle news a top executive at general motors has finally given us a hint at when the chevrolet silverado ev will start production production is currently slated for 2023 this is interesting news because ford’s f-150 lightning goes into production in early 2022 putting silverado about a year behind their ford competitor silverado will be

Powered by gm’s ultium ev system and we are looking forward to its debut at the consumer electronics show on january 5th 2022 knowing that we’ll be waiting for silverado to hit the streets in 2023 gives gm loyalists a bit of light at the end of the tunnel and we’ll start the countdown for them information about the new ev silverado is still pretty scarce but if

I know gm and i do they’ll use the next year to bring their own flavor to the electric pickup now for some musings with the trainer yesterday i took a stroll down memory lane with you and talked about the first new vehicle that i sold there was actually a little bit more to that story that i should share it’s important because it helped define the way i learned

To look at each customer and each relationship with those customers as i continued on in my career both as a sales consultant and as a manager it also helped define my career as a trainer when mr johansson picked up his brand new chrysler cordoba from me the day after i sold it to him there was a lot going on in those days the salesperson did everything no f

And i office so i was pretty distracted while trying to make sure i got all the paperwork right license plates on the car car cleaned and ready so when he showed up signed the last of the paperwork and walked around the vehicle i wasn’t paying as much attention to him as i probably should have been we shook hands he got into the car i immediately headed for

The office to drop off the paperwork and i really wanted to post that sale on the board as i was steaming through the showroom my mentor grabbed me by the arm turned me around and said you don’t want to miss this he walked me over to the window and pointed to mr johansson as he was driving out of the lot just as the cordova’s rear wheels dropped down onto the

Road from the sidewalk my mentor made a rolling wave motion with his hand and let out a very satisfied we stood there and watched the taillights until they disappeared then he looked at me and said now didn’t that feel great and he was right it felt awesome i watched every single set of taillights leave the dealership for every deal i made as a sales consultant

It became not just a ritual but a symbol for caring about and following up on each of those customers also try it make sure you aren’t missing out on those little things that make doing what we do so enjoyable and make our customer relationships last this is mike little reminding you that hey selling is fun go have a great day

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EP:58 Protect your car from theft. Chevrolet Silverado EV production date. First vehicle delivery. By Mike Talks Cars