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Tesla cyber truck in splendid silver guys we just got the tesla roadster unlocked and now a word from our sponsors the chipotle challenger series is back and this time it’s featuring pubg mobile chipotle challenger series is an esports competition that will have eight open qualifiers culminating in a live grand finale on july 25th the qualifiers will feature

Four maps eringel miramar sanhok and bakendi and each will be played twice those qualifiers will take place between july 12th and july 15th as well as from july 19th to july 22nd teams of two are going to be competing in multiple private lobbies featuring 32 teams the top eight will move on to the next round and the top three scoring teams will be moving on to

The grand finale so get your duo partner and get registered today at chipotle challenger series dot com i’ll be hosting the event and i’ll be seeing you out there we are not finished y’all we have to get well not the roadster but the cyber truck so we got to spend our money and try to see if we can get off cheap please fingers crossed and get that cyber truck

Unlocked so here we go we got to get this cyber truck 34 000 uc left we’ve gotten one so far and we’re into the failures we don’t want failures we want successes like this that’s what i’m talking about speed plus one we’ll keep going accelerate safely is the move dang it’s not gonna work all right we’ll keep going nothing so we should be accelerating safely on

This particular uh only one alright so here it is we got one speed successfully let’s keep keep it up fail all right this is starting to be a little more expensive another fail we’re going through the motions now fall this is not good and plus one all right we gotta do the next we got uh steps six seven and eight right now and if we can get to the plus four

Here we should be all done and get that cyber truck man all kinds of failure here oh oh dude we got a plus two let’s go that’s super helpful first try or or the second try we’ll do the second try yo can we get it no we can’t all right this is it guys we are getting a cyber truck right here boom got it and we still have uc left over are you kidding me we got

17 500 uc left over we gotta collect click that big collect button right in the middle we did this yesterday too all right so here it is four tesla tokens okay redeem let’s go down to the cyber truck and we will pick up that vehicle tesla cyber truck and splendid silver just like that we got ourselves a brand new tesla cyber truck now i gotta know is this gonna

Go in place of a us i don’t know looks almost like its own brdm you know what i’m saying bdrm brd who knows we’re gonna keep accelerating just a little bit because unfortunately well i need a cool new outfit to ride in my cybertruck so that is what we’re gonna do got a little bit of uc left over collecting some coins right now but also we’re just gonna go up and

Get them outfits like direct and or maybe we’ll fail and we’ll need to accelerate safely which i’m gonna do right now safely accelerate to failure it’s fine we’ll keep going give me that plus two plus three all right some new parachute new pan not really interested in that i want to go grab a new outfit and a head gear here so safely accelerate let’s let’s go

There we go we got some new head gear i’m not sure which one i want let’s see if we can go plus one here just plus one this will be the time i get the plus three just wait for it just wait for it come on give me a plus one i’m getting plus something this time give me a plus one there we go that’s what i’m talking about baby we’re gonna go in and collect ourselves

A brand new outfit it’s random and i got the only one i don’t want dang it all right we’re gonna collect later progress will be cleared yeah we want to do that we’ll collect it we’ve got ourselves the award and it is time to go back to the beginning we got the street punk set man oh man let’s go and get one more outfit here and then we’re gonna go drive around in

Our vehicles all right let’s go ahead and uh collect let’s get a little headgear maybe it’ll match all right what one’s this what do we get street punk cover okay so it matches we got ourselves a matchy matchy legendary outfit it’s time to go hop in to our brand new cyber truck what in the world how oh that cyber truck is a ronnie the ronnie from sanhok how

Are you gonna have one of the most torquey muscly fast beefy trucks ever compared to ronnie oh my gosh who would ever thought i’d be featuring a ronnie on my home screen i don’t know guys we’re gonna hop into sanhok right now dude a classic match see if we can find our fine find ourselves a cyber truck oh we actually got a match i thought it was going to take

A minute to find some people to play classics because the new update is the ish just saying pubg mobile did a great job with this current update and here we go we’re in we got our new outfit and are you kidding me we got spawn island on sanhok what do we got oh let’s go the crate on oh yes let’s go this is the smallest cyber truck i’ve ever seen bro it’s a ronnie

It’s a ronnie this cyber truck can’t even make it up the hill oh my god look at this this is hilarious all right we probably could have done better with the cyber truck maybe put it on miramar or something everybody wants in let’s go i don’t know where i’m going i’m gonna go yeah i’m gonna go to ruins good good call good call on that let’s go to ruins flying

In looking around taking taking inventory here i don’t i don’t see any uh ronnie’s but hey bro not a single gun all right screw it i’m going after somebody with a pan i tried not a single gun in the ruins i’ve never seen loot this bad ever when you have a major city you gotta like put guns there for the people to loot to shoot like it’s a shooter game you know

With with guns and uh there were no guns in the in the ruins just now i ran around two three three stories of play there was no put put guns in the game pubg it’s it’s a shooter game shooter hey yo i i hit the man with a pen i actually needed like hey not too bad all right so i got snowy b-roo rat and andres garonda i’m going here i’m out i don’t see anybody

But whatever we’re gonna keep going sheesh man my guy’s dead a few moments later what why why why why four sides at once how did that happen how i was fighting one dude and then all of a sudden ambush all right this is my last try going for the stinking cyber truck because you know it’s going to go up the hill or whatever i’m literally jumping in the middle of

Nowhere i’m marking it now i’m jumping into the middle of nowhere right now alright cool bet we’re gonna go find ourselves the cyber truck i’m gonna go back into the woods a little bit more all right there’s two coming from over here no idea where the fourth is shots all over the place dude i don’t have the jump anymore i’m gonna completely rotate i don’t have

Ammo to really take on multiple long-range fights at once here i see him guy behind me bummer where’s the where’s the other dude damn this guy’s in crown he’s just like chilling in the corner bro i’m just gonna fly around and see if i can find uh irani ronnie where are you i have no idea all right guys i’m this is the best cyber track video you’ve ever seen not

Even playing the game just running around looking for the damn vehicle maybe i should play the game and just like find the vehicle when it finds me feel like that could be a thing maybe dang man no dice on the ronnies ooh i think i see one i think i see one yep yeah yeah guys i think this is it or is this is this iran yes yes yes we finally have the cyber truck

Let’s go dude that’s what i’m talking about it’s the slowest truck in the game but it’s a truck and it’s cyber already low fuel we just got in like i just got in the vehicle and it’s like low fuel all right it’s fine cyber truck has tons of torque we’re gonna we’re gonna head up the mountain now yeah uh tons of torque like i was saying why why am i always getting

Shot in the back right when i’m gonna kill somebody oh my god loot away gentlemen loot away so there it is guys the cyber truck tons of torque tons of power yeah if you guys like the video make sure you smash the thumbs up button drop a subscription and leave me a comment down below with a nice thing as well as your pubg mobile profile idea so if we can hook

You up just like this comment right here congratulations on your win we’ll see you guys in the next video

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EPIC TESLA CYBERTRUCK SPIN… and it's a RONY! 😂 By Powerbang