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So kia ora and welcome back to another episode of putty hall garage filmed right here at paddy hall farm once again i’m your host and we’re joined again by matthew chapman hey good to be back with you and this is the 2020 land rover defender this is actually the second generation of a 70-year icon and i was really intrigued to see what land rover would come up

With when the design came out there are a lot of critics i can attest with um 16 000 kilometers on the clock this car is the real deal it’s amazing to drive it’s well spec’d and it lives up to the billing that defenders are a tough car this is actually the 110 which is five meters long it’s the five door and this is the mid-spec sc which has most of the essentials

And the only option on this is the sunroof and these 5098 20 inch black wheels this car came in black and i was inspired by no time to die james bond movie and there was a featured offender in that which was looking like this and so i actually tailored my defender to look like that which essentially was the black matte wrap which was done by the wrap shop in

Takapuna auckland and then i had various aspects of the body um blacked out to get this to get this look this car for me is just about being able to throw gear in not worry about too much complexity and just enjoy the drive defender owners are so passionate about the brand what do you think drives that passion yeah it’s amazing like even in this second generation

Defender i’ll be driving along and um people will wave uh so so there’s a beautiful and it’s something i love about the land rover brands i mean honestly one of my favorite brands it’s got grit and these are not show cars these are the real the real deal yeah i’ve driven this car a few times and it is beautiful to drive now do you want to take me through some

Of the features of the vehicle yeah so um look i i absolutely love these front lights it’s got a moody look about it cat eye sort of look i love the pronounced grille and these surroundings which i had blacked out and then you’ve got kind of the square bonnet here i love this i think this is just such a nice intricate detail that just makes it and then you’ve

Got this quite square body that is rounded at the same time and as it goes to the back you get this sharp angle which again is reminiscent of the the first generation defender and whilst you can’t see them now i mean these beautiful kind of transformer type lights that are a modern take on the original so i think land rover’s done a very good job of blending uh

New and old yeah i would agree and i love a little ode here to your that’s a nice touch this whole double 07 thing whilst it’s a bit tongue-in-cheek but it’s also about just having a bit of fun as well now comparing the 110 to the 90 what’s your favorite and why i actually prefer the look of the 110 but as you can see out the back with the 90 um it’s a beautiful

Car as well the 90 is more sporty with probably 60 centimeters less wheelbase so you don’t have as much space in the back but it’s still comfortable not as much load space whereas in the 110 i mean you can sleep in this car unless you’ve got the seven seat option so with the five seat option you can actually lay it back and there’s enough room for two people in

There so i like the practicality of that a little bit more now can we jump in we can i think we’re due to jump in and i can really see why it’s your daily vehicle it just seems so functional yeah i think leonardo has done a great job of making this car simple and i guess that’s part of the personality of the defender you know the first one was bare bones simple

And they’ve needed to retain some of that in the second generation one i think that means it’ll stand the test of time well you know with the central touch screen which is really easy to use i think what land rover’s done really well is if you want something that’s a bit more of a school run car you might get a discovery uh if you want something more luxurious you

Might get a range rover if you want something smaller you get an evoque and really landrove is one of the very few brands where all of their cars overlap price points such that if you option them up they almost become the same price and i think with the defender there’s a lot of talk that land rover will actually start to develop more derivatives of the defender

Whoever’s got the 130 coming out which is going to be a longer wheelbase 110 but i think we’ll see a lot more development of the defender brand which is really exciting what i’d love to see is land rover just accelerate pardon the pun the electrification strategy you do have a hybrid that’s out but it’s got a two liter ingenium engine with electrification on

Top and when the electric engine runs out you end up with probably just a two liter four cylinder car so for me that’s not really an option you’ve also got a number of diesel engines which are becoming popular in new zealand but not so much globally and then you’ve got some lower powered petrol options this has the um three liter mild hybrid six straight six which

Is a 298 kilowatt engine zero to 100 in around six and a half seconds beautiful engine i mean i utterly love the responsiveness the sound of this this engine actually is one of the better engines of any car that i’ve ever owned is there anything you’d criticize on it so the quality hasn’t been perfect but land rover’s rectified that and that’s to be expected in

An early production car would you say that this is a real transitional vehicle for the land rover brand or the defender brand yeah look i think it’s been bringing back an icon right so with that is both a lot of potential and complexity but i think land rover is in this enviable position of probably having two hero brands which is the defender and also the range

Rover the new range rover will be a category defining car if you’re in the market for an suv that’s tough and well specced i think it’s hard to go past the defender i think they’re really stirring up the suv market like the range rover always has yeah i’m just really looking forward to seeing where this model and also the land rover brand goes wow matt it really

Is as good on the inside as it is on the outside isn’t it it’s special it’s very unique and super minimalist you know i like it and thank you guys so much for tuning in for another episode of putty hall garage filmed right here at paddy hall farm on the beautiful west coast of auckland new zealand

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