Escaping the Police in a NEW Toyota 4Runner in BeamNG Drive Mods

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So today we have a brand new mountain map we’re going to be testing and we have one of the ultimate off-road vehicles the toyota 4runner and folks stay tuned until the end because you know we’re going to run this thing down the crash hard mountain in a race so be sure to hit that thumbs up button let’s jump in first a word from our sponsor so folks i want to talk

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Pack worth 45 dollars a still reaper skin 500 acorns and 70 000 credits to help kick start your game and if you’re quick you can add me as a friend in the game and we can play some matches together all right here we are in the coral pink sand dunes and before we check out the forerunner we got to give some love to the uh off-roading supercar here now i do have the

Four runners behind me i’ve placed a ton of these things alongside this mountain and i’m hoping they can actually do their job and pull us over here it’s going to be really tricky like look how insane some of these trails are oh boy we’re going to die a lot today but yeah after we do this we will check out the 4runner itself and uh go through its variations there’s

Some really cool stuff in there but without further ado let’s do this so do we think the ai can handle these trails it says ai noted here we go three two one go all right let’s take off oh they’re coming okay stay on the trail here oh this is insane it’s all like off cambered uh oh there is another one blocking off the trail here it might be stuck okay so we’re

Gonna have to go down this one uh all these trails kind of cross over so there’s like probably about uh i would say five or so lanes over here that we can go down the mountain okay take it easy i can hear sirens approaching uh they’re definitely getting closer it’s launched down here uh there’s a whole cluster of them down this hill uh oh dear i see them coming

Up the mountain here oh geez okay this is just full blown sketch here like i think awesome is supposed to be like an uphill climb uh i’m might have to try that in this one and maybe the forerunner okay just dodging sirens is what we’re doing right now all right we need to start heading back down uh oh dear okay brakes brakes oh i hear the sirens they’re getting

Close i don’t think they can make it down that that is probably just way too intense for them okay this is gonna be super cars for the win here this thing is amazing at the trails uh i haven’t bottomed out i haven’t really done anything here this is great all right so let’s go ahead and fire across here oh okay how do i get out of here it’s like a maze uh okay

Look around but we’re clearly at the bottom so i’m assuming it’s gonna go up from here potentially okay i think we’re almost out of here uh i need to go left how do i go left pawn let’s stop uh sounds like there’s a set of sirens really close to me i don’t see anybody though oh okay there’s somebody behind us there’s a four runner just scooting down the road oh

Jeez okay we just got ran in the back of just took the wing off okay we’re good come on uh i probably need that wing for a little bit of handling here oh geez okay oh no no no no it’s gonna no no don’t get stuck in a bush don’t get stuck in it okay we just outsmarted the forerunner there bye loser all right that is an escape and a half i need to go to the left i

Need to get to the end of the map here but i feel like i’m just going up and down where is the exit there is an exit road here believe it or not no it looks like we’re about to head back up the mountain okay i gotta do a 180 actually you know what let’s go to the right here i think we can climb this with this vehicle there we go it’s that just insane amount of

Power i think maybe the forerunner can make it up that too uh we’ll have to see oh no no no no oh oh oh oh i might be stuck hold on swing it out okay we’re smoking we’ve got to find this exit ramp oh look at this i get to the top of this hill there is a stuck forerunner up here look behind us i don’t see anything coming uh okay we’re just gonna we need to get

Around you buddy i’m sorry you’re stuck there i know it’s an issue all right there we go uh there’s a hill up here there’s got to be a road that goes out of this area it looks like a ramp um let’s see oh we got cops down here looks like quite a few of them have stuffed them in the trees oh what the heck okay we got one rubber oh well we had one right behind us

Okay this i think is the main road i think our little exit’s gonna be out here somewhere so let’s just follow this bad boy you know what i’m getting tempted just to try to cut through the map uh here we go come on like i feel like we’re right at the end of the map this has got to be where the ramp is right how do we get out of this nightmare oh i think that’s it

Right there hold on get up here we’re almost out first attempt uh it is getting ready to explode and there’s the ramp oh there’s a vehicle crashed over here so yeah this is what opens out into the rest of the map here so you got like the mountain trails and then you’re in like an open dune section over here uh really neat and i would say that’s an escape there i

Don’t think anybody’s getting out of that it is crazy because all the roads are in dips so you get stuck down here and you get really disoriented as far as like where you’re at other than looking up in the mountain knowing that at least you’re getting away from that but you can hear the sirens they’re just blaring but i think most have crashed here there’s one of

The four runners in the bush so before we go back up to the mountain here i’m gonna go ahead and show you guys this mod i’ll have it linked down in the description really cool it’s the 2019 4runner so you got a ton of different editions here you have the sr5 there’s a bad guys edition uh there’s a pro sport which looks really cool a pro towing and then an off-road

Extreme which i think we’re gonna get this one out uh also there is the police uh version of it too and we’re using that for ai uh this looks pretty amazing you know i’m not the biggest fan of the 4runner itself in real life like there’s a couple of things that i don’t like about how the way it looks i do like the front end and i like the way the suspension and the

Big tires on it look there’s just something about the rear section sometimes that kind of bugs me but i might change my mind a little bit here i do like this really big back bumper they have on here and just this nice off-road package uh with the rack on top and the big brush guard in the front this thing looks pretty legit also check out the uh the interior here

Uh very good interior uh so yeah anyways let’s go to the top of the mountain then after we are gonna head down to the dunes because there’s a whole other set of trails that we can hit here all right we’re set and ready to go three two one go uh yeah also did i mention i really like the red trim on the seats with the trd oh jeez okay we did not take off quite like

We did in the uh the big off-roading supercar and i’ve rolled it let’s see how tough the uh 4runner is it is well it’s tough i just knocked the bumper off and oh no wait did i break something is the drive line broken no it’s still going okay uh i didn’t think about that these are some really like off-camber really bumpy trails i’m hoping this thing isn’t prone

To tipping oh i think we’re on the steep one oh look at that that is like a terrifying rollercoaster right oh there’s a cop at the bottom oh it wouldn’t matter anyway oh we are gonna roll down this whole hill aren’t we hold on question is how tough is a toyota uh is it gonna be able to crank out the tire or the bumper just explode it and is uh collapsing the

Universe right now um that’s a thing all right i think i want to give that another attempt yeah this thing’s really tall not sure it’s quite made for this all right let’s get this going again all right we’re going to come down here this is completely fine now the ai gets through here really good uh oh no no no okay it almost tipped all right i gotta go through

Here i mean this is what the four runners for right like you don’t have to be limited to trails uh oh i think that caught behind us is literally backing up and trying to run oh no never mind he got turned around uh yeah i did so much better with the supercar oh there’s another one down here no oh i think my tire just fell off okay we’re starting back up to the

Top of the hill again we’re gonna let the the police reset uh oh you know what let’s not let them reset they’re always right on top of me is that two oh there’s two over there stuck in the tree okay can we just conquer the trail in this thing yeah i think this thing will work out really good on the dunes a little bit flatter mountain trails you gotta take it

Easy i mean of course i don’t know who’s gonna be the forerunner trying to fly down a mountain other than probably me uh it’s probably not advised especially in real life oh hit the brakes uh yep i know what i’m doing i am giving this car a bad look uh the mod itself is fantastic looking don’t don’t get me wrong and also i don’t hate toyota i’m i own a supra

Like i like the brand i’m just very bad at driving four runners apparently you know what uh i think it would make it down if it had a better driver i feel like potentially i want to go hit the dunes in this thing maybe we should do that that seems like a more reasonable thing to do okay we’re gonna try this uh pro sport it’s got a wing on the back of it which i i

Don’t really know is that actually effective i mean this one is lower to the ground look at the skid plate there with the toyota racing development logo i actually kind of dig the way this one looks too uh okay so yeah let’s see what kind of speed this thing’s got uh oh uh i mean it’s not actually like ludicrous speed but i mean it’s pretty good i kind of wish

This thing had a little bit beefier suspension i feel like this might be more of a road setup even though it’s still got the big tires i mean i don’t think anything on a 4runner is like really a road uh setup but i mean maybe if you could put like slicks on here but a bigger motor make it a drag racer yeah it’s not liking these dunes uh i don’t think the wing is

Helping us uh also do you need downforce out here in the dunes i guess you kind of do if you’re going fast enough i don’t think we need it going 30 something uh this is a pretty extreme course i do think we might need to grab one of the big off-roaders potentially the extreme one again i just wanted to show off some of the other variations i mean you gotta admit

Though like looking at it from here besides the whole fact that the bumper fell off like this looks fantastic this model and map combination together i’m loving it right now okay here we go dunes here there’s a couple really big uh dunes over there oh this is so much better okay this feels actually really good like i could have a lot of fun with this on maps like

This and maybe even some of the more light crawling maps not like any of the extreme uphills that you need like a purpose-built crawler but maps like this this is actually working out fairly well let’s turn off uh is there like a different mode is there like a sport mode or is it just the traction itself i don’t know if that’s making a big difference to be honest

With you wait you know i kind of wonder how these things would handle like oh geez uh the crash hard mountain uh what if we lined up like eight four runners uh i feel like that would be absolutely insane and fun uh because i do think they’d get down pretty well even over the uh the jumps and stuff all right this is gonna be the ultimate four runner test we have

Eight of them versus the crash hard mountain this is a bad idea or maybe it’s a good idea maybe this is gonna work i don’t know here we go three two one go and they’re off watch this be like the greatest mountain racing we’ve ever had i mean either that they’re gonna hit each other here and they’re all gonna start tipping over oh dear okay on go to the left oh

Don’t clip me don’t clip me okay we’re good guess it back up gotta make it over the uh waterfall there we go uh oh we are flying down this mountain there’s a red one in the uh the right lane which we all know that lane is a little scurry unless it gets enough air to fly over the pit of doom but here it goes waiting for pieces yep there are pieces oh that looks

Incredible oh geez uh stuff stretching across wait a bump wait what was that was that a tire that just hit us oh dude it handles the jump so good okay maybe i do have to take back what i said earlier about running one of these things down a mountain no no no no no no this guy’s racing we have a competitive race here i’m wide open he’s starting to catch why am i

Slower is it the bumper oh geez oh geez oh geez oh okay uh a little wobbly this is gonna be close i think we got him here comes the one yeah buddy hey what’d you think about that wait we had three finish that was surprisingly solid okay that’s that earns like a 10 out of 10 from me because that was awesome

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Escaping the Police in a NEW Toyota 4Runner in BeamNG Drive Mods! By Camodo Gaming