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Essai Volkswagen TIGUAN R Line 2021 : Toujours dans le coup ?

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Essai complet du nouveau Volkswagen Tiguan 2021 dans sa finition R Line qui ressemble étrangement au Tiguan R. Sous le capot un moteur diesel TDI 150 ch est-ce suffisant pour emmener la famille ?

Hello all friends hope you are doing well? today i am going to present to you one of the bestsellers, the volkswagen tiguan facelift clearly there is a big big stake on this phase 2 of this tiguan (tdi engine acceleration test 150 hp dsg 7 gearbox) ok we go into mode sports friends to test a little acceleration to see me a little potential was 150 horsepower will you go the

Keys to this tiguan restyled version of it is on an r line finish (airline;) friends with a very very beautiful colors that i admire i love is i’ll try to tell correctly is the nightshade blue so here is a kind of blues that take to the green good short so you understand me we are on the restyled version r line finish 150 horsepower tdi engine start by touring the owner

Together then in business the consumption that points to consumption on the highway on the road and a little bit in town in short we will see a little together what is what a little bit this guen on the road we will also make a small point on the road behavior look a little bit ceni already it is very very beautiful very very very very good i love me i love this restyled

Version is it worth it by compared to its competitors the prices also we will do all this together in this full video a full test on this volkswagen tiguan they will have a negative effect on something and you doubt it is to have a demand for 20 inch tires on a good tiguan we still have the dcc controlled suspension which is billed more than 1000 euros but its rims at 4.70

Euros in fact before degrading the comfort a little bit so that is really you who see i want to tell you we are talking about it and south of the price before even going around the owner the price of this beautiful little gem excluding options we are at 40 7500 euros yes you have understood it and with the options we are at hang on well fifty three thousand euros ok good

Here we go start from the back the stop yesterday so flip through them a slightly redesigned and then we have dynamic indicators it is rather so not bad there now i had them i also believe before on the old one how to locate phase 2 of phase 1 all simply now they have decided to integrate the tiguan acronym below the logo on the lookout and after there are very very few

Changes play i will not stay long on the outside so i like it is this chrome part have the impression that it is really the tiguan r the tiguan r you can imagine it exists in the catalog with more than 320 horses and there we are still on a diesel we will be written diesel wrote tdi we just have this little mention formotion for say that we have four-wheel drive and then

Well we have these famous fake exhaust outlets so they didn’t even bother to dig them, that’s if you are really looking for the exhaust it is there below in the camps but on a big baby a big baby which is about may 4, 60 is about the same length as the volkswagen hadji 4 that we tested on the chain so here we know it is our philosophy diesel i want to tell you is not not

Dead we will realize it immediately after in the test you will see that the consumptions are still relatively low for a diesel engine and me what i like of course this restyled version then loses a little in character because the front lights are softer then we are on led projector lights that this series on the rline we have the small logo r to say that we are on the rline

Go finish rather imposing chrome grille we have these false entries of air are highlighted apart because it is a chrome port which adds a little bit of muscle a little bit of character it’s pretty good so the beautiful baby still weighs about one thousand seven hundred kilos you will see that that is felt a little on the road behavior since in the transmission in tégrale it

Has just added weight and to this is added 3000 euros of malus since it is a diesel so the little baby is still worth more or less here turnkey fifty six thousand euros well i can see you already jump in comment i will still moderate your reactions your emotions a little bit since it is a full option model to show you a little all the capabilities of this volkswagen tiguan

Phase 2 or we have a cylinder to lift the hood that’s pretty good news so i’m going very fast on the engine it’s a 1 2 liter four cylinder and the women of the iptv it makes 150 horsepower it makes in torque 360 ​​miotto m of torque that’s it is the minimum union if you want to move the beast one which is still 1700 and a few pounds it’s a four-wheel drive associated

With the dsg7 box i told you earlier it’s something that can be a bit annoying on low revs these conventions that the gearbox often twists once q if it is launched, there is no problem and after the association of the engine and the gearbox work wonders in terms of consumption rather since we are around 5 or even 6 liters per hundred if 5 on the highway at 130 and 4.5 on

Departmental or national road at 80 km / hour that’s what we like about young people at volkswagen is really autonomy is really sobriety one of the diesel engine here i am finished for the engine part we close all that here i hope that i did not have pain in the ears he wallace and then we put the dynamic indicators me i love it it’s simple it’s a thing it’s my side a

Little kid frankly i loved this configuration it is super rebellious the little work of the repeaters on the headmaster i was telling you german is the same it’s dynamic honestly he has a mouth this tiguan i adore so we will start with the interior, especially in the rear seats, the rear passengers are not forgotten at all since you have the colored bench issante you will

Be able to either increase the seats in the rear or either increase the cargo volume that’s rather good news we are rather correctly installed the seats are quite firm but hey you know volkswagen we are used to we have more or less 400 or even 500 liters of loading volume here we have the emergency route which charged about 250 euros you also have the possibility to look

Up from the flap 10 seats look we have the almost flat flat floor so you understand a support one is rather intended practical for the family there is something that escaped me wanted to show you then what do you want to show us then what to put green drinks that these practices then there is not there ‘catch what unfortunately everything is then we do not have a usb socket

Friends not two usb sockets on the back so if you want to recharge the laptops it is niet increase in disturbances that it is rather practical too bad they don’t have little ones tables is also really space behind you have empty pockets where you can still put water bottles for example there also you have small storage good it’s not it’s not worthy of a minivan and then you

Looked at this large central tunnel and it is for the transmission because i remind you that it is a four-wheel drive yes well go we go to the front seats go it’s good you will see that the passengers passing by is rather a straight wind will still be pampered with this rline vienna leather pack targeting r here then it’s still not that he sees about 2500 euros we also have

The electric seats imposition of memory sorry so that’s it. is rather also nice we have the door sill guards with the logo r we have seats all the same not nothing even felt that at the rear are the seats a little firm you have this famous panoramic sunroof with more or less invoices thousand 100 euros to rejuvenate the interior a little bit eur dutil wen they revised the

Steering wheel it is a sport steering wheel rather say not bad it is quite thick a thick rim impression of driving almost a golf 1.8 r i also had this large touch screen well thought out very ergonomic 8 inches and it is true that there finally the interior is inspired a lot by the golf and 8 and takes up some elements of the left 8 to note for example it is its buttons

On the steering wheel or seven air conditioning and ventilation controls which is done in a tactile way so we like it or not it was really the idea it was a little bit to give a little more youth finally to this tiguan which is starting to get old so that’s the button to adjust i believe the headrests exactly here is in depth here to any question then this is the prussia

12 volts yeah you can plug in a small fridge is here you have two usb sockets serve friends don’t be fooled there these are just usb is there is no more usb socket and only 2 nd t are at the front at the back you do not have at all two usb sockets it is usb then had something to show us to then this is a storage and then you will say what it is for this ‘is gadget but we

Like gadgets 1 in a family car because it amuses us and we are real children talk about it and run it on a dsg7 box a bit that grinds a bit i want to say maybe because that it is the 150 horsepower engine maybe we quickly find the limits with this box and this word of hours maybe we should perhaps focus on a 200 horsepower tdi engine good to see together at a driving level

Because it will be right after we have the little glove box yeah so yes you have the seats you have the heated seats because we have the green patis and heated seats and also the heated steering wheel which is right see it we also have the virtual cockpit so i believe that at rosa guns and i cockpit so that is included in the version rline and then you have this famous mood

Lighting up and there you have several colors with different places then you have only two possibilities of color customization go in 1 finish the interior presentation we go straight to road behavior i do a little little around on board so it’s true that the touch and at one point you like to have the buttons at your own pace nothing is that blood jti needs touch good we

Like it or we do n’t like i’m going to make history like we no longer have a feeling of feedback i just wanted to show you the same armrest there are bazaars there is no need to look for two usb sockets anything it’s a little black pack to put away mockler document quite simply i will perhaps do before taking the road to show a little there the different driving modes it is

Classic now we are the eco mode the normal sport comfort mode to act on the suspensions how are you act on the acceleration savage and stories on the direction you will see that the sport mode has no interest 1 in this tiguan but hey it had to be presented in this 4 wheel drive version if you have different driving modes you can even do off-road if you want to go off-road

In the end i think it will represent one or two percent of the people who will go off-road with a tiguan friends if you are in normandy do not hesitate to do a small point at the abolition of the city a very beautiful city where you will in fact see that you can cross the seine by boat, they are called ferries in the region and it’s free it’s made for everyone so there is

To go up i leave a village i put myself in sport mode like that understood and to make a small recovery 50 90 honestly that makes clearly do not be worried that it makes you put in sport mode in uphill so i’m not loaded i don’t have the children rrière i don’t have the safe loaded but honestly it’s been late clearly the reminders are there you just have to here is according

To its you have understood it correctly 1 as soon as you go to 0 these voices there we understand that the box grinds a little bit but otherwise we are of excellence and frankly there is nothing to do with this so far from the 360 ​​nutrinet of torque clearly manages the thing for the raises so that do not worry friends it remains very acceptable for those who see a 150

Horsepower tv and there i take the turns honestly not a lot of grip good i am not fully either but it is not the vocation way of this tiguan took place rather cushy comfortable with a technological update 1 which finally joins the golf 8 good we will pass on the handling part i am inside a pink again taiwan hong and had the family vocation to transport the family and five

Passengers on board was summed up you understood it, we have about a thousand the 700 kg on the scale we are on accelerations which are in the average we are on a 0 to 100 for example beat in 9.3 small seconds six small seconds because there is nothing revolutionary direction the earliest precise that’s rather pleasant a case that is welcome even on the motorway we are on

Seats anyway with this rline finish and this specific leather seat pack a little firm anyway on long journeys but that we were a little used to at rosa win we are in a very high position will allow us to see a little everything that is going on around that it is rather the ration side the thing the tiguan behaves in a cushy way and turns are taken in a moderate way january

Is currently pulling you have a a little heavy foot on the accelerator clearly you will quickly find the limits of this tiguan since it is not at all made for that the tiguan is appreciated on long journeys in fact friends here i am on the highway with a diesel since it ‘is a little bit the philosophy of today’s diesels for heavy-duty riders, we are more or less calais at

130 km on the odometer at 5.6 me too wise or quiet i activated the eco mode a term of soundproofing on the wind we have some air noises also on the mirrors the reminders we will say that it is really the minimum union clearly if you want more power more torque you will have to focus clearly on the 2 shon version 200 horsepower sorry of the tdi diesel engine without that if

You are in the mountains you need to drive loaded daily it is true that 200 horsepower will perhaps be more to recommend voice i reassure you friends anyway the 150 horsepower tdi engine and ultra versatile it’s not a lightning war you saw it on acceleration test from 0 to 100 the heroes at 130 kilometers per hour but these are things that we do very little today in life

Especially with a tiguan it’s not at all the philosophy what you go do in general if you are going to put yourself in normal driving mode or even in echo mode to play more consumption rather than acceleration here overall it is a very positive assessment on board this tiguan and wines this tiguan version restyled once again still hold the bar against its competitors that

Is to say peugeot 3008 seat atk justin which is ironed before my eyes what do you have others the renault qadjar you have you in you have plenty and then especially do not hesitate to tell me a little bit if you perhaps hesitate with this other tiguan and follow family members of this same category clearly there are those who find that this tiguan in front of doris tinning

Is still a little old-fashioned i do not clearly find it can be because it has been several days that i drive i got used to it and we buy a tiguan it is not necessarily for the same reasons that a peugeot 3008 the tiguan c ‘ is the safe bet in the sector it’s something e also that will sell easily on occasion i could take on market opportunity since what you see a little bit

In my family that has already sold a tiguan six years he really sold gold price in three days it was sold it’s good there we are 3 4 apple is the first in france was a workshop of salespeople who wanted to position themselves on did not really understand why we included a leaflet in fact the salespeople prefer to make expense reports with diesels not very profitable for them

Than to have a working car behind well here they want they want diesel engines still of course with diesel engine on the market the occasion it is still visible and then and then behind but they can do fifty thousand sixty thousand kilometers a year without problem for once i know this monday is the day of a speech the diesel is not dead here i will end with these beautiful sentences from friends

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