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Essai du Volvo XC90 B5 Inscription Luxe, un SUV premium qui donne quelques touches de Luxe à l’image d’une Rolls Royce ! ► Instagram :

In finishing luxury inscriptions which is pretty good and who comes to compete a little bit the friends said not a little little in comment what do you mercedes bmw or audi you tell me we will go around the owner she compare to a rolls-royce grille where there i see you a little bit coming grille of a rolls or bentley no it’s to tell you that it’s a with the small camera

For parking in the front so it’s true that it does that it does not hurt here we have big 21 inch rims with small it’s beautiful ah yes i forgot about you say you know what this is that little scandinavian winks a little little on this car anyway 2 m from precisely to easily access the car here we have the finish so we have it’s not the d5 b5 for precisely mark their

Differences with a volts which comes to give a little boost trait boost fishing bonus but these are the real outings exhaust almost here and here dish this little annoyance after that we would call that specific to volvo little to see a little bit the mass what that i told you 5 meters long and because you think about it friends in comment but tell me in it is not bad it

Is beautiful it is massive and it was the favorite car i like that the car has it anyway five years she hasn’t little underlined the trunk it’s beautiful and magnificent the promise is to make you live a pretty extraordinary experience on board aesthetics or luxury codes to know bentley rolls royce have no so here i will tell you after one in the detailed visit we had to

Materials in black lacquer which allows precisely to have even more reflections with a topstitching we have a pretty flounce massage seats here and we have the little couture 1 with the swedish flag it’s folding seats at the back it’s 7 places minivans directly we will see that right away then at the back we have three independent seats in the back seats and if we have two

Other places look up una and a the big families in the back too occupants are pampered little curtain worried recovery also at the back we have wood veneer also the independent adjustment of the ventilation is also the seats body the chest we’re on a volume when you’re on a five-seater model huge it’s a lot and we have roughly 300 liters of loading when we put folding seat

Which are pretty good invoice that is to say that leave sit and it’s true that it makes volume and that’s pretty good and i will get back behind the wheel to give a little bit my opinion on the the engine with this button there is just to so this is a little bit the story of hoist 90 it’s like a rolls to the reminds a little of the luxury of great english come on let’s go

Suv to experience some sensations interior thanks to this double glazing 130 m you can hardly hear anything road it’s always important to have the look they wear on the counter got to know about the germans hair also exists in our friends from the touch screen which frankly as an ergonomics user it is active where i deactivate in short there are lots of things it’s nice and

City ​​highway and country lane in 80 km / h i went around the 8 two tonnes two tonnes precisely if not i continue the tour a little see during this test a sound system which unfortunately in video does a concert hall and not just any which of goteborg to keep volvo a fairly new experience in terms of sound it will of course audio 1 of this system wii terminals which

Frankly say for the price one car honestly it’s true that take advantage of this soundproofing it’s still a shame so ok it’s worth expensive but honestly it’s limited cleaned fingerprints there is no for concern i put in dynamic mode up announced in 7.6 seconds i think max speed 220 km / hour yes you have it just a big 4 4 who had to couple 1480 newton running meters under

The hood rough good here it is done the job has an easy time in years centers have something to do it has under the hood friends i have a little surprise console point of a link i reassure you i stop bothering you with your fists per 100 km with diesel over two tonnes on the scale so enabled co friends mode while dynamic mode for sure we are going more between almost 1000

Km with a little minus 989 180 or even 1000 to see in kind of model so friends admire this beautiful little you understood it we are in a swedish a volvo here actually it’s even at night it’s retro enlightened material have put the net this is house orphaned to the two manufacturers made crystal champagne glasses and gemstone it’s really very very beautiful especially every

Year there is a aluminum structure which allows precisely in fact to maintain everything you have this aluminum structure which and which is part of the design of this of those of this beautiful little gem is to the world of luxury ie rolls bentley then a notch true that look you have this this kind of guilloche on top of that you look it’s beautiful it’s only detail it’s

Detail everywhere look here this is the glove box actually they beautiful dashboard dashboard in and leather here with brown stitching it’s very very beautiful it changes in austere for my taste and there honestly you the you really proposing us a nice finish the inlay here of the ani girl bowers wilkins who is in here you have really definition which are close to perfection

You have of black lacquered material that he gives even more reflections you have here nothing to do it’s very beautiful it’s really detail everywhere and in fact we would spend hours there contemplate if you want the beautiful and i can guarantee you that this interior is already more than five years old and years later it hasn’t aged a bit other detail among these seats

That in luxury rather premium the small label not ikea gentlemen web indoor atmosphere so that’s it but look here we are on plastics so it’s true that even the parties interior bass are really very we are really in an alternative you see a little bit of night what it’s really pretty huh you don’t what effect of never seen a clearly in a car never seen that it’s very very

Little why would we ride today we volvo and us in play german my a little bit what you already think of this x 90 years comments of course live i forgot to tell you but the lake this is very important for support actually it’s going to be very simple it’s a question of philosophy of mindset this side a little bit bling bling this side did you see me on security you see it

Has enormously advanced security finally made this image of image two car manufacturers here since 1959 actually just for you say your sees it they are proud of to say a little bit you in the premium suv category is that necessarily your philosophy here i say i can’t wait to see a little thank you friends this is the b 5 letter b 235 horsepower diesel engines but especially

Coupled with the technology of 48 volts which gives a little boost 2 13 14 horsepower which allows classic diesel model here look at these snapshots has almost really less thanks to this technology of micro hybridization here it is large families and especially in a limousine comfort rather the weight the behavior that goes rather be here it will take a little finally it

Remains a big cushy and that there is no point in leading the dance comfort and silence first took advantage of the high quality honestly i you recommend play wings around 65 not given, however, this times this up to the germans 1 here are the friends i hope this essay you liked it i hope this problem is 90 many adventures in ciao video ciao

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