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Hey everybody rob here at today we’re going to be taking a look at the erickson big bed extender junior on our 2019 chevrolet colorado our bed extender is going to do exactly what it sounds like it’s going to allow us to carry elongated loads and have the support and tie down points at the back here so we don’t have it hanging off the back of our bed

We have an ex we have a ladder right here you can see it easily supports the ladder we have plenty of room and plenty of spots to tie it down but it’s not only good for ladders it’s going to be good for any kind of elongated gear if you’re in the construction work you can put lumber back here if you’re a plumber lengths of pipe or even if we just want to take

A trip down to the lake and we take a kayak with us it’s a lot easier to put it in our bed and have the support where we need it to make sure it’s secure because let’s face it our colorado only has a five foot bed so even if we go down to the hardware store we’re not even going to be able to get a full sheet of plywood in here now our bed extender is gonna give

Us an additional four feet from the hitch but to give you a good idea how much we’re gonna get on our colorado you measure from the tailgate we’re getting just under three feet of additional support back here to where we can have a load extend past it and again have those tie down points make sure it’s nice and secure so i’m gonna go ahead and unload my ladder

Here so we can take a little bit of a closer look and check out some of the details now the end of the support here you can see we have those just a nice loop welded onto that steel bar and even with most normal-sized ratchet straps you see there’s plenty of room to get them hooked on and secure your load now the back right here where the upright support comes

You’re going to notice that we have several holes now this is to allow us to adjust the height so we can get it level with our truck make sure our load sitting at the angle we want it to but we’re going to be able to adjust the height on this up to seven inches and each hole is gonna be an inch and three quarter of difference to the next one now being able to

Carry a long load in our bed is really nice again some of those plywood sheet goods maybe some lumber a kayak anything like that that we want to put in our bed but sometimes we don’t have the luxury of putting all those in our bed and we need to get that load up higher now the nice thing about our big bed junior here is that it can be put in the upright position

And if we have a roof rack we’ll be able to carry elongated gear towards the back of our truck and still have the support back here it’s extremely easy to switch and only takes a few seconds we’ll start at back here at the upright just gonna pull the pin take the pin and clip out for now i’m just gonna put the upright support down we can move over to the hitch

Side where our bed extender is gonna slide directly in i do want to mention that it does not come with the pin and clip to secure it to your hitch so you will need to provide that but you can pick them up here along with some locking devices if you want to make sure it’s nice and secure but we’ll go ahead and pull our hitch pin and clip then we

Can pull the bed extender out i’m going to flip it around line up the hitch pin hole here and secure it down with the clip then we can grab the upright support and in the reverse order we’re just going to slide it down and line up whichever hole we need for the height we need put our pin clip through and secure it down now we’d be able to load up something a

Lot higher and leave all the space we need inside of our bed our big bed jr is going to be made completely out of steel so we know it’s going to be nice and durable but it’s also going to have this nice black powder coat finish which means it’s going to help resist rust and corrosion over time and it should stay looking nice for a long time as far as the weight

Capacity our big bed junior is going to have a 350 pound capacity now that may seem like a lot especially if you’re just carrying around especially a fiberglass ladder maybe an aluminum ladder but if you are carrying some of those larger items lumber pipe anything like that you definitely want to keep those weight capacities in mind now one thing i do want to

Mention is that whenever you are carrying an elongated load most states and most municipalities are going to want you to market with a red flag or something like that to show where the end of the load is now the big bad junior does not come with a flag but make sure you check your local ordinances and you want to make sure you follow them but overall i really

Like our big bed junior it’s just a really nice solution to carry some elongated gear and not have to come up with this crazy contraption to get it there because let’s face it again truck beds are getting smaller and smaller the cabs are getting bigger and nicer but the problem comes in when we need to get something large and carry it with us and this is just a

Really easy nice solution to that but again i’m rob here at and that’ll finish up your look at the erickson big bed junior load extender on our 2019 chevrolet colorado

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