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Hi everyone aiden here with today we’re going to be taking a look at the hollywood racks destination e-bike rack here on our 2022 ram 1500 classic now this is a really solid bike rack if you’re looking for something that can carry e-bikes really well will work with your tailgate and it’s going to be super easy to operate this is going to check all those

Boxes and is one of my personal favorites it is a platform style bike rack here so it’s going to hold the bike in this tray and our primary point of contact is this clamp up top that is going to make frame contact so do avoid your carbon frame bikes but because of the way that clamp pivots and rotates 100 or sorry 360 degrees it is going to be good for alternative

Frame bikes with a 70 pound weight capacity per bike like the name suggests it is great for e-bikes even some of the heavier ones because it does kind of upgrade that standard 60 pound limit we see in a lot of other cases with this bike rack though my favorite thing is the tilting away probably we’ve got this gray hand knob right here that i’ll just loosen up right

There and i can just push it out of the way and from here i can just push the whole bike rack away it’s really easy to do you can see i’m doing it one-handed the way it kind of centers the weight makes it really easy to do even when it’s fully loaded and from here it is very close and if you kind of look down here you’ll notice that part of the tailgate is actually

Touching right about here but the place it’s touching is buy some plastic padding so it’s no metal on metal contact that might be a concern for some people for me if this were my truck i don’t think i’d really mind because now i get full access to my truck bed whether i need to grab out something heavier like a full cooler or i just want to take out the included

Ramp i can do that just as easily i don’t have to reach over the sides of the bed i’ll go ahead and push this back into place here and we can re-secure it with that hand knob that is one tough thing about the ramp is that it doesn’t store on the bike rack so we have to have it on hand somewhere else but this is going to be really handy for loading and unloading

We’ve got this hand knob on the bottom here that we can loosen and extend and then it’ll just slot in towards the back of the bike rack like that to wheel it up or down now for our situation today we’re right by a wall so we don’t really have room to wheel it down on this side so just be mindful of that when you are parking but it is going to make it really easy

Because of how wide the ramp is to get the bike unloaded though i’m going to start with these wheel straps on the bottom they’ve got three in total just want to push in on this gray button on the side pull out that strap and then we can loosen the clamp up top with this hand knob that hand knob does lock so if we want to lock it up it’ll just free spin and our bike

Will be secure loosening it up though we can just pivot it out of the way and at this point we’d either roll the bike back down the ramp or just lift it off and away i’ll go ahead and set this to the side for right now i’ll actually kind of squeeze by the camera here and set it off to the side and we can get a closer look at the bike rack itself putting the ramp

Kind of back in its stored position here i’m just going to re-tighten that hand knob once it’s condensed really easy to do and then luckily since we have the truck we can just put it in the bed or in the cab wherever we choose i’m just going to put it in the bed there and we can get some measurements here i’m actually going to replace these straps first we’re

Going to start off with our ground clearance though this bike rack you can see does kind of have a sort of u-shaped design so at the lowest point at the back end here we’re going to be getting 24 and a half inches of ground clearance that is plenty for pretty much any application i don’t think you’ll have any sort of issues with ground clearance on your truck here

As far as distance added to the back goes it is going to be sticking out 32 inches that’s not too bad but we can save on some of that space if the bikes are unloaded we just have to come to the mast here and loosen up these rubber bands or the straps rather open up those handles fold the mask down re-engage the handles and then re-secure the straps those straps

Are just there to make sure the handles don’t accidentally pop open so it’s a lot of things you have to kind of work with here but it’s not too bad there’s a pin and retaining clip down here towards the hitch that’ll just pop off fold the brack upright and re-secure that pin through the newly aligned holes that can be a little tricky just kind of wiggle it back

And forth to find that alignment and from here we can check out that new measurement which is going to be 14 and a half inches from the back of the truck so it does condense that distance down quite a bit it is a fairly bulky bike rack you can kind of see here it will block some of your backup camera luckily this whole portion here is fairly open so we will get

Some visibility down by the hitch it’s going to fit in our two inch by two inch receiver tube and come with an integrated anti-rattle device keeping everything secure in the hitch really solid and it has a locking hitch pin that lock is key to like to those clamps up top so it is going to keep everything nice and safe for us and overall this is one of my favorite

E-bike racks it’s really easy to use it works well with our ram here and it’s going to just get the job done and last a long time thanks for watching

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