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etrailer | Kuat Piston Pro X 2 Bike Rack Review – 2014 Toyota Prius v

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Hey everyone it’s evangeline here at e-trailer and today we’re taking a look at the crew at piston pro x 2 bike platform rack here on our 2014 toyota prius v so the piston pro x is your premium bike rack you have a bunch of premium features you have your kashima coding on your hydro pneumatic piston and that’s what pushes out your front and your rear wheel mounts you

Also have your integrated wiring that you can or may choose not to use i have wiring here on our prius v and if you don’t have that or even a hitch you can find those fitted for your psp right here at so that you can use the piston pro x so the very first feature we’ll take a look at is the tilt away feature we have this lever here similar to the cuat

Nb but a bit easier to use since it’s larger you press on that lever and then this drops down now it drops down pretty quick so if you have your extra heavy bikes on there up to 67 pounds per bike keep an eye out for that we will tilt your bike rack away with the bikes on so that you are able to open and up your hatch you can see here there’s plenty of clearance

Between our door our pedals and our handlebars meaning i can grab things like my backpack my waters my helmets without having to take the bike off just lift up on the rack then it snaps into place and then you can hit the road i mentioned it has a 67 pound weight capacity so if you have extra heavy electric bikes this can carry that but what other types of bikes

Can you carry with this well with this having a front and a rear wheel mount there is zero frame contact so your carbon fiber frame bikes perfectly fine your alternate frame bikes your women’s bikes your children’s bikes you do not need an adapter bar you can even carry bikes with fenders if you use a special fender kit so we have our wiring connected to our prius

V and you can see that even with your bikes on if you have longer wheelbases especially this can carry up to 53 inch long wheelbase bikes sometimes they may cover the tail lights of your car so this being on the bike rack itself is great because then you’re safe on the road and if you want you can also get the license plate relocation kit to add to that so i’ll

Show you how easy it is to take your bike off so keep one hand on your bike and just easily press on your hydra pneumatic levers one and two and just like that you’re ready to go for a ride so depending on your different tires sizes whether you have your mountain bikes or maybe you need to move them back and forth you can make very easy adjustments here for your

Wheels so for your fenders down here your 18 inch wheels all the way up to your 29ers now for your ground clearance fortunately your prius v is not that high off the ground through extra heavy bikes you’ll only be lifting them up 22 inches or 20 and a half inches for your first platform now if you do want to you can get that additional ramp just to help you up you

Can use it on both sides too to make it easier now for the length this adds to your car measuring from your bumper to the end of the bike rack it sits at 26 and a half inches so when you’re backing into your garage or trying to park into a really tight spot don’t forget that measurement if you’re not planning on going out for a bike ride just yep you can also fold

This up by pressing on that lever pushing it up against the vehicle and it snaps into place the difference that makes is from the bumper to the end of the rack it now measures at 13 inches big difference compared to when it was folded down if you’re living in the city you don’t want to take up too much space this is how you’ll have it on your prius v also notice

How it doesn’t really cover much so you can see through your rear window your taillights are visible i have the car off but you would still have the lights on your bike rack too now for your backup camera it’s offset towards the driver’s side above the bike racks you will still be able to see through your rear view camera and your license plate is mainly visible

With it in the folded up position the one thing you miss out on is the ability to open up your hatch but is an easy step on the rack you can bring this down also helpful when you’re carrying your bike with your other hand depending on what type of hitch you have on your previous view make sure you get the piston pro x to match so i have a two inch eco hitch here

Which is why i use the two inch bridge piston pro x but you can also find this available with an inch and a quarter version now you have a hitch pin and a lock that lock is key to light to the bike rack up here so not only does it secure the bike rack to your hitch receiver but you can use the included tool accessible up top to tighten it down so while it still

Involves a tool the tool is right over there magnetically mounted and you have a corner wedge on the inside of your bike rack making for a super sturdy fit so all in all the piston pro x looks great and works great on the prius v i really like how you have that great wig capacity of 67 pounds per bike for extra heavy electric bikes but you also have the option of

Adding on the ramp you can use this bike rack with fenders it tilts away far enough where you can open up your hatch and you are not covering the back of camera of your car so it’s a great fit for the prius v definitely recommended for those larger bikes those heavy bikes pretty much any bike of any shape and size not a similar bike rack is going to be the rocky

Mounts guide rail that has a front and rear wheel mount a little bit trickier when it comes to adjusting those mounts for those different tire sizes but if you like this style but you want something at not as much of a premium price that’s also definitely worth checking out and that was a look at the cuette piston pro x 2 byte platform rack on a 2014 team toyota prius v

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