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Hi there ram owners today on your 2019 ram 1500 classic we’re going to be taking a look at and showing you how to install weathertech’s mud flaps for the front of the vehicle and if you’re looking to protect not only your vehicle but what you’re hauling behind you i’d recommend picking up a set for the rear you can also get these as a kit so you can have everything

You need for your truck right in one package and this is what our mud flaps look like when they’re installed they are custom molded to the rams contours so they’re going to look like a factory mud flap when they’re on there and being a no drill design they’ve incorporated all their mounting holes to where you can use your factory hardware to get it installed

On front mud flaps is going to help protect the paint on your ram so you’re not blowing up any dirt or rocks or debris up on the side of your vehicle it’s going to collect here and that way you can just spray it off when you hose when you get back you have to worry about especially down here in this rocker panel area it really likes to collect a lot of dirt and

Dirt that collects in this area is going to hold moisture which could cause corrosion in the future so let’s stop that mud from holding moisture onto our nice body these are a no-drill installation now that being said there are optional holes in your mud flap to increase the stability where it’s attached with those you will have to drill out those extra holes but

It’s not necessary there’s enough holes provided that uses factory hardware and the hardware provided to have it secure where it is we went ahead and did drill out and attach the extra mounting holes just to ensure that it’s going to be as solid as possible and so you can see at home how to do so we’ll begin our installation on the passenger side you can start

On the driver’s side if you want we need to remove the plastic trim piece that’s located here because our mud flap is going to go in that position there are two bolts we’re going to need to take out on the inside of the fender liner here with an eight millimeter socket now we are on a lift just to get it up higher but you could easily do this on the ground you

Don’t need to jack the vehicle up or anything like that there’s plenty of room to work this is just for camera purposes we’re just going to get both of these removed here you can if you want to use power tools a lot of times you can turn the wheel left or right to give you a little more room but these usually come out pretty easy once you break them loose you can

Usually just take them out by hand on bottom we’re going to have one screw we’re going to take out with a phillips head screwdriver and sometimes with these screws they kind of want to be a pain so if we give a little bit of downward pressure while we’re unscrewing it it’ll pop out of there because you can see it’s a little clip there and the way these are supposed

To work is the center is supposed to unscrew and then you can pull the pin out but it’s pretty common that dirt builds up in there and it just makes the whole thing start to spin so that’s why if you just give a little downward pressure you can just get the whole thing out like that next we’ll take a cloth with some alcohol on it we’re just using some isopropyl

Alcohol and we’re going to clean off all this area because we do have a protective film we’re going to be putting on to ensure our new mud flap isn’t going to vibrate and cause any scratches or abrasions to the paint now that we’ve got the area all cleaned up you can see there’s some markings where the old plastic piece was and these are actually damaged to the

Paint so it’s never going to clean off that’s why we’re putting this protective film on there we put before we put our mud flap on so that way we don’t leave any marks behind from this one but we do first want to just hold this mud flap up here you want to make sure you got the one for the right side and we just want to get an idea of how high this mud flap is going

To sit so we know where we want to position our protective film it’s going to be in about this position so it looks like it’s pretty close to where our old plastic piece was that we took off it does stick out a little further down here towards the bottom so we can use this little bolt here as kind of a mark to know where we want to line up our protective film so

Now we know where we want to put our film we’re just going to spray some soapy water on here and this is going to allow the film to slide around so we can get it into position your film is going to be labeled right and left side so we want to make sure we take the right side since we’re on the passenger side here we’re going to peel that off and the sticky side

Is going to go right over top of our soapy water there and that’s just going to make it so we can slide this around easily so we can get it into position and we want to try to work out any bubbles you get under it so just push those out as you’re working it into position next we can hold up our mud flap and reinstall the screws that we removed there are some

Spacers that come included with your kit so as you see fit you can put those in behind here just to make it line up if it seems like it’s flexed out or anything like that you can just add a little shim to the back side of it to make sure that it’s flush you’re going to get varying thicknesses of these because it’s going to vary due to manufacturer variances on

Which size you’re going to need if you need any at all we’re going to start with none to see how the fit goes and if it doesn’t look like it’s sitting on there properly then we will add some spacers so we’re just gonna thread our hardware in and then we can just snug it back down so our mud flap has good fit and form without the spacers but if you did want to add

Some this is what they would look like you just peel them off and you can see they’ve got the thickness of them written on it now that we’ve got these attached there’s a another attachment that’s optional but will help increase its stability if we go a little bit further in there’s a hole here and all we need to do is just drill out through that hole so we’re just

Going to line this up we’re going to drill into the plastic panel right behind it we’re just using a quarter inch drill bit to do this we can then take the small bolt that comes in our kit place the washer onto it and then we’re just going to thread the nut on the other side we can then go back and tighten these down now that we’ve got this one installed we’re

Going to repeat the same procedures over on the other side once you’ve got both installed your installation is complete and that completes our installation of weathertech’s mud flaps for the front on our 2019 ram 1500 classic

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