EV6 Kia review – electric car

Okay so again we are in the kia e v six i’m sitting on the back seat right there’s quite a bit of space here leg room okay no problem i am a six foot uh six foot two guy tall guy uh here’s the trunk space of the way it is a little bit uh uh it’s slightly at an angle oh this is a c drive i think c drive so you can charge your phones high tech actually this is

Pretty cool yeah let me see close the door the door feels very very solid way better than tesla that’s for sure yeah it’s very quiet and all together very nice you know what i totally it’s very comfortable here at the back uh let me see sitting in the middle you know what i’m um it’s okay you know you can sit in the middle i mean metal is not really such a comf

Comfortable seat yes so for a smaller person here you do have an arm rest so this is for the small person it’s not like uh you know what riding around the uh block like in a in a city 50 kilometer range you you’re gonna be okay like five people can still fit here and i think they’re gonna be oh they’re gonna be fine right so this is a five passenger vehicle

Let’s take a look at this from outside this is what it looks like again this is a premium package it’s got bigger wheels what are the 20 20 inch rims looks quite nice i don’t know what kind of color it is it’s not a shiny one but it looks very sharp this is the front very good okay now the back looks very sporty let’s go see how we can open this it was a baby

There is a sensor in the bottom like this and there is a backup camera okay so this is your trunk i don’t know it’s pretty spacious i think uh some stuff in here oh you have this thing oh this is for the you can put the shade on the back i guess or something oh you can you can attach it here i think and you can close this okay that’s pretty cool now you press

The button here it’s going to close power power power the tailgate this is the roof it is a nice glass panoramic sunroof i mean panoramic light panel right here is a nice glass but inside yeah that thing is not too big this is not i don’t know what kind of material it is it’s some kind of it may be a vented seat you could see it’s perforated but it’s this is not

A ladder this is some sort of material but very cozy very very very nice to feel this is vinyl feels pretty good power seats i could see that okay very nice let’s maybe open the trunk okay i mean the hood let’s see what kind of engine we have there yeah i’m joking there is no engine in here but let’s see what’s going on in there holy what is the stuff this is

What i have to in uh wait a minute so what is in here is there some kind of transmission or something so i don’t know what that is i have to figure it out that’s like has space here this one doesn’t have space so oh there is a battery here what is that for weird i don’t know what that is there is a coolant uh i don’t know it looks like like there is some kind

Of or maybe that’s what maybe that’s one electric engine here and then it distributes power to both wheels i don’t know it would be nice to find out what it is so you don’t have a trunk space at the front you have it at the back okay so you do have to you have to find out what type of uh system it has uh how many i think this is a all-wheel drive so there’s

Probably two electric motors at the back maybe there is one at the front which the distributor is powered to both and i’m not sure if there is a transmission so this is what i gotta find out uh speakers whatever the brand meridian sound i don’t know what it is but yeah the doors shut nicely oh and my seat is moving forward now there is a memory seat above them

Uh you got some switches here which is which comes handy like you know this looks more like a car rather than tesla tesla is just something more simplistic in look that is there are no switches really one big screen here with everything on it which is nice too uh but it’s just the setup is completely different you could see all right so so again this is ev6 kia

You want to place an order on it now in uh june of 2022 you’re going to be waiting for this car for two years uh that’s what i heard from the dealer 24 the really you you’re gonna get one in 24. okay uh probably it’s gonna have little improvements here and there right uh because again this is i think this this is the first year they release them um you don’t

Really see them on the road yet i think this is the uh this is just for testing i was kind of fortunate to actually test drive this thing because the guy said they only gonna have it probably for another week or two and it we go somewhere else to another dealer okay so i’m kind of fortunate to kind of test drive this okay let’s see how do we open this roof uh

This is for tone this i probably it’s the power i don’t know how do you open this that thing okay okay oh like that there we go okay so it opened aha oh so i’m remove i’m opening the entire roof now cool okay and this is the shade automatic shade good okay good let’s go back now okay so this is my quick review i really can’t tell much about this vehicle yet

You know i don’t know what kind of power where the power is coming from if there is a transmission or not tesla doesn’t have a transmission it just has electric motors and that’s it and a battery this one has obviously electric motors battery and there may be a transmission i don’t know if it has then you have to be mindful of that that there may be additional

Costs additional maintenance costs down the road uh since this is this probably is gonna be a more complex drive train right than just a regular tesla so keep that in mind all right and another thing is big one is the uh this is a steel body versus aluminum body that tesla offers including the frame right so this is a steel frame steel body okay versus all

Aluminum tesla okay uh there’s a little thing so so as you see like the door handles are sticking out all of them if it’s in a open mode like the the doors are unlocked so anybody can just easily come and just grab the handle instead of pushing on it right right there you can see it right you can see it right there how they stick out all of them so all your

Passengers don’t have to like struggle to kind of get the door open the handle is already sticking out and they can easily open it okay i’ll go back to the dealership because they’re probably waiting somebody else wants to test drive this baby okay see you guys later bye

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EV6 Kia review – electric car By Adamskiii