Everglades and Floridas First Off Roading Rivian R1T

We finally made it down to the Everglades!! Specifically Picayune Strand State Forest. We met up with our trail guide Barry and brought a few fellow Trail Stompers with us. One of which brought his brand-new Rivian R1T!! A completely electric pickup truck. Will it float? Will it sink? Will it ford through water at all or just get stranded?? Will it electrocute everyone around??? We are about to find out!! Let’s get into it!!!

Hello and welcome back to offroad adventures today we’re taking a trip down south to somewhere i’ve wanted to go to for a while pukene state forest it’s part of the everglades we’re meeting up with some fellow trail stompers as well as at least florida’s first real off-roading rivien rt-1 i’m excited to see what it can do so without further ado let’s get into

It in the first three jeeps here we’ve got tony scott emma and heidi you all know our fj and see if you can spot gage’s new upgrade he did it just for this trip barry here is going to be leading us in the orange yj and the fj40 is our tail gunner and here we have chad in what has to be the first rivien rt-1 actually being used for off-road in florida let’s

See what it can do because of the type of terrain we expected we are down to about 20 psi this time oh look horses the entrance to our first real trail is pretty much a pond barry are you sure you know where you’re taking this i guess it is the everglades let’s get into it it was about here that i realized we were in some pretty serious gender territory

On film no this seemed like a good place to stop and stretch the legs a little bit why not right there are a lot of places around florida where you can go through mud bogs and water holes and stuff like that it can only take up a little bit of the trail down here i want to say there was a solid 80 percent of this trail the actual trail that was under water

Very cool we’re coming up on one of the deepest water crossings of the trip now right in front of us is the riviera and rt1 i was told it was supposed to float if it goes past three feet of water depth let’s see what happens in this electric truck crazy hole oh he went under wow wow let’s see if anybody else is brave enough well i guess it just

Sinks and keeps going hmm to do it or not to do it alternator off dash pissed pedal to the floor and send it go around not this time barry that said for any of y’all watching i would recommend going around well what happened here i’m gonna have to take that off huh yeah you’re in a rut you gotta go like off to the side a little bit more like another

Like foot in half gage got a little framed out in the ruts here but fortunately scott in the background there was quick on the winch and got him out safely keep going and here he goes attacking it off to the side to get around the ruts this time textbook it is be so shout out to karen in ocala it’s just like her barry down here in the everglades

He’s an excellent trail guy very informative kept everyone safe and really knows this place like the back of his hand can’t recommend him enough guys he’s got a very significant deep hole so you might want to stay to the side of it i wrote it far left you’ll see my marks going up in the grass come out onto the road that about does it for our first trail

Officially conquered down here now onto the main road south believe me they are actually main roads it is late in the summer season so the roads quickly turn into little flooded sections like this and eventually just massive water crossings i took the lead here just to show you guys how crystal clear this water is between that and the blue reflected sky i

Mean this place is beautiful it really squashes the misconception about swamps being dirty come on down and see for yourself after reviewing some of this footage it appears that it was water that was pushing forward on the front fender linings and front bumper of gage’s xj here it seemed to be enough to pop the little plastic rivets and push that bumper out

Nothing a couple zip ties can’t fix we soon turned onto a trail heading east and holy heck solid ground just kidding but don’t play around in that hall hey look who’s still with us turns out electric trucks account for through some decent water way to go chad being the first person to get a riviera down in the blades and really put it through paces like

This fix guts so so i can’t believe these are actually considered roads but the ones that aren’t just like some of the other wmas are clearly labeled pay attention beginners like these nice open deeper areas so i really kind of thought we would see them here but all we saw were a couple of bass not to say they weren’t there keep your eyes

Peeled well we did it we made it all the way east and pukene all the way to fakahachi state park in order to stay in buking we turned around and took a slightly different way home about to see this is what we waited for doubt he’s free cliche with so now that we’ve made it back to the main road i want to send out some special thanks to

Barry who led us through this trail it was an absolutely amazing day chad who let us take footage of the very first riviera that was actually legitimately forwarding water everyone who traveled down south for this trip and all of you who like comment and subscribe on our videos we really appreciate each and every one of you we’ll see you next time on offroad adventures madison

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Everglades and Florida's First Off Roading Rivian R1T!!! By Off Road Adventures