Everyone Said Dont Do It Rebuilding My Wrecked Aston Martin DBS

My ASTON MARTIN DBS paint and restoration update is making progress – today we choose the wheels!

And then we’ve got to decide which wheels to go for and like shoes make us the man wheels makers shiny things everywhere so would you be so kind just to run me down yeah what’s happened since the last time i was here doing my best at spraying your wonderful panels of course so we since then with them we’ve flat polished the car yeah and we’ve painted all of your

What was chrome satin black how long does it take to flatten polish the car because that’s that’s a big job well it was a few days i don’t know i was gonna say that’s something he says that as if they just did it you know so that’s just like days worth of work definitely definitely two or three days okay so all of that beautiful pain that i applied to the paddle

Are you done um you sanded that back to like a sort of matte flat finish so there’s no more no peel on it so right the gun finish was technically purely yeah then we’ve taken it down with 1200 yeah made it nice and flat and then brought it back up through the grades so 2 000 3 000 6 000 and these are grains of sandpaper effectively right and then polish them up

Okay yeah this is this is going to say this is multiple days worth of painstaking this little hand obviously yep by hand so then we brought the glass back and then i’ve noticed this didn’t i’ve never seen this look this good what’s happened here so all of the old carbon particularly front end which had taken all the stone impacts and yes you know speed bumps and

Things like that yeah um why does this look so good now so all the clear coat would have been taken off of this right so here was prone for stone chips so we sanded all of the stone chips out of the lacquer all back to carbon and then reapplied all the clear coat and now you have nice shiny rear diffuser i’ve eaten it looks brand new yeah and this is still yet to

Be flat and polished is it yeah so it’ll be even even more pop on it shinier when i first walked over to i thought you’ve gone and ordered a new part that’s not cheap these are your door chromes which follow on from your wing side straight into your door right so they’ll go up to the up to your side strokes and then also what we’ve done since you’re last there

Oh hinges hinges look at this never thought i’d be so excited about a hinge look at the color on it that is gorgeous wow satin black fence as well phenomenal in a minute you’ll see some of the accenting which is going on parts like this and then we need an audience chat because i genuinely want you know audience feedback what do you think we should do you’ll

See in a minute there’s a degree of unknown territory on the wheels which we shall share with you soon which is highly cool but until we drive it out and be able to stand back from it i need to see if it works and then in the booth we’ve got sexiness happening we’re now doing the fine little details we’re doing the front faces of every grill slap in a satin

Gold or bronze that means masking up to the radius of each side and then dusting on colour because you can’t put it all on at once or in two or three coats because you’ve got such a fine line here if you put too much material on there you’d have a nightmare taking the tape off you won’t get a nice crisp edge and then after that trying to cover it with lacquer you

Just wouldn’t be able to cover the line so we dust it on slowly but surely until we’re fully covered and then we can d-mask it and saturn over the top and it should have a seamless no wedge nice grill slab if you remember these were chrome originally we had to strip all of that off etch it prime it paint them black and then prep them up and then if you follow me

Over here we’ve then fine lined them to put the satin gold or bronze stripe along the top and then we’ll mask all of that up and then the same process as i explained with the grille slat same process with the side stroke gold finger just spin it down a little bit we use a little rubbing block to find the radius of the panel there’s a radius just have a straight

Line so now i can run a bit of tape along there and i have a straight line and then run a little bit of paper tape or masking tape next to it because this won’t stretch but the plastic tape does any stretches in the plastic tape you can run this alongside it and then you can peel the plastic tape back correct yourself and come back i’m pretty happy with that we

Can double check it by running a bit of masking tape alongside it like i was saying this won’t stretch but this will so if i’ve pulled it a little bit too tight on the reel it’ll show up any little bits and bobs here you can see where you can still see black through there that’s kinked in a little bit so i’m gonna have to pull it back to where it’s good which is

About here twist the tape over so it rolls naturally into the masking tape rather than stretching it you’re splitting atoms to be honest but it can be the difference between having a nice straight line or a little kink in the line but it all adds up to making it that little bit better so as you can see the side stroke isn’t perfectly straight because the wing

Isn’t so in order to fit the wing it has to follow the shape of the wing so if you look down the edge of here the fine line isn’t exactly straight but it is true to the side stroke so it looks curved but there’s no kinks or bends in the tape which means it’s good you know what this is the stuff though that i think it’s contextually it’s like it really is like a

Full-on artisan process it’s it’s so cool is this the time to ask you how you’ve been how’s things mate all right it’s not very talkative i don’t know what’s going on yeah i’m good thank you how are you it was that little chicane there that was tricky if you watched the episode where steve deconstructed the car and he pulled out the first the first bolt and went

That’s not a factory wrong clip fix in there so it’s definitely had some work at some point oh yes the bonnet’s been off at some point without a doubt um as part of that exploration of uh what was wrong with the car because it turned out at some point in its life unbeknown to all of us it had been involved in somewhat of a nudge uh which was uh which transpired

In a cracked air box i think the car had been repainted at some point damage from bumper damage front bumper and the grill turned out to be glued together the nuts have been bonded in and that’s a little glued on with all the meshes uh the veins yes are bonded in as well are you joking oh so is that it’s actually all fell to pieces you are kidding me so all

Of those are obviously supposed to be that they should just clip it they should just clip in normally but so they’ve been glued it they’ve been glued in it should come out as a unit with all these but it’s coming out in pieces it’s coming out in pieces well a couple of these uprights are broken as well i noticed the story thickens so when steve took it apart

It literally fell apart and all of these veins so this is actually a brand new one normally the grill comes as one unit which then gets fitted in uh ours was was was not that but as part of the theme of the car we’re going with a bronze accent leading edge on all of the front edges of the grill to tie in with all of the other accents which we shall show shortly

And then we’ve got to decide which wheels to go for and like shoes make us the man wheels make us the car so we’ve got two of the main characters involved in this project we’ve got steve who took it apart and is going to rebuild it and we’ve got lewis who sprayed it so we thought it’d be great to get them all involved in what i think is one of the most important

Aspects definitely of getting a car to look right we’ve got four options on this car because we’ve got four wheels we’re gonna run around and show you all of them let’s start with the gold i don’t know and just lots of comments here because it will sort of influence and after this we’re gonna sit back my head should hit the pillow tonight and i’ll change my mind yes

Of course so gold so what do we think i think you’ve hit it on the head of what you said accents you’re right you’re absolutely right a solid gold will is too much steve what do you think about gold right here black or black and gold accents the hardware on the outside of the car all of that used to be chrome now this is where works become works because there’s

Some serious artisan craftsmanship happening here behold this is what a a diamond turned original dbs wheel might have looked like and i say that because if you come in close this isn’t diamond turned these are hand painted accents on the leading edge of an original dbs alloy when we first saw this i wasn’t sure yes i’ve seen them in isolation without a tire on

And without the green around without the green around now it’s got a tire on it’s on the card sitting next to this green for me the story of works is like craftsmanship a coin toss between full send works and black with gold calipers that looks cool that’s kind of where it started so you know that’s the thing this all of this is the theme would i kick myself for

Not doing it you know yeah the work involves just by the way the work involved in doing this um is unbelievable when i say hand painted the entire wheel is masked off with with specific lines so every single rim has to be hand masked painstakingly to make sure all of the leading edges and just those sort of mild circumferences on each of the spoke have been lined

Up right these blue lines here are the tape which forms the mask on the leading edge of each spoke i mean it’s yeah it’s nuts it’s um it’s a really big job for me that wheel kind of signifies what works is about if you can dream it these guys will do it for you it’s it’s handcrafted it’s artisan if yeah if we were to go all black let’s do a gold brake caliper

Behind it so it wouldn’t be you know just yeah just black black i’m not a great lover of black wheels okay on this i think there’s a black card black wheels it’s kind of okay but it’s a green it’s a really strong traditional color i love that against the green i think really stands out and this is an interesting one yes i mean the the kind of just the the detail

On it i think is is lovely so the side strike yeah once it’s back will have a very a very similar profile leading edge in that matching bronze if that helps things so will the leading edge of the grill we’ll also have those in it might just be an age thing but i rather like the gold wheeler yeah i really do interesting that michelin title looks really cool the

Black’s not right i think the gold accentuates it i think that’s two gold yeah for me and now it’s next to that strike it’s it’s done i think

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Everyone Said Don’t Do It! Rebuilding My Wrecked Aston Martin DBS By Mr JWW