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Damn that’s crazy i don’t even think i’ve been showing my face on this camera again that’s that’s why bruh but anyways bro yo what’s good youtube it’s your boy z gap and we’re coming to my new channel though if you came here from my gaming channel i appreciate y’all if you love cars and gaming you’re the right spot bro i’ll post on both i’m gonna put the second

Link to my channel second link to my channel that’s crazy i’ll put a link to my second channel in the description bro and i’m saying if you want to go subscribe to my 2k channel and you can go ahead and be much appreciated now i’m currently the owner of a 2015 nissan altima bro there’s not a lot of people on youtube who got like they got it but they don’t post

Full content on it it does only a few you know what i’m saying and i want to be the one to actually go in depth and go crazy and actually keep posting about my car a lot of people don’t mod optimus bro cause they got like a little thing saying it’s a slow cvt and all that but end of the day bro i do like it’s not built for speed bro it’s more for show if you

Want to go speed route and i ain’t gonna lie probably in the future after i finish paying off my car i’ll probably go to speed route get a train swap and everything i don’t know i’m gonna see how it go in the future you know what i’m saying but for right now i’m gonna throw up a picture of what it looked like when i first got it and i’m gonna show you the mods and

Tell you what i did to it so far since i got the car i got the car like last year april last year i mean i got a car in april bro so i’m gonna show you what i did to it so far i’m gonna explain what i got planned for the future and everything bro so after all the mods i did to the car this is what the car currently looked like now you can see the big difference

Bro compared to the picture i had bro now the first mod i did i think it was the rims i believe i put my rims on first if i know i’m lying leds i had led headlights that was the first mod i did and then the second mods i did i changed the white covers these were white and they were stripping i bought covered off amazon and not changing the black the second mod

Or whatever mod i’m on is the rams bro now these are 18 yeah these are 18 by eight and a half with a 38 offset i believe and i’m running two or two forty two two thirty five forty eighteen tires on it bro i sprayed my calipers yellow added a little sticker and i mean it’s always the small things that make the car pop bro apart from that i added the rain visors

Or rain guards i wrapped the roof i added the roofs uh through spoilers i wrapped the spoiler also i tinted the tail lights ain’t nothing crazy like i didn’t want to go too dark but i tinted the taillights the car is lowered now it’s lowered to a 1.3 in the back and a 1.1 in the front now in the future after i’ve done paint off guard i will be changing like

The color to fix like these little scratches and that little crate ain’t nothing too crazy but it is a used car um i got the car like 20 some k miles 27 if i’m mistaken or 26 i’m currently at 31 so it’s fairly a brand new car bro but um for the most part my front lips i got this from s fabrications on youtube yo not youtube it’s on instagram but don’t mind my

Car it’s dirty i need to watch it i’ve been slacking i’ve been working too much so it’s like i’ll be i’ll be happy um no time to wash my car uh my the base model i have fog lights if i’m mistaken after we wired the fog lights we wired these side blinkers right here these are not a side mirror these are just blinkers that’s wired in it’s stuck in right here

Tucked it and we wire it up to the blinkers every time i turn on my blinkers this blinks while my blinkers blink i mean not nothing too crazy just like a small thing added reflectors to the handles the handles are not wrapped these are right um these are covers you can get them on ebay bro this is like bad cheap bro i’m saying this little few stickers nothing

Too crazy now i will be getting the side skirts soon probably like next week i know i definitely need a side skirt and then i’m definitely going for the rarest shoes now if you ever seen the altima bro with a rare diffuser these things are sexy as hell bro i like i’m telling you like with the rarity shooter pops i did get a muscle delete i can definitely let

You hear the sound of it like bro i think the muscle lead was probably the best mod i did to this car bro oh my god like you know what i’m saying like bro like you know you don’t see a lot of altimas bro like a lot of people don’t be doing that optimus but i’m a different breed and i’m sure i’ll try to stay and stand out i try to stand out and be different from

Everybody else i did add interior lights now i do want to add the little lights that i shine on the roof i don’t know where i’m getting from i’m gonna see what i can do let me go ahead and turn on the lights and see what i can show you i don’t even know if you can see them like that but boom fog lights on park lights on headlights on though like at night this

Is so crazy bro it’s like hello it’s hella sexy bro hello six so so so so all right y’all so i just got done washing the car bro it needed to be washed bro and i’m saying i gotta wipe it down do all the extra stuff and make it clean and my baby gonna be right for the week the one thing i hate about a white car is bro this is always dirty son and you got

To keep watching it but yo listen once i move i have my own spot to watch the car but i’m gonna be watching it on a weekly bit on a weekly basis bro to keep it shining clean um but for the most part brothers at the end of the video if y’all like the video man like the video up comment down below subscribe to the channel for new man we got more bangers coming

And we outta here i just like the sounds

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