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Everything you wish to know about Mazdas lineup of SUVs are here

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Everything you wish to know about Mazda’s lineup of SUVs are here

Everything you wish to know about mazda’s lineup of suvs are here it may have gone unnoticed by those who don’t cover the industry but mazda has made a pivot in its suv product line the best-selling vehicle is the cx-5 but to either capitalize on that or muddy the waters they added the mazda cx 50 and also two versions of the mazda cx-30 it can be quite confusing

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Small to bigger the product line goes like this cx 30 cx 50 cx 50 and the soon to be discontinued cx 9 in covering the launch of the cx-50 and cx-30 i inquired on several occasions with mazda if the new naming convention would mean that the cx-5 would be on its way to the way the cx-9 is i was told emphatically no the cx-5 would remain part of the lineup so

Then just where do these vehicles fit and are they competing against each other here’s the breakdown of mazda’s three suvs 2022 mazda cx-30 earlier this year i reviewed the naturally aspirated 2.5 liter non-turbo cx-30 and found it to be wholly uninspiring and forgettable so i was eager to get behind the wheel of the turbocharged version to see if the extra um

Would sway my thoughts on this small crossover it’s important to note that mazda is one of a few automakers to mention that the cx-30s performance is improved with the use of high octane gas with 93 octane mazda says the turbocharged cx-30 gets 250 horsepower decreases to 227 horsepower with 87 octane my tester came loaded with the premium gas and i did notice a

Significant improvement for this crossover it was actually fun to drive and had that mazda driving personality that you get from other vehicles whereas the non-turbo version lacked personality altogether all-wheel drive is standard for all trims as is a six-speed automatic transmission this crossover could use more gears and the outdated transmission is one of the

Few downsides to the turbo version of this power plant there are subtle visual differences between the turbo version with the most stunning being the black gloss wheels it also has bigger rear exhaust pipes it looks much sharper and more youthful than the non-turbo however inside the differences end and the interior of the cx-30 is mostly forgettable additionally

Mazda’s infotainment system continues to be frustrating and confounding of all the automakers mazda is in most desperate need of a new overall infotainment system and hashtag forty this comment will be true for the cx-5 and cx 50 and hashtag 41. 2022 mazda cx-5 the cx-5 remains mazda’s best-selling vehicle for a reason and for the 2022 model year it sees several

Improvements including a new turbo engine with extra horsepower and standard all-wheel drive across all trims mazda also changed the nomenclature of the cx-5s trim to match with the other suvs in the lineup as for performance the cx-5 remains peppy and holds true to mazda’s previous persona of zoom zoom with six more horsepower it’s even more enjoyable the

Turbocharged 2.5 liter four-cylinder engine has 256 horsepower and is a much better choice than the non-turbo which only gets 187 horsepower inside the cx-5 still feels cramped in the back seat lacking legroom and overall rear passenger comfort touch points are average and then there’s aforementioned infotainment system 2023 mazda cx 50 this suv should not be

Confused with the cx-5 this is more of a rugged competitor against the likes of the subaru brand where the cx-5 might be limited the cx-50 is more capable of going this is a 2023 model year vehicle and a brand new nameplate for mazda it gets a more luxurious interior where i was critical of the interior of the cx-5 it’s the same 2.5 liter four-cylinder engine found

In the cx-5 yet it feels more athletic all-wheel drive is standard and the same six-speed automatic transmission shows no turbo lag on the cx-50 there is a drop in fuel economy for the turbo version but it’s still totally worth for the stronger output and capable performance as a vehicle with a playfully rugged personality you will feel the driving difference in

The suspension which is stiffer than that of the cx-5 the turbo version of all three vehicles is about eight thousand dollar more so mazda tantalizes the performance oriented consumer this way for the cx-30 the turbo is the only way to go while the cx-5 can get by without the turbo but is so much more fun with it if the new cx-50 is any indication of where the

Mazda brand is going it has its perks but also the choices to make to turbo or not to turbo premium gas or non-premium gas the latter is probably an easier choice considering the high cost of fuel what do you think about this let me know this by commenting below i would love to see them i can go through your comments and share my feedback thanks for watching this

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