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This was out of line daily the show dedicated to enthusiasts of the global automotive industry everyone knows that evs cost more to make than piston engine vehicles but that’s going to change by the middle of the decade or at least that’s according to sylvain felipe the head of envision racing which competes in formula e he says sales of evs are only a few years

Away from really taking off because electrics will reach cost parity with ice by 2025 or 2026. he adds that it will become more expensive to produce ice vehicles and that their resale values will plunge and people won’t want to be stuck with a dead asset and once that happens he says the quote floodgates will open and that the transition will accelerate really

Rapidly can you teach an old dog new tricks general motors is about to find out it’s adding a former tesla executive jonathan mcneil to its board of directors he served as tesla’s president of global sales delivery and service and he was also chief operating officer at lyft he left to found the capital venture firm dvx ventures in 2019. some people wonder what

Autonomous vehicles will ever be really good for well we found the answer to that they’re good for hauling beer the trucking company ch robinson has been using class 8 semis with waymo’s autonomous technology to haul one million pounds of beer from houston to dallas that route has a lot of fog rain and bugs that can interfere with the system’s sensors and lidar

So it’s a good test of av technology but ch robinson says it hasn’t had any problems with the trucks those trucks currently have a safety driver on board and the company says it’s still a few years away from using autonomous trucks with no one on board by the way just so you know bloomberg reports that the trucks are hauling modelo and corona and here’s something

We’ll likely see more of in the future public ev charging sites now outnumber gas stations in manhattan by more than a ten to one margin there are 320 charging stations compared to just 29 gas stations in the borough but it’s not just because of ev growth the main reason is that it’s just too darn expensive to operate a gas station in manhattan because of sky-high

Property prices the stations are being torn down to build condos or office buildings even still it’s not just happening in manhattan ev charging sites in san francisco also outnumber gas stations 139 to 92. we want to know what drives your testing ota connected car diagnostics remote testing intrepid control systems is here to help you work from anywhere intrepid

Control systems driven by your data when ford introduced the new 7th generation mustang it said it wanted to see the car raced in every class possible that includes an all-new gt3 car that will compete in imsa’s gtd category two of those cars will be fielded by racing specialists multimatic the same people that also make the ford gt the cars will be built

In north carolina and will be powered by a coyote-based v8 engine but it’s going to be a while before we see these cars their first race is at daytona in 2024 however we will see ford’s gt4 race car which is also made by multimatic and builds on the development of the current gt4 racer sooner than the gt3 cars it’s going to be available later in the 2023 season

Speaking of race cars cadillac continues to develop its brand new lmdh car that can compete in both the imsa and wec series and like the mustang will make its return to le mans as you can see the real race car has some differences from the prototype that was shown in june most notably the tall fin that runs down its spine is no longer see-through the front end also

Has more and bigger air inlets same could be said of the engine intake on top of the cabin it has proper side view mirrors now the rear wing design is more robust and it doesn’t look like it will have the same radical tail lights cadillac’s first race is in january of next year and let’s stick with the sporting theme for the moment audi revealed a new version

Of the r8 called the r8 coupe v10 gt rear wheel drive that’s a mouthful for sure but it’s basically an r8 with an even more powerful version of audi’s 5.2 liter engine and a new 7-speed dct that offers faster shifting the naturally aspirated v10 now puts out over 610 horsepower versus more than 560 horsepower before and it now will do 0 to 100 kilometers an hour

In 3.4 seconds the car also comes with lighter weight 20 inch wheels ceramic brakes bucket seats carbon fiber anti-roll bar and performance suspension there’s also a sportier suspension setup available and a new torque rear drive mode which kind of seems like a drift mode and offers seven levels of slippage from very little to a lot only 333 examples will be made

And they’ll be available at dealers next year with a starting price of 225 000 heroes at schiffler we pioneer motion electrifying mobility manufacturing smarter reducing co2 emissions making energy production clean sheffler pioneers motion to advance how the world moves enough we new car sales in the u.s last month were okay sort of i guess let me explain

Automakers sold just over 1.1 million vehicles ward’s intelligence says hurricane ian probably wiped out 200 000 sales since florida is one of the biggest new car markets in the u.s and people are not buying new cars when they’re running away from a hurricane even so all the damaged cars in florida and other places where the hurricane hit will have to be replaced and

That will help sales in the months to come in september the tsar or seasonally adjusted annual rate came in at 13 and a half million vehicles bmw general motors tesla mercedes toyota the vw group subaru the hyundai group and nissan all saw their sales go up everyone else was down automakers in the u.s are scrambling to find local sources for raw materials so they

Can qualify for ev battery incentives so a mining company called south 32 limited is opening a new manganese mine in arizona it’s also going to invest in processing the material in the u.s demand for manganese is expected to surge nine-fold by the end of the decade today most manganese is mined in south africa gavin and australia and 95 percent of it is refined

In china hyundai finally has a fix for all of those vehicles that are getting stolen for a quick recap hyundai and kia have seen a big uptick in thefts after people showed on social media how you could steal their vehicles that don’t have an electronic immobilizer now there’s a retrofit security kit available it costs 170 dollars not including installation but

It only works on vehicles from 2016 to 2021 which doesn’t cover all of the affected model years so some owners are still out of luck and whoops a correction here yesterday we said that bob boniface the director of buick design would be on auto line after hours while he will be but that’s next week this week we have jeff hemphill the cto of scheffler coming on the

Show scheffler is working on a lot of advanced technology and you’ll be impressed by the advancements that it’s making and that’s the end of today show thanks for making audeline a part of your day thank you auto line daily is brought to you by bridgestone solutions for your journey intrepid control systems over-the-air engineering boost your game and by scheffler we pioneer motion

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