Join us on historic and legendary Laguna Seca for the debut laps in the new 2023 Corvette Z06!

And this is it welcome back to laguna seca raceway i love this track so much we got the track record the c8 out here um i mean the sun’s coming out today’s gonna be such an awesome day and we’re gonna be inside inside the brand new c806 yep we are taking the ultimate track focused uh ca corvette ever made out on track today to find out uh well what is so i

Can get some good content for all of you today major major shout out to chevrolet for having us out because as many of you all know tracking is is what we do and we’ve gotten so many great great times with these vehicles and i think we were the first to really pioneer tracking the c8 stingray i mean we went everywhere with that car every track laguna seca

Here so many times i’ve got a pretty good baseline so i cannot wait to see how this dries or this is in comparison please let me know what you think beforehand and then uh get ready to hear a 5.5 liter flat plane crank scream now here we are in monterey california well next to salinas for monterey car week and chevrolet is making a statement here with

The z06 trying to show the world what their mid-engine supercar can do um really really cool how they are out here at laguna seca because this is a track car again this track with the ca is unbelievable full throttle over the hill are they gonna do it full throttle there they go yellow’s going for the pants on turn one they’re holding the apex line and

They’re gonna keep going no just kidding in the c8 stingray we’re full throttle all the way over turn one over the hill do not let off the gas the car will hook down with the downforce in the mid engine chassis the beauty of this track is that i call it the great equalizer because you truly get to find how fast a car is through all sorts of corners high

Speed downforce corners getting out of the apex at a low speed everything you name it threshold braking yep honestly right away i think it’s gonna be nine day different with the wide body also the carbon fiber wheels the 345 cup 2r tires the stickiest tires you can buy a ton more downforce and a lot more horsepower it’s gonna be night and day i believe

Now i know that first drive impressions are um under embargo um i’ve not driven the car yet um hopefully i hit the chance to do so soon but today we’re gonna show you what it’s like at its home so here we have the c806s lined up ready to go out on track this one is finished in a rapid blue with all the carbon fiber arrow on it all throughout the extra

Dive planes up front for the front end downforce the wide body kit you can see how much wider it is with this uh body line that protrudes out it shows you exactly how much wider it gets right you see that angle goes back into the body work now on our own c806 we have ordered the carbon fiber wheels you got to do if you want to track i’m very curious to

See with the new magneride and the fd7 suspension that this car is equipped with how much of an improvement will it be 275’s up front that is an extremely wide tire that’s three full sizes wider than the front tires of the stingray we rock 245’s and i’m told this car has a track camber on it currently they’re putting on a brand new fresh set of cup 2r’s

Which are again 275 with up front and 345 out back this is what a brand new version the cup 2r looks like yeah so the grip should be absolutely unreal right now i’ve only driven on cup 2r’s one time with the ferrari 48 pista in that car was insane with these tires and this is much wider and i think taller tires as well than the pisa this thing should be

Insane out here and as you can see bending down um this has got about two track days on them currently they’re wearing pretty evenly as you can see now this car does have the track camber which i believe is around negative two to negative three um that should be what it is from last i heard now these wheels are the carbon fiber wheels they are an extra

About 11 000 and we made sure to get them on our order because the deal you’re getting with them versus competitors out there could be three times the price and not only are these finished the same way by the same company essentially carbon revolution but but they are wider and taller than any of the carbon wheel out there just got the checkered flag

Let’s see them fly by as you can see right in front of the 70th anniversary edition uh c806 with the full aero package because it is again a z07 model um with the carbon ceramic brakes being the 70th anniversary model it does not have the carbon fiber wheels but in its own right it looks very very crazy especially made into this uh pace car with all the

Red accents all throughout the vehicle i love this alcantara interior i got to be honest it looks very very cool very exotic like i have to say with the finish but moving all the way backwards this is what the engine looks like without the carbon fiber cover that we saw during the reveal it looks very very crazy and says lt6 on the side as you can see

Cannot wait to find out how it performs on this race track all together very crazy and luckily we are riding in the one that we’re basically getting the carbon fiber wheel equipped zo7 i cannot wait so you know what let’s um let these cars finish warming up and let’s see how they perform on this racetrack for a just a ride along so z right so this is

Exhaust open and then if you go stealth oh my gosh that’s night check this out the wing vibrates i’m holding it oh my gosh race car okay here we go about ready to go out on track let’s do this you want to go one more to warm up one more so so so so so so all right here we go all right sir thank you so much here we go getting

On track in the zo6 hmm hmm ah um um insane thank you so much sir really really appreciate it it’s just the sound everything with it it just is amazing anyways ron thank you so much for those laps thank you i cannot wait to join you at the school because you know you guys are gonna have you had any driving future i

Cannot wait this thing is made to go on the track and uh stay tuned for driving impressions when those are allowed to come out but a ton of fun and you’re a great driver i can say that i think everyone’s gonna love it this is the first time i’ve driven it and man first time this is the best track for it in my opinion well this is a fun track yes you’ve

Got the this is the ultimate rollercoaster ride and you want to go for one heck of a ride this is your car and sound the best while doing it and sound the best yes anyways thank you again thank you she just got out of the car i mean i am so so right now this thing is insane insane i cannot wait to get it we will be breaking some lab records gotta get

Some on diet coke right now just trying to uh stay stay hydrated man i’m just smiling nonstop it’s been so much fun to hear major thank you to chevrolet i cannot wait to bring our car out here and also track it at all the tracks across the country the track guards race car first that’s what i love most about it you have you have not not a clue not a clue

Right now i’ve got the biggest smile on my face i’m going to hold it well until i get it anyways if you enjoyed this video make sure to hit that like button and help me out stay tuned for 10 more c806 videos out here it’s just one of them one of the many and if you want to learn more about it obviously subscribe to the notification bell to check out the

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