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Hey everyone it’s kenny bossick and today i’m excited to share that i will be attending the 2023 lexus rx launch event here in san antonio texas so i’m going to see all the rx’s that they have to offer here at this event and try them and show my impressions as well so i’m going to go ahead and show you what we have here at the event today so let’s take a look at the

2023 lexus rx 500h f sport performance package this vehicle is featured in the nebula gray pearl exterior with a black interior with suede trim now this vehicle features a new direct 4 all-wheel drive system which is new on this model and of course the tail lights wrapped around the rear end like the new nx this is a really beautiful car it also has the upgraded

Wheels the wheels are almost in the same finish as the nxd so it look matte to me the nx comes with glass black wheels on escort package you also have of course your painted fenders and then the black chrome trim that’s exclusive on the s4 performance package you can also see the badges also blacked out on the inside so let’s look on the inside of the vehicle

Now of course this one has the black interior with the black alcantara trim this package is only available on the esport performance package you have your aluminum trim your upgraded mark limits and audio system the upgraded 14 inch display you have your parking package along with your 360 camera and notice how the memory seating is now embedded in here instead

Of on the door panel very interesting how they did that of course it also has the panoramic moon roof as well now most of these models will come with the upgraded triple beam led headlights so of course you can see that on the front of the vehicle so it gives a really cool look on this model and of course this is the rx 358 hybrid in nori green very similar to

The other one the wheels are a little bit different on this one this looks like it could be a luxury package the inside is also similar to the last one and of course you do have the seat adjustment for your legs so which this one could be a luxury package this one also has wood trim on the center versus the aluminum on the s sport and you also have the upgraded

Mark left system 360 camera parking package moon roof and then the now i don’t know which models have the digital review mirror i haven’t seen that yet but i’m sure that’s an option as well beautiful norine green and black interior and then of course we have the rx 350 all-wheel drive f sport this one is featured in the nightfall mica exterior notice how on this

One it doesn’t have the blacked out uh chrome trim that the export performance package does so you can still see the white that’s right there but overall it’s very similar on the outside obviously if you know the little details you can tell the difference this one also has the upgraded triple beams the upgraded wheels and the inside’s almost just about identical

The only difference is that it doesn’t have that black sway trim that was on the seats versus on the s4 performance package you got your mark love the screen parking package 360 camera and the piano moon roof so which one do you guys like do you like the nightfall mica the nori green or the nebula gray pearl they’re all very good looking cars foreign so it looks

Like some of these models are going to have power folding rear seats so of course you can pull them down with these buttons right here we got a cargo area cargo cover and of course we can close it and open it so here is a side-by-side comparison of the new 2023 rx versus the 2022 nx the rx is featured in the matador red mica exterior with the new macadamia interior

Versus the annex featured in the red line exterior and a rich creamy new luxe interior so let’s check out how it looks from the back of both these so you can get a good view of that so very similar on the back the tail lights are pretty much following the same design language but of course the arcs is going to be a bigger vehicle let’s check out the interior of

This rx this is the new macadamia interior i believe this one replaces parchment so it looks like you have your walnut wood trim it looks like or matte wood trim you know moonrove upgraded screen parking package 360 camera this one could also be a luxury they look very similar i’ll have to see the differences between this and the premium plus and of course mark

Lev audio system foreign both are really good looking cars we have two usbc charging ports in the back heated and ventilated receipts for your sunshade screens 21 speaker mark levinson audio system so this is our driver attention monitor so this will monitor if you’re looking out of the vehicle or if you’re distracted it will alert you to make sure that you’re

Looking directly at the screen otherwise they’ll send you alerts to um keep your eyes on the road basically so that’s a new feature that’s on this vehicle of course we have our two usbc charging ports right here we also have two more right here and we have two more in the back seats i’m sorry this is a usb a and this is a usbc but in total this vehicle has six usb

Charging ports we also have the wireless charging pad that’s right here and then we have an adjustable cup holder that’s right here so same as the previous rx you can push it down or raise it back up through here we have the digital review mirror sunglass holder and pano moon roof another thing i want to point out in the back is that this vehicle does also have a

Spare tire which of course the annex doesn’t have but this is on the rx now so you’ll see spare tires and all rx models and of course the interior on the nx which is very similar to the rx we have our black person trim and rich cream with black interior seat belts foreign wow we will have a plug-in hybrid version of it but probably not for another year and

A half or so so these are the three models we have now we have a lot of different builds of the 350 we’re only going to build the 350h and a 500h one way for now that that could change over time no or point out where that 14 inch screen begins with the premium plus so when you get the bigger screen what else do you get what comes with it for you the complimentary

Three years right for the the drive connects right uh semi-amlon seeds rear sunshade suede door trim all that glossy black versus the matte black and then that far right wheel is an available accessory wheel on the 500h these are all the colors so the silver and now is iridium instead of atomic silver we have that copper crest there in the middle palomino black

And then this peppercorn is a brownish color kind of like a noble brown but only available on the luxury builds right now red and black interior trims you can also get this ash bamboo down here on the left the standard hybrid is 246 total horsepower but very smooth and very quiet 500h goes all the way up to 366. the reason we can get the 366 is unlike the regular

Hybrid we still we keep the turbo right and we have a new uh 80 kilowatt battery so that’s how we can get all the way up to 366. the 500h has a new system called direct four and it has a new p axle or electronic axle and they call it direct four because that e actually condensed some power to the back or the front so we can actually send power to all four of

Us hey everyone it’s kenny bossick and this wraps up the 2023 lexus rx launch event here in san antonio texas i want to go ahead and give my impressions of the rx in this part of the video so i did get to drive the rx350s for the rx350 hybrid and the rs 500 s4 performance package so after dropping all the rx’s i would say that my favorite one was probably the rx

500 ask for performance that one just had so much grip on the road you can really feel it taking charge of you know the searing when you push your foot on the accelerator there’s just so much power there i did not expect that in that car and i think that car is really going to do well in the market i also like the rx350h that one has a really quiet interior that

One is pretty much my second favorite because it is a lower price point compared to the 500 but it’s still a very smooth ride on that model now i also drove the r350 s4 which also drives great um that one’s probably going to be one of the more popular ones since people are going to be choosing between either the gasoline or the hybrid model so it will be priced

A little bit lower compared to the hybrid model and of course versus the s4 performance hybrid model so the rx 350 will be a little bit more readily available compared to the hybrid counterparts because that one will be made into production more than the other ones so if you do want a hybrid you will probably have to wait a little bit longer for that model i did

Like the rx350 i will say that i wasn’t really used to the four-cylinder engine in that model because versus the v6 model it was a little bit quieter i will say that the four-cylinder engine is a little bit noisier but you know that’s something that i’m sure most people get used to when they’re driving that kind of engine so that’s to be expected on that model now

Since these vehicles do have the four cylinder engine they will have to require premium gasoline versus the regular feel that’s on the v6 model so that’s a big thing to notice i also want to mention that all these models will include lexus and interface so that’s the same thing like the nx right now it will have a complementary for the first three years uh if it

Has navigation if it’s a non-nav model you will have to subscribe to that feature i also really want to see the copper crest color but i didn’t get a chance to see it because they didn’t have that color but i did get to see the nori green pearl the nightfall mica and i also got to see the nebula gray pearl that was on the rx 500 s4 performance not sure why they

Chose to keep nebula instead of replacing it with clopper so i just thought that was kind of interesting but i did also see the new macadamia interior which replaces the parchment interior that one’s a pretty light interior uh it’s a little bit lighter than parchment but you’ll have to see it in person it also comes with a new ash wood bamboo trim which looks really

Good with the parchment the other interiors were a black leather and of course the s4 had like black with alcantara on the s4 performance package if you are thinking about purchasing a new rx 423 we are expected to get these here at the dealership late november early december but that’s in if you’ve already placed a pre-order on this vehicle if you haven’t placed

That order i would highly suggest you do that at your local dealership so you can at least get one and see if you like it if not you can wait for another one or buy another model i think that you would have to see it in person i really appreciate it the pictures don’t do this vehicle justice you really have to just see it in person and see what your impressions are

Of it i would highly suggest driving it too obviously it’s a lot smoother than i expected to be i have an nx right now and mine’s pretty smooth but the rx just takes it to the next level and i almost wish i waited for that car not to mention the seats are a little bit more comfortable in that car the rx seats are pretty similar to mine if you get the escort package

But if you get the luxury package they will be a little bit softer since they use that software leather on that vehicle i also wanted to mention that there are four trim packages available so there’s a base a premium a premium plus and a luxury and of course there’s also the app store package now now our dealership is supposed to get the premium and premium plus

Models and a luxury so we aren’t really going to get a lot of base models in our region from what they were saying so if you do want a base model you will probably have to order that and we will also get esport models here i just don’t know what specs we’re going to be getting that for that particular model i also want to mention if there is anything that i didn’t

Answer in this video that you still had questions about on the 23rx whether it’s trends packages or colors please let me know in the comments below and i’ll do my best to answer those questions since this vehicle is pretty new to all of us and we will be getting it here at the dealership sometime late november early december so once we do get those cars in person

I will be doing the videos that i can and show you guys what we get here at our dealership so it’s pretty exciting to see that we will be getting these before the year is over so if you have placed your pre-order on this vehicle hopefully you should be receiving it by the end of the year but overall the 23rx launch event was a really good learning experience i got

To learn about the rx the new interface i’m so happy with how lex is moving its products so hopefully we’ll be able to see all the stuff coming to the source soon again my name is kenny vasek i’m a vehicle technology specialist at north park life stats minion so please don’t hesitate to ask me any more questions if you have any in this video but thank you so much

For watching guys i look forward seeing y’all soon thank you

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Exclusive First Look at the 2023 Lexus RX By Kenny Vacek