Explore our new all-electric AMG EQS

Mercedes-AMG goes electric: In addition to the first performance hybrid, electric mobility wins another powerful new star: the all-electric Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 4MATIC+. At the heart of the luxury saloon is the performance-oriented drive concept with two AMG-specific electric motors. The AMG EQS perfectly combines electric intelligence, sportiness and agile driving dynamics.

Foreign foreign foreign thank you foreign hi everyone and welcome to the 2021 iaa mobility which is still pretty busy as you can probably hear i’m felix and this is the all-new mercedes amg gt63se performance the first performance hybrid from mercedes amg and a trailblazer for many great products to come but to tell you more about this car and many

Others that are here we brought our cto hamon hi hi felix how you doing very good how are you oh pretty good so johan please tell us how did you transfer the typical amg driving experience into the electric future you know img it’s all about performance so what we did we still left the v8 engine in the front but we added a powerful electric engine to the rear axle

Including a battery so for the first time we bring formula one technology to a broader amg portfolio and we will bring e-performance to the next level awesome so e-performance really means e-performance oh absolutely totally you know e-performance for us that’s a superior performance added with impressive driving dynamics and the highest level of efficiency but

I think we got another very special car here today i guess i know what you mean want to follow me oh yeah so actually you could say this is pretty much the well the first of its kind yeah you know in this new era of mercedes going fully electric this is the first amg performance car and it’s called the amg eqs 53 4matic plus so are there already some specs and

Facts and figures you can share about this car yeah sure i mean we have two engines one on the front one on the back and they add up to 484 kilowatt of power so we have a special battery management system and if someone chooses the optional amg dynamic plus package we will have 560 kilowatt with a tremendous mind-blowing race start i can only imagine with those

Performance figures i mean acceleration must be through the roof oh yeah it feels like and you know if you look at the figures it’s 3.4 seconds with this package from 0 to 100 kph 3.4 seconds in this which started out its life as a big luxury limousine basically yeah it is a big luxury limousine but we also added a lot of amg performance dna to the car you know

We changed the steering the suspension and the braking so it really feels like an amg performance car you already touched on the amg dna let’s talk about the exterior design because there are some very distinct features that really make it in amg oh well first of all i think you know with the signature grille here i mean this is amg i really love it uh but from

There you can see the a-wing the front splitter uh we have the digital light on the amg 53 this air inlet here creates a air curtain so we optimize the airflow here around the car and that’s also the reason why we always use the aerodynamic optimized wheel design and customers can choose between 21 and 22 inch wheels we will always have a rear axle steering with

The amg car and the eqs53 comes with the spoiler here and of course the amg batch nice looks like an amg all the way around yeah it feels like an amg awesome let’s hop inside oh come on foreign i think it is uh you know the amg 53 comes with the hyper screen let’s have a look at the amg specific content nice i like the design you know you can see the car and here

On this side we have the power and this side the torque awesome all the info you need for performance oriented driving absolutely aren’t we also have some vehicle data where you can see what the car is currently experiencing and of course the drivers as well energy flow always important in an electric car yeah pretty cool and also the individual electric motors

In the front and in the back yeah now if you know if you really would drive you could see all the things happening up in here so it really looks like an amg inside and out but does it also sound like one oh it sure does uh you want to hear the race dance sound absolutely wow that sounds awesome yeah i think it sure does you know sound is very important for amg

But it’s not only sound what we do we touch all the senses that you have your eyes your ears even the body with white braiding so what we do is we give you a very emotional experience here it sure is and i gotta say as an amg enthusiast i feel right at home in here thank you very much for showing me the interior sure foreign so to sum it up amg has really taken

The electrification and made it its own yeah electrification at full swing uh with e performance on the gt4 door where we combine powerful v8 driving dynamics electric rear axle and formula one battery technology and then based on the all-electric mercedes strategy the amg eqs hugely impressive stuff yoong thank you so much for showing us around sure and if you

At home would like to find out more about the amg eqs 53 and the gt63se performance you can visit our website and all our social media channels thank you so much for watching see you soon

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