Explore the first fully electric luxury sedan from Mercedes-EQ. The all-new 2022 EQS.

The EQS interior tech lives to serve its passengers. LED ambience and Burmester® 3D Surround Sound are just the start.

Hi my name is janelle stampa i’ll be showing you the all-new 2022 mercedes-benz equest 450 plus 4matic let’s take a look and see right now we’re going to start in the front of the vehicle this is a very new iconic soon to be iconic design this is designed to have a more efficient range and also less drag so this way you have a longer range for more driving taking

A look at the front of the vehicle you have this new crib and right here you see those are actually mercedes benz emblems along with the mercedes-benz emblem here as well another great new feature too with the mercedes-benz is this right up here in the center of the windshield that is a recording camera for collision recording so if there’s any case of an accident

You can review those recordings inside your vehicle another great thing too with this all-electric vehicle you no longer have to open inside the hood every you no longer have to do that anything you need is right outside the vehicle starting with the windshield wiper fluid this door right here is actually the door to refill your windshield wiper fluid mercedes

Benz is actually doing two years scheduled maintenance complimentary for this eqs the great thing too about this vehicle it does have a driving range of 350 miles a real great fun feature too of this vehicle is the door handles this is a really nice way of door handles as well where it illuminates when you ride around here coming to the rear of the vehicle again

This is called the one bow design okay and right now this design has the most aerodynamic design on the market for any ev vehicle there is also the great thing about it the trunk space the trunk space is really great too because again you have a lot of storage as well most electric vehicles don’t have that much storage because of that battery but the back of this

Eqs you have plenty of storage and compartments too for your charging ports as well coming around here on this side of the vehicle you still have your fuel access door which is in a lot of the combustion engines it’s right here as well but this is where your charging cords will be your charging outlet this does have a level two and level three access points as

Well this is a level two and this is a level three this can charge at a level two from 10 to 80 in 32 and a half minutes but i think the cool thing about this vehicle is the technology on the inside let’s take a look and see you

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Explore the first fully electric luxury sedan from Mercedes-EQ. The all-new 2022 EQS. By Mercedes-Benz of St. Clair Shores