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Express Van front heater vents not blowing warm/cold air

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So I did a bunch of diagnostic work to figure out why our heater was not working, replaced a few parts to get the heat up and running again and noticed the front vents were not blowing warm and cold air. Went through to reinspect some of the vacuum lines and found this simple repair to get air flowing to these from vents. I hope this is helpful.

Hello ladies and gentlemen today i am working on a 2002 chevy express van and we’re having an issue with the heater vents not blowing warm or cold air up top here so i’m going to show you what i found that fixed this problem very simple didn’t cost any money or anything like that so i’ll guide you on what i did the first thing you’ll want to do is you’ll want to

Come over to the passenger side of the vehicle you’ll squeeze under the dash here and then you see these wires here there is a brown and black wire you want to track that all the way up here if you want you can remove this 7 millimeter bolt right here or the screw and then pull this this vette housing here down to gain more access otherwise you can reach your hand

Up in here and behind this box where my fingers are up here there is this fastener right here you can remove it to remove this whole assembly here and then the issue that you would be having would be this brown and black hose here this comes disconnected regularly and if this comes disconnected air does not go into the vents that hit your face or your body it can

I believe it can affect the other vents as well but the fastener gets old here or the clips do so it’s not holding itself in place solution to the problem will be to come over here and zip tie around these two fittings so i’m going to take a zip tie and i’m gonna put it all the way around these these two fittings right here are the clips here to keep them pressed

In because i want it to squeeze in on that so it can’t come loose again and then that there should fix your issue so i have a zip tie around there and i just want to show you exactly what i did now this will not come undone it would break before it came out so the hoses can’t accidentally loosen up now i do have the zip tie quite tight on there and i’ll go ahead

And shorten this up and stick it back up there there’s a slot for this to go back in which is right here so you can run this up and put it right back in there like so so you can force it down in there i need to cut my zip tie and then i’ll put that back in place but hopefully this has been helpful and hopefully this is salter issue with your hot air not coming

Out your front forward facing vent so thank you so much for watching if you have any questions or comments or maybe if you even find something else besides this problem that caused the same thing for you you could share to help other people out they’d be greatly appreciated but thank you very much for watching please feel free to like and subscribe for future videos and have a great day

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Express Van front heater vents not blowing warm/cold air By TweekerDan1984