EZ30 Swapped Subaru Legacy | 6spd RWD

We did it! From a daydream idea to reality. Howling H6 Ez30 engine, 6 speed rwd transmission from a Subaru BRZ swapped into a 1998 Legacy GT. Standard on the outside, anything but, on the inside. It’s been a little under a year since breaking ground on this project, and now we have a unique, great sounding fun to drive car that didnt cost a whole lot of money. We couldn’t be happier with it.

Okay so today guys i’m super excited to introduce two projects that we’re working on for about nine months now it all started off with caleb’s car his svx that just sounds crazy you guys go check that video out it’s a super cool car makes beautiful noises it really inspired us to do something with an age six so it stumbled across an o for outback l.l.bean that

Had it was a total lost collision the front end was completely damaged and that it was only had about 160,000 miles on it and we ripped the motor and transmission and all the wiring and everything out of that car and then we were kind of thinking of what we should put it in we really started backwards with this project we didn’t start with the chassis and then

Decided on an engine and transmission we really started with an engine and then kind of came up with the idea as the ball kept rolling and then we really decided that we wanted to make it rear-wheel drive only to really open up the full potential the torque and horsepower of the ez 30d and so i have this crazy idea of trying to see if we can make this 2 frs or

Brz transmission as you know those things have 6-speed role drive only toyota designed transmissions but there you normally coupled to an fa20 which just out of sheer luck because subaru doesn’t change anything the bolt pattern is almost exactly the same as the ej and the easies and the eg style motors all subarus that are all-wheel drive the starter is on

The driver side of the bell housing whereas at 4s and vr z’s the stars on the passenger side of the bell housing all i have to do to get the nose of the starter that clear is to actually section out some of the mounting flange on the block side where the bolt pattern mounts for the bell housing just enough and i kind of radiused it so that it just perfectly

Cleared the nose of the starter so i ended up having to fabricate my own transmission crossmember by using the factory manual transmission subaru crossmember and notching it out in buying a square tube and welding up a transmission crossmember that utilized the factory frs transmission mount now the other issue that we have is the drive shaft because no one

Really makes the drive shaft that goes from an frs to an ar160 rear diff and all the lengths are different so i went to a company in salem called six states they specialize in creating drive shafts and i basically took them all the parts that i needed and all the measurements and we took part of the factory frs driveshaft that i got and part of the the just

Basically just the yoke end that attached to the diff on the ar160 and i gave them all the lengths from the output to the center of carrier bearing than the carrier bearing back and then they built me a custom two-piece driveshaft that mounted directly up to that and got all my legs correct so we’ve got a 2015 transmission made it to an old four engine and

Then i was thinking man what body would be perfect to put this motor and in well i’ve always been a sucker for legacies and i i always thought that the the second gen legacies the gt versions had the best styling out of all the legacies just personal preference so i found this body it had a knockin engine and some other issues like a cv axle was torn out of

The driver’s side which was that no big deal total all the way home from seattle the owner previous owner named this car freebus lee so i’m sticking with it it’s bad luck betty because ever the sense the day he owned this car he had nothing but problems with it so bad luck betty it is the rest of the car is pretty just pretty much just needed to be spruced up

The inner and outer tie rod ends and the ball joints really loose so i did all that i did a full brake job on it flushed all the brake fluid made sure the car had nice fresh parts in the suspension we went with a set of coil overs that are no-name and i know everyone’s gonna get in the crap about that but i’m actually really surprised with the performance on

It so i can’t complain now longevity-wise who we’ll see but for now they’re working so i’m gonna run them i probably found the best combination of things that you could put into a subaru i mean i’ve got a sleek body style of the gt it’s a crazy sounding h6 and the thing just makes beautiful noises i mean hi oh i love it i can’t get enough of that engine and

You know sarire will drive so the characteristic of the handling you would think that the car would had still have the understeer tendency because the motor shift is so far forward but because now that we’re driving with the rear wheels it really doesn’t have that much of an understeer tendency anymore i mean it’s really pushing the rear of the car through the

Corners so it it just feels like a completely different car i mean it’s like no subaru i’ve ever driven because i mean there really is no subaru you can compare it to and the amount of torque that it has through the close-ratio frs 6-speed i mean it’s just really compliments the torque range that’s on that motor and really opens it up i think the cars that have

The h6 currently the 4ea teach tall gears and the all-wheel drive drive systems they just bog the motor down and suck so much power away from that motor that you really full potential of the ez 30s but couple to something like this oh it’s got an amazing torque range it’s super fun to drive very peppy i mean the throttle is very sensitive and you know being real

Of drive you can get a little skid action going on it’s it’s pretty fun car to drive but all in all guys the whole point of the build was to be unique to be cheap which we really in all actuality we don’t have that much money into this car i mean as crazy as it sounds with all the stuff that i did myself and buying the wrecks l.l.bean and buying the transmission

I don’t have that much money into this car so at the end of the day we ended up with a product that was super fun to drive makes beautiful noises that i just can’t get enough of and it’s probably something that i’m gonna enjoy for a long time and i guarantee you won’t see another one like this on the road ever so thanks for tuning in guys like and subscribe

Check out other videos and we’ll see you in the next one why do you have to have a five-inch straight pipe okay

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