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Face-lifted 2022 Mazda CX-5 Akera 2.2L

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Come back to social south africa i’m nikki nash as always and today you join me in the mazda cx-5 ikea model so this is the top of the range in the mazda range those car goes for 740 000 rand and it is a lot i do think so but before we speak too much about the car let’s speak about change cars what is change cars change car is an online platform where you can buy

Sell your car inquire about your car so if you have the mazda cx-5 previous shape and you want those one go to change cars you’ll see it there put your car up sell your car buy those one from change cars and yeah tell them niki ness from social south africa send you but yeah without further ado let’s speak about the look of the car so the look i’m sure you guys can

See the lights the lights are number one for me so the difference between this i care model and the same shape a care model um this is the facelift so the difference between the facelift and the preface lift is that one the light the difference in terms of the lights the light design is different and coming in front the grill the girl is just here it looks more

Aggressive and it also has this red touch on the left hand side of the car that goes to show you the difference between this one and the previous one you can spot it immediately and then moving on to the side of the car you can see with the with the black wheels that’s the difference the mirror caps as well they’re black there’s a difference on the car from the

Front you’ll see it immediately you see it from when you see that kara pre-facelift and a car facelift there’s a difference now moving on to the back let’s go so moving on to the back um i think you guys can see the difference from the back i don’t have to tell you can guess the lights again so the fun design lights different rear design lights different so they

Have this type of c but l shape so l shape l shape also in front same thing it’s like a c but it’s like out i hope i’m making sense that’s the difference um from the back and how does it look honestly i do like the look of the car from the back uh most specially because of these lights they work the previous la the previous the preface lift the lights were more

Of like a circular shape um these ones are actually they they work because they look like the front so imagine headlamps but in the rear at the back that’s what i like about those car but i’ve told you the look of a car i think we need to have a look at the car inside and there’s things that i don’t like about the interior but you need to join me let’s go so the

Interior is a very nice place to be i told you guys that i don’t like it but i was lying but not lying i do like the interior the seats number one that’s one thing i do like about the seats because they feel very comfortable and you feel that you’re in a suv they give you that you can sit low but sit high at the same time i hope i’m making sense and something i do

Like when you face it there was steering wheel nice nothing fancy for mazda they’ve kept actual buttons on the steering wheel no haptic feedback touch sensors on the on the steering wheel also the instrument cluster it’s analog and also digital i like that one about mazda so this part they got right those part they got right because it has an electronic handbrake

Auto hold perfect those parts they got right because this is the for the camera control you adjust everything yeah nothing in the touchscreen no direction touch screen no airflow in touch screen everything is there i like that about the about about mazda it ends there when you come up here by the screen let’s say they lost the plot in my view because the screen is

The exact same screen that you find in the preface dev cx-5 this is the exact same screen you find in other previous models mazda so for example the mazda 3 previous generation has the screen has this infotainment the one we tested um a couple of weeks ago click the proper banner this side um you’ll see it doesn’t have this infotainment system and that’s the new

Updated system so for mazda i don’t get how they got they made a facelift tx5 but they didn’t put the updated infotainment system so that’s one thing that i don’t like about this vehicle speaking of things i don’t like we’re at that point we need to speak about three things i like the things i don’t like and you know how we do it this side we always start with the

Bad and number one as the infotainment system i don’t like that as an old school infotainment system they could have spent a few thousands here and there for this for the new one for the newer infotainment system the second thing that i don’t like is this the reverse cam and the 360 view quality wise it’s one of the worst qualities i’ve seen of being in in a car

For 740 000 rand i expect better quality you can see that the reverse camera isn’t that good and in my view mother could have done way better in that regard number three there is no lock and unlock button in this vehicle um you can local over hazards that yeah climate control is there there is nothing that tells you this is the lock button for the doors so to unlock

The car it locked the car over here on the side you need to do this to lock it i don’t like that about the car i need a button so if you don’t know the car this is very old school there’s a third thing i don’t like about the car but as much as i don’t like all those things there is a lot of good things that i like about this car but i’m gonna cap it to three number

One that i like about this vehicle is these lights these lights here in front and also the back i like how these lights look that’s my number one second thing that i like about this car is the bow sound system is it amazing yes it is is it better than the mazda 3 no it’s not but for this vehicle number one i do like it but i’ve told you two things i like and you

Tell you the third thing third thing is the driver of the car and so the driver of the car i need to drive the car out of the vehicle how is the driveway the driver’s vehicle is very nice the car handles the road perfectly and i do like another vehicle so those cars are 2.2 liter turbo diesel so you’re looking at 140 kilowatts and 450 meter meters of torque and

Those figures are figures you normally fight in a bucket and you guys know i like bakkies so in those in this car it drives amazing um in a mazda range i think this for me is the is the engine to have and there’s the petrol cx-5 who get in there next so that review will come after maybe two other videos for this one i’ve driven the petrol cx-5 and the red engine it

Does feels like it does feels like this but i’ll let you know about that car when i do drive it when you do do a full review those one this car doesn’t feel lazy at all it gets to speed quick enough there is never enough point to time where you feel the need that you know what i need more power or the car isn’t doing me what i want it gives you what you want when

You want it so something that i don’t like about this vehicle it’s a diesel engine but in terms of range fuel efficiency and all of that on one single tank you can you can get i’m telling you at max depending on how you drive even if you drive very nicely at max you can get 600 case and i don’t like that because in diesel vehicles i should be getting minimum 700

And then look into the eights and it doesn’t engine um the diesel test cars i’ve had easily go over 600 easily go over 700 in this vehicle my range is saying 160 to empty and i’ve only done 353 kilometers on the same tank so it goes to show you that in those caroling at around 500 to 550 um range so i don’t like it for diesel vehicle i shouldn’t be getting the

Same shield figures as i would in a petrol engine that’s what that’s something i don’t like with this vehicle so mazda needs to go back to the factory and find a way to make the diesel engine work in terms of fuel efficiency because the power delivery and all of that it works i do like i do like the car so this vehicle has a six-speed automatic gearbox how is the

Gearbox it’s okay it gets the job done um it’s not a quick shifting gearbox but it’s quick especially when you’re pulling with it it is quick the pedal shift it has pedal shifters but pedal shifters in this vehicle are for me personally one of the most useless things um i’ve used them once and once only there is no need for pedal shifters to get the gear stick

You can pop it to the side and go to manual and then like a race car driving what i like about this vehicle is that down is up and up is down i like that about the car but at the same time you won’t need to use that because there is no printing time where you should ever feel like you want to go fast like a race car and the mazda in the mazda cx-5 so i’ve told you

That my driving impressions of the car i hope you guys do like the vehicle tell me you would get this one or the one i’m about to review next the petrol engine and then yeah now it’s time to speak about my recommendation so do i like the car would i buy the car and would i recommend it to people and for that i need to be outside the vehicle so bye recommendation

Do i like the car when i buy like i would recommend it one do i like the car yes two will i buy the car if i was on the market for one i would consider it 100 bad not to show would i recommend the car 100 let me tell you why this vehicle for 700 for 740 000 rand it is a lot of money but at the same time you’re getting a lot of car and being a master you know that

Mazda gives you in terms of reliability the mazdaq is not problematic if you treat the car out it will treat you well and those car your limit competitors you’re looking at the h6 i’m having sex link at the hyundai tucson kia sportage and the vw tig one so the vw tig one is a bit more expensive you’re looking at plus 800 000 rand for vwc one depending on how you

Speak it so there’s that and then the overlay six you’re looking at hundred thousand rand cheaper than this so you need to look where is your money at so this is the diesel have val antiguan doesn’t offer diesel anymore well tiguan that’s not for diesel anymore how far i’ll never offered this in the first place but here’s the thing with how far there’s a new one

That’s out now is the haval 86 hybrid so that one is a hybrid it goes for 760 000 grand for 670 000 in my mistake so you need to find your niece what do you like are you more you want to play it safe and go for mazda or you are not are you willing to risk your money and say okay i’m gonna try the new brand new cover but my recommendation i would recommend it to

You you would shortlisted amongst those cars i just mentioned and for you the decision is up to you just go to a dealership drive the car experience it for yourself and then make the final decision if you do end up buying one of these vehicles it should be through change cars and tell me so you can celebrate you on the channel and like you bought a car through me

But other than that i’ve told you about the mazda cx-5 and i’m nikki nash from city south africa and i am signing out

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Face-lifted 2022 Mazda CX-5 Akera 2.2L By SwitchOff South Africa