Fanhome 1:8 scale Dodge Charger build. Issue 73

Welcome to another issue of the 1:8 scale Dodge Charger R/T kindly supplied to me by Fanhome.

Everything this part work has been supplied to me through a charge from please pop along to their website and see all of the other build up part works that they have to offer as well as other collections of collectible things i would like to thank fan home for providing me with the part work so i can produce these videos for your enjoyment and

Educational needs if you’d like to build one of your own pop along to they’re available in many countries worldwide if you do want to build one leave a note in the comments to let me know how you’re getting on and let me know how i’m getting on as well i’d like feedback of all types so thank you once more to fan home for providing me with this kit

I hope you enjoy the build let’s get on with it hello i’m chris this is gross models welcome to issue 73 of building the dodge charger rt from fast and furious a standalone episode it’s one nothing to build apart from what they supply uh so let me just sort the focus out and then i shall get on with looking through the magazine before we do the building because

That’s the way i do these things uh we’re looking at clouds uh tough guy at the wheel he’s a bit broken he uh one of shores team apparently i don’t remember so yeah quite a big bloke uh apparently he took time out stand for anything uh the dodge royal royale probably um it’s quite a nice looking classic car i i don’t know that i’d like to drive on today but yeah

That’s the traditional american yeah i can see that as being you know a car right the tailgate panel that’s what we’re going to be building today some springs and screws and parts to put into there we’ll be doing that momentarily uh looking at uh the materials used in car manufacturer and tuning um we did some carbon fiber and carbon uh brake pads the other day

Didn’t we oh yeah uh hydrogenic treatments um yeah increase wear resistance and reduce friction apparently that’s not a car um that that’s a mig-29 apparently um and i mainly aluminum endium alloy known for its higher strength that’s quite interesting assuming they’re making cards some parts of cards out of that now as well uh right that’s the magazine finished

With let’s get on with the build so the parts we’ve got the large plastic tailgate which we shall be attaching things to momentarily uh but first of all we’ve got two different springs uh there is one that’s longer than the other uh the shorter one is the first one that we are going to be using and we’re going to be putting it between these two pieces and then

Put in those two pieces into that piece so uh yeah this is going to be interesting i i’m assuming it will go very easily and smoothly with no trouble whatsoever uh let me get a small pair of tweezers with this let’s have a look these are gonna go uh they are the same so it doesn’t matter which way around one’s going to go there the other one’s gonna go the other

Side but the spring’s going to go between these two posts down here oh it’s actually going to be quite tight fit he’s quite a tight fit on there so you might well get away with this the other side is an equally tight bit a bit springy if we can’t lay that in there i thought this might be more trouble than it turns out that it is going in there a bit like that

Stay in place yet until it gets attached so before that’s actually i’m going to need some screws to put into there we’re going to use two of these but we’re going to be using a couple more later on as well so let me get a few of these out i’m gonna need four in total so we’ll get four out and see that leaves one spare which that sounds just about right so that

Is then fitting onto here uh basically exactly the other way up to that so it’s going on there like that so let’s throw this the other way around because that’s going to be the easy way of doing it those pins need to go into those holes and that one that will go over the top of it seems like that’s going to be a thing yeah and that on the top like that that is

Okay sort of get these screws in and see what happens one in that side i am going to tighten this down so it holds it in place so i can let go another screw that one goes in that side so i’m assuming this is going to be a functioning part for the uh trunk that you are smaller obviously these now click in and hold in place it sort of works i think that’s that’s

Definitely a thing yeah there we go all right so next up we’re going to be using the other spring that is going into there hmm and then that is going into there okay uh just place that in there and place that in there and then that going on to the other side of this i’m assuming that that piece is going to be at the top there otherwise there’s no reason for

It to be there put that over the top that do anything other than let you push this button ah that’s going to be a release for that i get it it does actually engage so if i push that in yeah that clip opens nice concrete tailgate clip again i’m going to get this one all the way tightened then i can get the other one done and we’ll make sure it still works you

Know yeah pushing that opens it up so the it’s going to be the inside that’ll come down there’ll be framework over the top there but there will still be a button so you can push that and that will allow you to open the trunk nice i like it that’s been good i like it a little self-contained thing it’s another separate part but i think next time we get to install

It so uh that go far stick around for the next part of this in a short while well a couple of days time but there’ll be another video tomorrow of something different so thanks for watching stay safe see you soon bye bye for now

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Fanhome 1:8 scale Dodge Charger build. Issue 73 By Gross Models