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Fantastic, Its Maximum Speed Porsche 718 Boxster GTS 40

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Fantastic, It’s Maximum

Welcome back to the youtube channel this channel is a channel that reviews the latest luxury cars this time i will review the porsche 718 boxster before continuing don’t forget to like comment and subscribe most convertibles are a romantic way to enjoy the open road but the 2020 to porsche 718 boxer takes it a step further with its joyous handling and eager

Turbocharged powertrains it shares its chassis and mechanical parts with a similarly sporty 718 cayman coupe two new colors join the boxster’s palette for 2022 shock blue and frozen berry metallic porsche is also offering several no leather accessories including leather floor mats and key covers speaking of keys buyers can now customize their keyfabs by having them

Painted to match their car’s exterior color for those shopping without limits the gts 4.0 models with its powerful and sonos flat 6 is the boxster to choose unfortunately not everyone can afford to drop ninety thousand dollars on a two-seat convertible we get that so for those on more of a budget the s model is where it’s at the available pdk automatic transmission

Is excellent but this car really calls for the manual we’d recommend keeping the options to a minimum selecting only the lowered suspension with adaptive dampers a limited slip rear differential and ventilated seats we’d recommend taking advantage of the porsche experience center for 395 dollars plus a 50 damage waiver fee you will be received coaching and track

Time in your new porsche at either the atlanta or los angeles location if you don’t live in those areas you can travel and book time in one of porsche’s vehicles instead prices for those experiences range from as low as four hundred dollars to as high as nine hundred dollars depending on location and model the boxster offers three engines a 300 hp turbocharged

To dot o dash leader flat f4 a 350 hp turbocharged 2.5 dash leader flat 4 on the s model and a 394 hp 4.0 liter flat of six on the gts 4.0 each comes paired with a truly satisfying six a speed manual transmission but buyers can opt for porsche’s clairvoyant 7 is speed automatic the base and s models are great fun and performed well in our testing we haven’t

Had the opportunity to put our gear on the new gts 4.0 model but we have high expectations that it will impress us on the track the boxer’s handling and steering prowess inspire deep affection the mid and engine layout helps the boxer feel balanced and stable through corners will the brilliantly communicative steering reacts quickly and accurately to even small

Inputs extras such as porsches adaptive dampers and in available torque a vectoring rear differential only improved this car’s handling but even base as spec boxers behave precisely the way we want them to the engine embedded in the gt s4.0 is capable of producing 390 for hp with a torque a 419 newton meter the maximum engine speed also touches the figure of 7800

Revolutions per minute with the specifications mentioned above the gts 4.0 is claimed to be able to reach speeds of 96 kilometers per hour 60 miles per hour in just 3.8 seconds from a standstill it’s no exaggeration if porsche embeds get her specs on the gts 4.0 gts 4.0 is also capable of devouring a quarter mile in just 11.9 seconds and reaching speeds of 200

Kilometers per hour in just 13.53 seconds the next stage half a mile was able to complete gts 4.0 in 18.73 seconds the speed of 250 kilometers per hour can be achieved in no less than 23.58 seconds in the end the car completed a mile and just 30. to 1 seconds with a recorded top speed of 284 kilometers per hour and an average speed of 179.6 kilometers per hour

Fantastic as a compliment the standard version of the gts 4.0 comes with a sport chrono package npdk as well as the sport response button on the steering wheel well that’s the review of the porsche 718 boxster gts 4.0 i hope it’s useful and continue to support this channel by liking comments and subscribing and see you in the next video

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Fantastic, It's Maximum Speed ​​Porsche 718 Boxster GTS 40 By SEMUA TUTORIAL