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Welcome everybody back to boost in motion guys and i’m back it has been less than 24 hours and ams has already got another update guys they are setting records in their new nissan z guys hit that intro welcome everybody back in the morning good afternoon and good night thank you foreign welcome everybody back welcome everybody back to the channel first

Thing shout out to my boost in motion family because i already know you guys already hit that like button so really appreciate you guys thank you for your support and if you’re new to the boost motion channel i am boosted motion i used to be dibble dabble in the vr 30 q50 q60s infinity the song community i’m technically a nissan video enthusiast but nonetheless

I’ve tuned i’ve tuned and modified two of the authorities q50 and q60 so this channel has a lot of knowledge on how to modify those cars but also how to modify your new nissan z but anyway guys let’s go let’s jump into it hopefully i gained you guys liked and subscribe and hit that bell notification and hit that all but anyways i want to do a quick screen share

Shout out to ams performance because literally 24 hours ago i was already here and what i mean by that is we already made a video here talking about how they already cracked a certain wheel horsepower mark because they literally just got their new nissan z well i already knew they were going to do more but i didn’t think they were going to all do it today like they

Didn’t waste no time so let’s do a quick screen share and ams has now officially did some more modifications to their new their new nissan z so uh the modifications now they have already added to the car from the last video they tuned the car made like 445 or 450 wheel horsepower um on 90 tune everything else stock well in this case in the same day they said you

Know what let’s add in full exhaust with downturns usually downturns are either a open dump where they would put it like let’s say right after the downpipe or maybe on the y-pipe right they added their own ams heat exchanger their own prototype and their ms intercoolers remember the vr30 has air to water intercoolers well now officially they released their upgraded

Intercoolers which are supposed to bring down the charge attempts this is still new to the vr30 community like literally fresh within the last year the couple of the companies who make their own type of ams has now been the third company to release their their versions and then they also added some slicks from what i can see here and they tuned the car on a 100

Octane tune pretty much so the 90 93 fuel they tuned on um um 100 octane so let’s quickly take a look i want to show you guys what there’s a quick dragon video they got let’s see if we can press can you press play here there’s no play god damn it well they did a dragging run and and this dragon run they ran 11.43 on their dragon for anyone who knows the drag is

Pretty accurate compared to the drag times to actual drag strip so nonetheless they did great look at this 60 foot a 1 860 foot i can do a 1860 foot on my jb4 q50 so i know that they could cut that 60 foot even lower and even though it was an unprepped surface but if they take it to the track that 60 foot is going to drop a whole lot two plus it probably dialed in

The launch control and all that other stuff two um what else i notice here is the mile an hour at the eighth usually when you’re right around 100 miles an hour on the eighth you’re you’re really close to running that 10 second pass at the drag strip it’s like just a thing if you could run high 90s like 97 to like 102 you should be able to pull a high 10 second run

Depending on if you don’t run out of steam then you see the quarter mile is at 11 43 and 124. so once again it kind of confused me a little bit because i know plenty of cars who um what i’m saying here next is 123 to 126 to give you a 10 second pass but it all depends on your 60 foot if this 60 foot was like a one six uh 1 6 60 foot every like 10th is like take a

Two off of your quarter mile time so if it was like a 1 6 60 foot and even if he still would have pulled like a 98 model or 99 mile an hour that would have been like a ten nine until nine eight because it’s just two temps down but nonetheless that mile per hour shows me that this car can run pretty much tens the way it is stock turbo and the car still isn’t fully

Modded technically some people will say it is but it still isn’t there’s a lot more modifications you can still add to this car on stock turbos um they’re showing off the ams heat exchanger shout out to their tuners this is um their dyno tune they they tune the car to 500 wheel horsepower and about 528 pounds of torque and it looks like a nice curve and it holds

Torque all the way up to i would assume their peak torque was at i couldn’t see it here because they have it blocked out but that may be like 4500 4800 5000 rpm they hold it up there holds the peak torque for a while and then it just starts dropping off remember ams is holding back right now they’ve just got the car and probably i assume the next 20 24 to 48 hours

If they really did so they’re still going to try their best to learn so they’re holding back this car is going to go through some best believe it if they sat there and tried to do the same thing with this car after about a month or two of knowing what this car is it’ll probably even higher wheels probably 100 octane fuel but they’re gonna throw so much parts of

This car it’s gonna be a part so much they’re gonna add so much to this car nonetheless shout out to ams performance this is their upgraded um uh water air water kit that they are um released i have a video dropping about it but it was supposed to drop today and ams went and made another pass so i’m like i can’t like i gotta show you guys the update but nonetheless

Once again they’re doing their thing man like shout out to him i really wish i had the draggy video but maybe they’re gonna probably put it on their um website on their web on youtube anyway so it’s probably best that i don’t get like you know that um copyright or whatever because you know ams don’t really bang with your boy boost like that i bang with them i just

Talk my but nonetheless i get it um uh definitely check out any other content that i’ll put on these ones these i put up daily almost daily content talking about anything in automotive world but because a lot of companies now are getting to know nissan z i’m gonna be dropping a lot of videos talking about it because i like my vr30 family i like my q50 q60 family

And everyone’s watching and i’m gonna be one of the guys to put out the information out there so that you guys can know because not a lot of people know about this platform on youtube but this channel my subscribers my boost in motion family we know everything about this car and we’re gonna be able to help everyone out that’s coming to this platform because we got

The answers all right because we got the tuners we got the companies that build the parts for these cars and we have people who drive these cars and they drive them fast so outside that guys i hope you guys have a good morning good afternoon and good night thank you for banging with your boy boost i really appreciate you guys hopefully i earned that like i think i

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