Fastest Drag Tune for Lincoln Navigator 5.4L V8 in Need For Speed Underground 2

Here is a Drag Tune for The Lincoln Navigator

And here we have another big fat truck when i’m talking about fat i mean really fat in today’s video i will be sharing my drag tune with you guys honest speaking now i’ve never seen one of these or even the brand you’re in a country where i live can you believe it this is like the only time i can play with a car that has this kind of brand or whatever the case

Is but it is pretty slow so i don’t care no i’m joking this car is actually really fast uh compared to the hummer and the cadillac but nevertheless let’s quickly do a dino run so i can show you guys just how much power it has so this car i think has even less power than the h2 and also the torque is pretty darn high i think this is that car is this powerful

I think the supra and the skyline is really close to this but anyway so imagine this power for an suv with this amount of weight never mind that let’s quickly go over here so i want to tell you guys that i’ve categorized this video into four sections let me explain to you how it’s gonna work first off i’m gonna show you guys my tune because that is why you’re

Here secondly i’m gonna do a 400 meter run thirdly i’m going to show you guys what i’ve upgraded in this car and how to do it there’s a kind of a bit of a twist to it and then lastly we’re gonna do a drag race against opponents so let’s start over here with the drivetrain so here are the magic numbers so i just wanna tell you guys quickly that with this car it is

Specifically tuned for the 400 meters as well as the bay view race track if you’re gonna use this tune on a different track or even the same track but you’re gonna nitrous let’s say in second gear or third gear where eye notch is in first gear you’ll actually notice that you will bomb out your engine your engine will explode because this amount of what you call

It this amount of speed over here is the amount you need to complete the track by nitrous in first gear so if you’re gonna use this tune on a different track or a different kind of race such as circuit sprints or a drag race that is even longer what i want you to do is is just come back here you’re going to take this knob towards the left towards top speed and

As you guys can see it’s actually increasing so just put it back where it was i think this is where it was 290 so you can just make it a little bit like a little bit longer until you notice that your car isn’t popping its engine anymore okay so now that we don’t have that in the way anymore let’s quickly go to suspension so this car is super high so as you guys

Can see over here we dropped the front and back suspension all the way to minimum so for the front springs and the front shocks i always like to keep them about the same so as you guys can see here it’s kind of actually it’s like bound and rebound technically in that case like i don’t want to talk too much about it but anyway springs helps to get your car back

Up shocks help with how it goes down but as you guys can see here for a bit of a smoother ride in the front we’ve got about halfway and for the rear we got about three quarters of the way too hard so this is just gonna allow not all the way to go to the back gonna keep some of the weight in the front as well because this car is all wheel drive if i’m not mistaken

Before the sway bar we got front front and rear to be at hard and for the steering ratio i did not touch it otherwise for the drive train as you guys can see here we’ve already done it but there is the numbers take your screenshot now or do what you need to do for the aerodynamics we got it all the way up just the front one i dropped it a little bit not not that

Much you can actually just make it all the way up if you want to but it doesn’t matter too much for the tires and brakes we have got it at strong strong and i did not touch the brakes before the ecu if you have never tuned this or don’t understand this i will drop a card here in the top right corner for you make sure to look at it after this video whatsoever

Where i briefly and i give you guys a full tutorial on how to tune this and what everything means in that uh as well as well with the turbo so just a short briefing take all the power out in the first thousand and two thousand rpms and the same over year otherwise for the nitrous we got it as all the other cars at about five seconds okay so let’s quickly go and

Do a test drive so such as with all the cars you can launch at different rpms but with this car you have to launch it in green to get a better time so if you look at this needle as you accelerate somewhere up here it’s gonna turn green let me show you guys real quick right over there at six and a half so that was actually a perfect shift so what you wanna do

Is you wanna actually catch it like with the acceleration part you don’t want to bring your rpms up and then on this like these end of uh rpms you want to hit the green no you want to hit it as you accelerate and that way you’re actually going to have a better pull off instead of like a bug pull off but if you do pull away in the blue or in the raid which is over

Rift or under rift or something like that your car is going to either spin out or it’s going to bug and that is not what you want and then once you heat it you want to make sure that you heat notches as soon as your rpms get stable and as it comes up you gotta hit your wait yeah hit your nitrous i don’t know what i just said i think i said it you gotta hit your

Rpms but that doesn’t make any sense so yeah and then you’re just gonna floor get perfect shifts all along the way and you’re gonna get a very good time so let me quickly get a proper run for you and we got a 9.46 we can actually improve it by making the fourth gear shorter but as soon as we do that if we go to the bayview race and we actually go from fourth to

Fifth the chorus rpms just bugs a little bit too much so i had to smoothen it out but we got a 9.46 not the best the other ones i got a 9.2 so this score might actually be the slowest car in the game but anyway we are still gonna do it because i know this car is someone’s favorite car out there okay so let’s quickly head over to the performance section performance

Upgrades and i’m gonna show you guys what we have done so right over here we’re going to quickly go to engines so i just want to explain to you guys how it works whenever you install a part we all know stage 3 is the best to install but every package have got different content so there i just said it it changes a little bit so if you look over here here’s all

The contents if you look at stage two here’s all the contents but it’s also installed no i am not cheating if you look here at stage one you also got the cold air intake system and no i’m still not cheating what you want to do is whenever you upgrade a car you want to install stage one then stage two then stage three because not all the contents are the same such

As if there was something better than a colder insect system it would have unsaid not installed like the wrist so to give you guys an example here’s a mild camshaft and cam gears here’s a racing camshaft and cam gears which is better than mild so by installing stage three it actually replaces the mild one such as the headers there’s uh replace headers and right

Over here is high flow headers so if you guys look at stage two there’s stuff about exhaust catback exhaust and larger diameter downpipe it replaced the performance exhaust but in stage 3 there’s nothing from exhaust system so if you only install stage 3 you would have still had this stock exhaust system on your car you wouldn’t have a high flow intake manifold

As well as you wouldn’t have a cold air intake system so that is why i’m saying install all three so for the engine uh sorry the ecu you also want to install all three for the transmission you also want to install all three the springs you also want to install all three the nitrous you can just install the last one because these are just different ways to inject

Nitros for the tires you want the stickiest so you want stage three only for the breaks you can install all three and for the weight you can install all three so check this out literally all three of them are installed because all three contents are different so if you just installed three a stage three you would still have heavy windows heavy seats interior

Parts and you would have still had the the rear seats going over to turbo you can only have one turbo in and that’s the stage three turbo kit you want installed okay so now that we’ve got that done as well let’s quickly do a drag race there we go we hooked it in fifth gear let’s see what happens it looks like the car behind us is actually getting in it’s a bit

Too far to slip stream oh my gosh i see smoke at the back but i think it’s my car come on oh there we go 27 27.36 that’s horrible but they were catching up here’s the escalade i think the escalade is the fastest it’s the cadillac let’s see the stats top speed of 292 293 291 288 so they were literally well only the guy that was second was actually catching up

To us but i could have maybe slipstream while giving him a little bit of a slip stream but anyway you guys there we go i do hope that you guys enjoyed this tune i do hope that if you’re gonna use it on a different track that you guys will be able to tune the drivetrain just a little bit more to top speed or whatsoever otherwise thank you so much for watching i

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My next video but for now peace out everyone

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Fastest Drag Tune for Lincoln Navigator 5.4L V8 in Need For Speed Underground 2 By The Overclock