FASTEST Ferrari EVER MADE | SF90 *Insane Acceleration*

We were fortunate enough to get our hands on the fastest accelerating Ferrari ever made: the SF90 Stradale! Had some fun stretching it’s legs with the boys… this car is seriously quick 😳

All right oh my god hey what’s going on guys welcome to car roms again we got the i have 12 today with day 12. pretty iconic dough i’m not gonna lie we’re on happy jewelers for event blue little late kind of dead but we’ll see where this day takes us maybe right now um yeah what’s going on here we’re trying to figure out dimensions between audi and weedle in

The front should i just jump in or what between here all right ass all the way back we gotta get some b-rolls now off back yeah he’s in oh yeah all right bro we’re going to mexico now this is my friend louie he’s from uh england i forgot is she pro next year so you’re going to formula one next year no all right so your racing guy yes love you man you know who’s

The owner of that oh this one uh this one uh my parents but i just get like i have opportunity to take it out so it’s just like i don’t know why not shoot videos you know yeah there is a seat available in my car if you want it but i take it i think this is this is a little more fun are you actually getting in the back he’s out of his mind why don’t you just get

In this way yeah it’s so extra all right shut up he likes to risk you know like kicking up the red interior i think it’s time it’s time it’s time foreign largo first service because it’s due time and we got our loaner car for today it’s a sf90 with the acetofurano pack i don’t know what that is exactly but this car is probably one of the fastest production

Cars out there right now and i guess we’ll have some fun today 10 bad and they all don’t care with my dick okay don’t care uh yeah tell me the rookie move real quick uh so i forgot to record um already his pants but really it won’t lead to reaction i’m not ready i’m not ready yeah so yeah we’ll see how it goes have fun oh my god yeah it makes

Your eyes tear up yeah itself yeah oh my god dude oh my it’s so fast is it not it’s insane oh my god bro oh my god what the dude what oh my god was that full throttle no it was like 80 in line no here watches oh my god it kind of does feel like it feels like yeah oh it’s right here hey i don’t want to get littered with stones i gotta show um we’re launching

The gt3 right now foreign gt3 you want to tell us a little bit about it so yeah yeah you got to shake the guy’s hand oh you want it for that you guys this is jackson right here this is his beautiful gt3 i want to explain a little bit more about your car uh bought it with 4 000 miles has 13 000 just did a exhaust and that’s about it for now so yeah it’s crazy

You guys will definitely hear the exhaust snow on this car i mean that’s it pretty much yeah stuff more to come no reaction oh you’re not scared of me yet do it down there oh i’m gonna do too much no it doesn’t work nuts explanation i’m going to pull up to zero and see him freak out what do you have a taser first of all self-defense bro it hurts that’s crazy

That’s the first car i’ve ever been in yeah the fastest car i’ve been here see he’s just built differently yeah yeah yeah yeah it was amazing like there’s no way that’s possible to be on the road it’s it can’t be regarded dude it’s too fast bro it’s too fast foreign but just driving in itself like performance this you can’t beat this yeah yeah it’s like insane

And dude this interior the new dials everything everything’s electronic it’s just i don’t know it looks good it also looks timeless like normally if you do the digital dash all that kind of stuff that that is really quick yeah i feel like this doesn’t it’s not going to yeah i agree hi guys so that’ll conclude today’s video uh we gotta take out this amazing sf90

This is literally the future hybrid vehicle thousand horsepower this is literally the perfect package i would like to thank uh rolling rolling for letting me take this out wow that sounds really nice uh for cars it’s funny he wants to add me on snapchat all right all right you know what we’re not doing it all right we’re done we’re done it’s okay so are we good

I hope you guys liked today’s video um there’s gonna be a couple polls uh but i’ll see you guys later foreign

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FASTEST Ferrari EVER MADE! | SF90 *Insane Acceleration!* By Car Groms