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Join us as we take a ride in the new 2020 Kia Niro Phev in this short video review.

He reckons that this nero phev plug-in hybrid model offers the best of both worlds combining fashionable crossover looks with exemplary hybrid efficiency if you’re wanting to join the ev revolution but aren’t quite ready for a fully battery powered contender and need a family hatch size model with this kind of tech it could be worth a look at the heart of the

Nero’s plug-in powertrain is a high-capacity 8.9 kilowatt-hour lithium ion polymer battery pack growing in size from the 1.56 kilowatt-hour battery pack found in the normal self-charging nero hybrid the phev variance battery pack is paired with a more powerful 44.5 kilowatt electric motor than you get in the ordinary self-charging hybrid model which has a

32 kilowatt electric motor the battery and electric motor are paired with the nero’s efficient 1.6 liter kappa 4-cylinder gdi 105 ps engine producing a total system power and torque output of 141 ps and 265 newton meters kia engineers claim a pure electric wltp driving range of 36 miles an ev button by the gear stick allows you to stay in all electric mode

If there’s enough battery charge to do so let’s get to the wltp rated efficiency figures this plug-in hybrid nero model puts out just 31 grams per kilometer of co2 and is supposed to be able to return a combined cycle fuel reading of 201.8 miles per gallon good luck with that those figures assume that owners will be making full use of the 36 mile wltp rated

Driving range potential provided by this variant’s 8.9 kilowatt-hour battery there are plenty of ev screen readouts to help you maximize that range charging a nero plug-in hybrid by the way takes 2 hours and 15 minutes using a 3.3 kilowatt ac charger using a domestic 3-pin plug you’re looking at five to six hours we’re not sure if kia’s designers in korea

And california deliberately set out to blur the boundaries with this design between focus style family hatch and duke style small crossover that’s certainly the kind of look we’ve ended up with here at the front there’s clear’s usual tiger nose style front grille but the bumper was restyled as part of the 2019 package of updates and features led daytime running

Lights below the headlamps with a unique double-arrow layout as well as led fog lamps there are minor changes here at the rear too where redesigned led tail lights aimed to give the nero a more distinctive and modern light signature the big change with this updated post 2019 version of this car though came with the addition of this large 10.25 inch widescreen

Navigation monitor for this plusher three-speed version anyway part of a uvo connect media package which includes apple carplay android auto smartphone mirroring and a kia live system which uses its own sim card to retrieve and update live data there’s a tft screen for the instrument cluster 2 with a speedo on the right and a power meter on the left now let’s

Move into the back forget the cramped quarters common to many other compact crossover models in this one three adults can sit reasonably comfortably aided by this commendably low central transmission tunnel step round to the boat and you’ll find that this large tailgate swings up easily so you don’t need to be a gym fanatic to lift it up when the thing’s raised

There’s a broad tall opening to the luggage compartment in the floor sits almost flush with the sill so getting heavy bags in and out is no problem as with most phevs luggage capacity is compromised by the rear underfloor battery placement it falls from 382 litres in the standard self-charging hybrid model to 324 liters here overall this is a car that delivers

On kia’s promise to develop its products with quality and segment leading technology that doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be right for you but there’s no doubt of one thing in terms of the kind of wish list that a buyer in this part of the market might have this nero phev ticks a lot of boxes you

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