Ferrari 488 Pista SSC, hate it or love? (prod. Depo)

It was a pleasure working with Shak car speciast having experiance Shaks personal 488 Pista “LIVING THE DREAM, DRIVING THE DREAM”

It’s your boy aman it’s your boy hummus and you’re back with the sleep boys and today we have got chad widows from shaq car specialist i’m chad how you doing boys you all right yeah good good so guys this is chad from sse he is going to be telling us about the showroom and what they do here so chad welcome to the questions for you yeah yeah yeah so the first

Question is what made you guys get into the automotive industry field i think what we all have here that we all have in common is that we have a big passion for cars driving cars you know just appreciating cars and for me when i got given the opportunity to work here it was just it blew me away to come here every day and think this is what i could be surrounded

By and these are your dream you know as i’m sure you think you look around here you don’t see these cars every day it’s something that i’m really passionate about since i’ve been a kid having posters on your wall thinking wow this is what i want to drive when i’m older and now i actually do get to drive them you know even if it’s just moving them in the showroom

You feel special to be able to do that kind of thing because not a lot of people get the opportunity so like i say i jumped at the opportunity to work with shaq he’s a really good mentor he’s someone that has done it he started from nothing and built a massive company which is you know what i’m trying to do myself so i jump to that opportunity and well what he

Does is it it motivates you and gives you the passion to go out there and try and work to get these sort of cars absolutely yeah well that’s it like i’ve i’ve come here and every day you’re looking at things that are you know attainable if you work hard enough you can see these things you think wow you know even when you see customers coming we have customers that

Are really young and you think how are they getting these things at you know 20 years old and i think wow that’s what i want to be doing you know it’s the motivation the more you surround yourself by it and the positive things you’re more likely you are to get it and that’s the way that i see it that’s very true literally when i when i stepped in the showroom i was

Amazed yeah so i was like whoa this is a very nice lots of lamborghinis and ferraris so don’t worry chad i’ll be back in 10 years yeah yeah another question is what is your favorite car what do you like um i’d probably say the ferrari 408 pista um and i have actually got one i’ve got the keys to shaq’s personal car that’s in here today um this is a car that we

Don’t even get to use or drive or even touch so much um not even sat in it yet so i think you two are going to be really lucky to be able to come and see this car i can take you over to it it’s absolutely beautiful and it’s it’s the thing with the pistol the super rare you never see them so i think it’s a great opportunity for you to see this car so chad shall

We go and take a look yeah let’s have a look yeah now this it’s a special order colour in this red you don’t see many like this for a eight pista that’s the one with the carbon pack you see all the carbon fiber carbon down the sides in the back when when shaq special when shaq expects a car it doesn’t not tick a box it’s everything on it when it goes all out

Every time so if you want if you try to find one in this similar spec you won’t find one so he knows that this if he’s going to have one of these cards as his personal car is going to be the best there’s no doubt about it we’ll come and have a look around and see all the carbon all the way around that’s it the diffuser the titanium exhaust it’s even look at the

Size of the bricks just on the rear carbon ceramic uh brembo cabin ceramic brakes it’s absolutely beautiful right so now you had a little look around boys i’m gonna call over the main man chuck himself to come and take you for a spin but believe me you’re very very lucky to have this opportunity cause i’ve been nagging him for a while and he’s yet to take us

Out in it so you’re very lucky all right don’t worry we’ll let you know how it drives you yeah let me know don’t worry thank you so guys it’s your boy hummus a man to call the attention before so i have to give you a little bit of specifications about the car yeah so we have this beautiful ferrari 488 pistol now it’s a 488 yeah so that means it’s a more track

Focused in terms of you know going more faster in the corners yeah not on the roads on the tracks yeah so it’s in the beautiful rosso red also it’s got the exterior carbon fiber pack which you know it gives more stunts to the car towards the ends as well as the back carbon fiber rear diffuser dots was exhaust carbon ceramic brakes which are going to stop the

Car very quickly while you’re going 0 to 60 in 2.9 seconds it’s got the iconic ferrari scooter rear budge on the side and the front splitter is carbon fiber and the iconic livery which goes across the front of the car roof on the back this car is 710 brake horsepower and it can do zero to 60 in 2.9 seconds yeah i’m starting to fall in love like i said in the

Previous videos i’m a lamborghini fan but i’m slowly starting to fall in love so i might have to buy this off shark hey man we see what you’re saying yeah yeah indispect so guys as you can see we’re with the main man shot we’re just currently in the 488 pistol i’m gonna go filio and uh we’ll take you for a drive inshallah guys you got that wrong i’m with the

Man my hummus that’s what you’re meant to say so i’ve got the good looking brother with me here and he we said who’s we’re looking at us one we will show this video to amanda don’t worry let chad uh show you the car do the video for him to be busy myself no problem he’s uh he’s a top lad anyway i bought this car brand new when i bought it it’s 385 miles an

Hour in a year yeah i don’t drive it as much i know it’s uh it’s gonna it’s a collectible you don’t really want to be driving it no it’s a lovely car you’ve been in pistol before never been in a ferrari i’m mostly a lamborghini guy so don’t hate me okay we finally filled up the ferrari yeah so shaq tell us how much does it cost you know people are wondering

Out there how much was a full-time cost on a ferrari oh yeah well what can i say i think then i just put about hundred pound in anything and uh we’ve got a full track now so that’s your answer yeah all right so is it going to last this uh you know birmingham back now yeah no i don’t think so they actually gonna fuel these yeah yeah they’re very good yeah no

No no no yeah i know it’s uh isn’t it all for weight saving obviously more traffic all for trackpads all of it have you ever taken on a tram no i haven’t i’ve not been to attack for some time now yeah uh i used to guys the best thing i did was in uh in finland it was ice racing lake lake ice racing lake i said yeah that was fun it’s a big lake obviously nice

We did a bit of a five days over there minus 20 degrees racing on ice uh it was that cold we should go back to the hotel just to sit in the sauna for half an hour just to bring up what temperature back to what it should be it’s nice so how’s it like to drive do you tell the viewers how they learn to drive i’m gonna i’m gonna let you come out before honestly

It’s a remarkable car he’s probably one of the best super cars out there and he’s such a collector’s car uh it’s rare not many out there at the same time and they’re just so much fun to drive the power the acceleration the aggressiveness of the car is just unbelievable and it’s you know it’s actually a driver friendly car yeah use it some cars you sit together

You feel stiff you can’t drive them this one’s not like this one you can actually drive this car you can enjoy this car you can hear the sound you can go through the gears of the car uh the turning of the car the whole acceleration goes just now the promise is not the floor sometimes for these sort of cars yeah it depends you can yes it’s very ferocious it

Pulls you back straight away it is here and i’ve got in front of me i’ve got nothing now so i’ve got to be very careful yeah only really speed where you can otherwise there’s no point because it’s not you if somebody comes out in front of you or somebody just is not worth it for that little bit of food you know i mean you can affect someone else’s life you know

Adrenaline as we call it better josh yeah how i felt in the you see you know like i said i’m a lamborghini i’m a bull guy yeah but you don’t have the horses oh dear you know i’m always like you know the sound of them they’re more natural in it yeah yeah these are more turbo charged so i felt you know it’s more handling it’s more comfortable as well as you

Get a bit of a bose as well that you’re in a ferrari you don’t really see many ferraris but you see more lamborghinis than ferraris so shaq do you have any sort of advice obviously you’re you’re a very successful individual you know for especially the youngsters such as me or any of the audience any advice people getting into yourself i get i get youngsters

Calling me over time yeah didn’t happen overnight yeah it’s hard work it’s dedication it’s been positive yeah there’s a lot of obstacles a lot of hurdles on the way and we always get issues you get problems it’s how you handle them right remember it’s never a problem that was a solution to a problem yeah you’ve got to handle everything as it comes to you yeah

And there’s a lot of tasks a lot of things that come from if you’ve got a focus in life yeah and you’ve got an interest if you’re interested in doing like i’m just in cars yeah my mum and dad wanted me to be a doctor yeah become a doctor michael doesn’t become an engineer or an accountant would you almost do one at once it’s all about a passion you can’t

Doing yeah yeah if you had no passion for cars i mean you beside this discussion honestly you’ve got a passion for what you want to do you want to go out to the dealership you would like to see cars and that’s why i’m with you because of that because i seem that fascinating you have some of these guys when you do this it’s really nice of me to accommodate this

You know let’s go and do it yeah my staff to find out i’m sat in the car things looking good you know this guy’s always and i’m always busy yeah we nearly need the showroom now yeah but we’ll be next yeah drive yes thank you very much it was a pleasure you enjoyed it yeah yeah i think it’s slowly turning me into the horses now yeah we watched the horses little

Longer drives and you would definitely become a horse and wouldn’t yeah oh no no it was a lovely experiencing uh the pista especially yeah you know it’s a it’s a different experience while you’re actually in the passenger of course you know you get to get to feel what the engine can actually do you know like i said before it’s just over 700 horsepower 2.9

Seconds 0 to 6p and shark you got anything else to say about your drive i wish you missed it okay guys it’s your boy amman and today we we’ve been a shot car specialist and i just want to say a very big thank you to the main guy himself mr shark and thank you to all the staff they’ve been helpful and bringing this lovely 4a pista has been a pleasure keep it

Locked with sleek boys like share subscribe and the link in the description for shaq’s website and instagram will be below wow

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