Ferrari 812 Competizione A Targa Top OFFICIAL Reveal

Ferrari has officially revealed its 2 new 812 Competizione A coupe and Competizione A targa!

What’s good guys welcome back to ron’s rides welcome back to the channel and welcome back to another video where we have some breaking news the ferrari 812 competition a has been revealed with a v12 target top and 830 horsepower now after ferrari provided a sneak preview of his front engine v12 supercar last month they are now introducing the high performance

Coupe together with this target counterpart the dynamic duo boasts the most powerful internal combustion engine of any road car from the prancing horse at the heart the hardcore 812 model is a naturally aspirated 6.5 liter v12 pushing out 830 horsepower 510 pound-feet 692 newton meters of torque and it’s an increase of 30 horsepower over the super fast while

The torque has gone down by 19 pound-feet 26 newton meters and equipped with optional features to lower the weight as much as possible the 812 competition tips the scales at 1 487 kilograms 3278 pounds before you start adding fluids so much power carrying so little weight for a v12 car the coupe is 62 miles per hour or 100 kilometers in just 2.85 seconds and

Completes the zero to 124 mile per hour or zero to 200 kilometers run in just 7.5 seconds but flat out it will do an excess of 211 miles per hour or 340 kilometers now the top speed hasn’t changed compared to the a12 superfast while the sprint is 62 miles per hour is almost the same as the previous model which needed 2.9 seconds the real benefit is the run to

124 miles per hour it will now be done in 0.4 seconds quicker now performance numbers for the 812 gts replacing competition a will follow in due course and you can imagine it will be slightly slower than the coupe due to its extra weight ferrari is minimizing the weight penalty by installing a target top made completely out of carbon fiber and when not in use

The roof is neatly stored in a storage compartment featuring an identical shape as the target panel itself and aside from the obvious roof differences between the two models the 812 competition a also has a slightly lower flying buttress compared to the coupe and once the roof is up ferrari says the target top will create a sense of aesthetic annuity with roll

Bars sticking to the coupe means you’ll be able to get a body colored aluminum panel as well with carbon fiber elements at the back which it replaces the standard super fast elongated glass then let’s talk about the gearbox a 7 speed dual clutch automatic that has been recalibrated for the new application to reduce shift times by 5 the gear ratios have been

Carried over from the regular super fast but ferrari claims that they are now sportier after tweaking the iconic v12 to boast a maximum engine speed of 9 500 rpm now the latest evolution of the four-wheel drive steering has been implemented with the new competition models and added agility along the aero upgrades derived from the formula 1 cars used during the

2010s now the latter was possible after switching from the super fast quad circular exhaust to a pair of angular tips to enable an interaction between exhaust gases and the enlarged diffuser to boost downforce now ferrari isn’t revealing any pricing details yet but for the time being we’ll have to wait to learn about ferrari’s mini coupes and convertibles that

Will be built but you could probably expect an extremely high price with low production numbers so don’t be too surprised if both of the 812 competition and the 812 competition unit a have all been sold out but with that said what do you guys think about the new competition series for the a12 super fast let me know down in the comments below and if you guys

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Ferrari 812 Competizione A Targa Top OFFICIAL Reveal By Rons Rides