The Ferrari 812 Competizione is even better than I hoped for! Ferrariā€™s 6.5-litre V12 has been uprated to 819bhp and now revs to 9,500RPM!

So good morning welcome to ferrari dubai where we’re kicking off the beginning of the final formula one grand prix race with some awesome italian coffee and some of the best italian cars of which one is ours for the next three days i have the key here to that giallo yellow ferrari f90 but join me up this line here because we have some serious kit there’s going

To be 50 plus over 50 cars joining us on the drive over to yaz marina circuit and we’re going to a destination called casa ferrari which you’re going to have to stay along for the ride to understand what that is it’s very cool indeed but as part of the convoy and i’m assuming this might be one of the cars leading us we have a laferrari aperta most of the time

These don’t even leave garages so the fact that it’s out here being used on the road as part of this convoy is phenomenal and on top of that we also have the help from the dubai police force who are giving us a awesome escort over to yaz marina roll b-roll still this place keeps delivering dreams we got this key for three days during the f1 it’s the first time

We’ve driven sf90 on the road so join us it’s gonna be cool i never thought i’d see the day and it’s technically not fully correct but that i’d be driving an electric ferrari while this isn’t an electric ferrari we are currently driving the sf90 purely in e mode we’ve got 21 kilometers of range left it’s just a surreal experience you’re so used to starting

A ferrari and before you’ve even turned the wheel there’s this like theatrical symphony of some sort of v8 or v12 and at the minute we haven’t even turned the engine on we’re just rolling along on the batteries that’s a nice sf90 so this is the difference it’s subtle but that’s an sf90 assetto fiorano pack hence the big beautiful wing what a phenomenal moment

And i think it’s cool to bear in mind that we’re heading to yaz marina for one of the most exciting conclusions to a f1 championship in forever so it’s a really really special moment i love that satin silver sf-90 assetto fiorano pack that looks so good i like that top spec okay so the idea of the support from the dubai police is that we can get a full

Convoy of ferraris wait for it in three lines across three lanes of the motorway all the way to jazz marina we’ve each been given a flag which i’ve got this flag here so we are the ferrari owners club line and there’s a lead car in front of each line they have their flags out and everyone else with the matching flags corresponding to the lead car gets in the

Line and way up front is the dubai police basically saying it’s okay these guys aren’t making a nuisance of themselves we’re here to do this officially sf90 is now running an eight-speed twin clutch gearbox and a minute ago i was just trying to work out how to put it into manual mode which used to be on a more conventional drive select switched on the central

Transmission tunnel here but the cool thing about sf90 what it’s introduced to the brand is this down here which is a sort of retro looking heart back to classic ferraris effectively which is how you now select your drive so if i pull this back into m for manual that’s now us in manual mode jumps out of e mode and i got to put it into race the gear shift speed

In race mode is unbelievable and there’s a tdf which also is unbelievable cut me some slack audience got me some slack and here’s our helpers the dubai police honestly we’ve interacted with these guys now i don’t know three or four times and not only are the guys just heroes but that’s so helpful so so helpful wow i’m not just saying this the acceleration

Of this is the closest thing to it’s a chiron it’s it’s that insane four-wheel drive massive sort of torque fill and hybrid thrust it’s just savage off the line all right we’re in the environment now we’ve got the sound of the f1 cars in the background but the chances are the chopper and the 812 gts is probably overriding that while this thing is ballistically

Fast sure as hell doesn’t sound like that thing there’s such an energy about this place now it’s it’s gotta be one certainly okay i know i was alive with the whole center and prosti era but i was really young you know the the legend of that prevailed but i was still young this this is our generation’s equivalent of that the verstappen versus hamilton it’s

Gonna be a serious serious moment in history for formula one and to be here with ferrari massive honor honestly this acceleration you ready you can use but a tenth of it i mean if you had some open road it is diaphram bending in terms of the way this this thing pushes you back in the seat look at this view of ferraris here this is quite quite spectacular it’s

Like a british racing green 812 gts on a tan leather and alcantara interior that really works you know out here it really works because the sun is showing that theme overcast in the uk that green almost looks black yeah that’s a speck i’m not sure it gets more immersive ferrari than this we’ve got casa ferrari over here which we’re going to take you through

We’ve got a prancing horse cavalino and over here is ferrari world let’s take you in ah that’s cool look at this the golf course flags the putting holes have all got ferrari flags on that’s a nice touch so what it looks like we’ve got here is effectively a sort of concord elegance we’ve got f40 50 enzo la ferrari le ferrari perta three monza oh no six monza

F1 car this is gonna be great ah thank you very much yeah thank you of course we are driving back later so we gotta stick on the water uh this is actually the first time that um i’ve been able to share a casa ferrari event so we thought we’d get you on the wide angle because when i’m walking and talking there’s only so much i can show you and as the timeless

Statement would suggest pictures speak louder than words so let’s head in let’s head into this amazing venue so it is as you can see literally held at a villa let’s go left got some air con here wow look at this place so cool i’ve got the f1 streaming on the big screen over here this is the first time that they’ve displayed this ferrari art installation this

Is a scale model um of a 488 pista and the lines represent the airflow over the car and these are real development models they’re not just an art piece they just result in something that resembles a beautiful piece of art but this is a real piece of airflow engineering which takes place at the factory back in italy to really develop the aerosculpture of the

Car very cool indeed the main thing i’m here for is what’s under that sheet the new ferrari 812 competition it’s the first time i’ve seen this in reality this is great as well by now the 408 challenge evo video will have gone live so if you’re also interested in that head back a couple of videos because we take one of these cars the 408 challenge evo 10 tenths

Around uh the new yaz marina circuit layout so head over there and check that out with this weather with this backdrop being on a golf course it feels a little bit like pebble beach or quail it feels like we’re at monterey car week and particularly with this caliber of cars i think it’s not a stretch to say that a lot of us associate the dubai car scene with the

Latest greatest the newest cars which is cool but how great is it to have the icons here we have a 512m here laferrari enzo f40 a 50. it’s so cool to actually see this out here because it’s not a scene which i’m overly familiar with in dubai but to be here it’s absolutely gorgeous dino’s cool with this so if you watched the uh ferrari service center video a

Couple of weeks ago you may already be familiar with this car now at the time it was under the spotlights of the service center and it looked cool but out here in real natural sunlight i’m not just saying this is one of the best specs monsters that i’ve ever seen and i think it probably adds to its uh specialness because it’s an sp1 as opposed to an sp2 there’s

Definitely something more rare about it the order split between sp1 and sp2 was sort of disproportionately in favor of sp2 so monsters are rare enough but to see the single seaters and this spec i just love it the azure dino nose giarlo stripe i’m not sure of the actual paint name of the battleship grey but that’s effectively what it looks like and the seat is

Like a vintage distressed rich deep brown leather well i’m taking it on board it’s quite hard we’re i’m sure that music’s working wonders for this mic let’s just keep rolling but um when you come to events it’s really hard to capture on camera to sort of make it enjoyable for you so i guess it’s an opportune moment really to ask you what what kind of things

You like to see know understand from events like this let’s not being around the bush we’re really fortunate to be here and share it with you it’s quite an exclusive thing what do you want to see so we can improve for you going forward let us know comments below so so let’s go up to okay so this is for me what this event is all about uh finally

Getting up front in reality with the ferrari 812 competition um i’m just blown away i have to say and i’ll be completely transparent i wasn’t entirely convinced on the car as it was photographed or when it was launched perhaps it was the launch photos i thought and it turns out quite rightly that i will reserve judgment until um i see it with my own eyes and

Sure enough pictures just they don’t even do this thing fifty percent to be able to walk around it and experience its sculpture it’s very aggressive being a grand tour platform it’s a big car it’s very imposing long bonnet the aero sculpture is phenomenal but for me a slice of the automotive holy grail is under there underneath that bonnet naturally aspirated

Ferrari v12 that revs to 9500 rpm i mean that really based on a emotions and be the way the world’s going with uh electrification hybrid turbocharging etc this is one of those i’m not sure if it’s a swan song or not we won’t know yet but it’s certainly one of those moments where they’ve gone we really need to push the boat out here and go full send and just

To see it i mean hopefully one day i’ll get to drive one or experience one yeah i just think it’s phenomenal interestingly behind me here you might notice that there’s no windscreen or should i say there’s no rear screen um that’s part of the aero it’s filled in there’s actually an entirely carbon panel and it has these interesting aeroblades uh that sit on the

Back canopy of the car the diffuser is super aggressive it’s just amazing and what’s great about it is it’s actually wait for me bear with me when i say this relatively practical because it’s based on an 812 you get the benefit of a big boot you can use you get that space there for bags or custom bags if you want it and just the interior cabin space it’s a proper

Grand tour platform turned up to 11. i mean one of the biggest indicators that this thing means business is right now it’s fitted on michelin cup to ours and that is such a track biased tire imagine what that’s like out here up to temperature making that compound of cup two hour work yeah it’s just phenomenal one day i’m gonna work really really hard one day i

Would really really like one of these as a keeper forever in the garage let’s see what we can do as always thank you so much for watching we shall see you next time ciao you

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