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Ferrari 812 GTS 2023 full review

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Ferrari 812 gts a v12 spider 50 years after design the flanks the drape design of the flanks visually shortens the tail and is characterized by sharply slanted crease lines and impressively muscular wheel arches that imbue it with the power and aggression warranted by its imposing v12 retractable hard top the retractable hardtop which opens in just 14 seconds at

Speeds of up to 45 kilometers per hour does not impinge upon the interior dimensions thus maintaining the donor car’s roomy cockpit the electric rear screen which acts as a wind stop makes the car truly usable with the top down wild with the top up it can be left open to allow occupants to continue to luxuriate in the naturally aspirated v12s unique soundtrack

The buttresses on the spyder version of the 812 superfast the entire rear of the car roof tonneau cover and luggage compartment has been redesigned the idea was to lend the car a new blend of sleekness and balance thanks to two buttresses beneath which the roof movement mechanism is stowed the buttresses were designed to visually embody a sense of forward thrust

And lend the side windows a signature look that would set the spider apart from the berlinetta when the top is dropped the roof panels disappear beneath the aforementioned tunnel cover engine v12 type lesser than 3.0 seconds 0 minus 100 km h 123 cv l specific output 800 cv maximum power 718 nm of torque guarantees impressive acceleration virtually on a par with

That of the 812 superfast while the heady 8900 revolutions per minute rev limit means that sporty driving is undiminished the shape of the torque curve reveals that torque distribution was not sacrificed to boost power a significant 80 percent of maximum torque is available at just 3 500 revolutions per minute improving both flexibility and pickup at lower revs

Superb sound the 812 gts is the spyder version of the 812 super fast from which it takes both both its specifications and performance most notably the power unit witch thanks to its ability to unleash a massive 800 cv at 8500 revolutions per minute is the most powerful engine in its class as on the 812 superfast these performance levels were achieved in part by

Optimizing the engine design and in part by innovations such as the use of a 350 bar direct injection system and the control system for the variable geometry inlet tracks developed on naturally aspirated f1 engines these systems allowed the increase in displacement from 6.2 to 6.5 liters to be exploited to maximize power output whilst retaining excellent pickup

Even at low revs particular attention was also paid to calibrating the manatino settings to enhance the engine’s potential and the sensation of extreme power delivered by the car that said the driver will always be able to easily and confidently dose the massive torque available with the accelerator pedal thanks to smooth progressive power delivery at all engine

Speeds exhaust wise prevalence was given into combustion order harmonics by modifying the geometry of the center extension pipes all the pipes in the six in one exhaust manifold to the monolithic catalytic converter are of equal length and this optimizes the sound by giving predominance to the first order combustion harmonics the result is a full body v12 sound

In the cabin in all kinds of driving but which is particularly appreciable when the roof is open dynamics control and handling systems the 812 gts is equipped with all of the 812 superfast new generation components and control systems and like it delivers impressive handling it sports electric power steering which in line with ferrari tradition is used to fully

Exploit the potential of the car in terms of performance by integrating it with all of the electronic vehicle dynamics controls including version 5.0 of ferrari’s patented ssc another of the integrated systems is the virtual short wheelbase 2.0 system which has been further evolved based on experience gained since its debut on the f12 tdf ferrari 800 112 gts

Dynamics the following high performance driver assistance features are also featured ferrari peak performance when cornering the steering wheel torque will provide the driver with an indication that the car is getting closer to its limit of grip helping the control of that dynamic state ferrari power oversteer in the case of oversteer most frequently induced while

Powering out of corners the steering wheel torque will give the driver feedback to give steering wheel inputs that are coherent with realigning the car correctly optimized calibration of the car’s magnatoriological damers mean its elastic setup is the same as the berlinetta versions despite the 75 kilograms increase in weight caused by strengthening work on the

Chassis consequently its overall performance levels are very close to those of the berlinetta with zero to 100 kilometers per hour acceleration in under 3 seconds and 0 to 200 kilometers per hour in just eight three seconds the ferrari f 152 mrht’s maximum speed is the same as the berlinetta’s 340 kilometers divided by h aerodyne dynamics front side meticulously

Detailed work went into guaranteeing an excellent standard of comfort on board with the top down there was huge focus on minimizing both turbulence inside the cabin and aerodynamic noise to ensure occupants could converse undisturbed even at high speeds as with the laferrari aperta two small l-shaped flaps on the upper corners of the windscreen generate a coherent

Concentrated vortex that creates outwash in the velocity field immediately above the rear screen thereby avoiding excess pressure behind the occupants heads rear side aerodynamically the 812 gts post two main challenges for the ferrari designers how to guarantee the same performance as the coupe version with the top up and at the same time ensure maximum passenger

Comfort with the roof down in terms of pure aerodynamic performance the retractable hardtop and its stowage compartment required that the rear of the car be modified thanks to meticulous resculpting of the tunnel cover surfaces and most importantly the integration of a tripling wing into rear diffuser to create efficient suction from the underbody the aerodynamicists

Were able to compensate for the downforce lost by the removal of the 812 superfast rear wheel arc by past duct the air intake of which was behind the quarter light heritage winning dorney the ferrari v12 spider story features many iconic models and began in 1948 with the 166 mm an authentic thoroughbred competition gt that won the two most prestigious endurance races

In the world in 1949 the mill miglia and the 24 hours of le mans the last in that long lineage was the 1969-365 gts4 also known as the daytona spider because of ferrari’s legendary victory in the 1967 to 24 hours of daytona when two works 330 p4 seconds and the nart entered 412 p took the checkered flag side by side to occupy the top three places the ferrari v12

Spider story features many iconic models and began in 1948 with the 166 mm an authentic thoroughbred competition gt that won the two most pristine endurance races in the world in 1949 the mil miglia and the 24 hours of le mans the last and that long lineage was the 1969-365 gts-4 also known as the daytona spider because of ferrari’s legendary victory in the 1967

To 24 hours of daytona when two works 330 p4 seconds and the nart entered 412 p took the checkered flag side by side to occupy the top three places ferrari 812 gts heritage the front mounted v12 architecture has not been used in a ferrari series production spider since the 365 gts4 that said four special series limited editions have been launched the 550 barchetta

Pin and farina in 2000 the super america in 2005 the saw aperta in 2010 and most recently the f-60 america of which just 10 were built to celebrate ferrari’s 60th year on the american market in 2014 like its historic predecessors the 812 gts sets a new benchmark in terms of performance and exclusivity sporting ferrari’s majestic 800 cvv12 it is not merely the most

Powerful production spider on the market but also the most versatile thanks to its retractable hardtop a unique feature in this segment which also guarantees a larger boot capacity

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