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The 2022 Ferrari F8 Tributo (~$447,920 CAD converted, $358,783 USD as specced) may just be the last Ferrari of its kind. Ferrari is progressing towards smaller displacement, hybrid engines. The F8 Tributo however, still proudly displays its 3.9L mid-engine V8 beneath an F40 inspired Lexan cover. Assisted by twin-turbos that have been designed to reduce turbo lag, a mighty 710 horsepower and 568 lb feet of torque are easily accessible by the driver. But how is it to drive on a canyon road? And how does it compare to Ferraris of the past, such as the legendary 458? Thomas and James are excited to see what the F8 Tributo is all about. We hope you enjoy the episode! SUBSCRIBE!

If there wasn’t a two second delay minimum to any input you give it until you plug in apple carplay which covers the entire screen and then you don’t get to see your attack and carplay at the same time unusable thing i think i’ve ever used in a car it’s borderline dangerous to use on the highway this is our first press car from ferrara you know they’re never

Going to give us a press car ever again right you don’t know that they didn’t watch the rama review did they i guess not you’re watching throttle house i’m thomas and i’m james and this is the ferrari f8 tribute in fact tributeo means tribute as in this car is here as a celebration of a lineage of v8 ferraris because it might just be the last and what

We mean by that is that this might be the last time we see a rear-wheel drive mid-engine non-hybrid v8 ferrari okay some of you might say that the last pure ferrari was the 458 in terms of v8 mid-engine ferraris and i think i’d be inclined to agree with you but in an era where a jpeg of a girl smiling in front of a burning house was just sold at auction for more

Than this supercar as some sort of non-tangible internet currency i think that simplicity needs to be celebrated so in this case explosions wheels speed hmm lots and lots of speed 710 horsepower this is the powertrain from the 488 pista that’s the special version of the previous one 8 000 rpm redline it might not sound like the 458 the naturally

Aspirated one two before it but the way it builds power i am chasing that red line unfortunately the sound of the f8 3.9 liter twin turbo v8 not only has to overcome the muting sock in the mouth that is its turbochargers but it’s also plagued by the classic particulate filter issues that are necessary for emissions so despite that red line it doesn’t quite sing

The way you’d want it to either way the performance of this car is just sensational and like thomas i were talking about this like is it too fast it’s 710 horsepower too much and in some cars it is but the way this drives the way the power is delivered the way you engage with it it feels like a dance partner the power is there you know you can take it it’s

Bottomless really but you don’t feel the need to you can if you want drive this just like a sports car nothing crazy you don’t have to drive it like a lunatic you can access 400 horsepower with the throttle and it’s you don’t have this kind of hunger this kind of blue balls that you’re not experiencing the car at every speed you get to savor the taste of the

F8 ferrari it’s not like an aventador or a mclaren 720s this isn’t aggressive in nature it’s pretty it’s delicate so even if you’re of the camp that this is way too much power that’s not the actual focus of this car it’s the interaction between the driver and the engine like we go on about manual transmissions and how they make you feel more connected to the car

But there comes a certain level of performance and i i think this steps past it a bit where perhaps the best way to experience the car is with your hands firmly planted on the wheel and just delicately working your way through the gears with the paddle shifters there’s something about doing such a small action that makes such a huge impact on the car it’s like

Pulling the trigger on a 50 cal machine gun or flipping the bird to a dude named chad in a lifted pickup truck sometimes small actions have large consequences however thankfully unlike chad who call rolls people on the weekends ferrari got their science from an engineering textbook not facebook which means that the shifts in this car are so mind-bogglingly good the

Transmission is so fast and so engaging and so perfect that i can’t help but giggle i feel like an f1 driver diving into the first chicane at monza going down through five gears under braking i wish i had a better way to describe it than what james said but i don’t it just drives ready the whole chassis is so delicate the steering is so precise and so natural

The way that it waits up i feel like i have complete control of this car and have absolutely no fear this thing deals with every bump in undulation with a level of poetry that i don’t think i’ve ever driven in any car ever it’s so insanely good if i was to critique it i would say that it doesn’t have a carbon fiber chassis it doesn’t have a carbon tub so you do

Get scuttle shake even in the hardtop version i’ve heard that the convertible is even worse but if you can get over that and just let the car guide you through the corners like this i can’t dance in real life but driving this through here i feel like i’ve been dancing my whole life that’s a good car that’s a really really really good car yes quite wonderful

Um and it looks it looks wonderful as well yeah okay so it looks wonderful but it doesn’t look as beautiful as the 458 you know this is coming because i’ve been talking about this for a while because it’s just it’s just such an unnecessary no distinction no hold on hold on hold on hold on i took an instagram story of this every time i saw it in public for the last

Like five weeks i’ve been you did yeah i know i love it and i wish i was like i hope we get the blue corsa and we did and yes we got blue blue corsa which just means track blue or is it race i think it’s race isn’t it corsa of course a race means racing no courtesy corsa is a trick italian’s a bit rusty anyway yes it is awesome looking yeah i’m not going to take

That away from it or you but the 458 on which this is based yeah is more beautiful and i have science now to prove this because uh you know sketch monkey the guy yeah that did our our thing our resigned our card very talented man he’s very talented and he did a whole video explaining why this one isn’t as good looking as the 458 oh well i don’t like him anymore

No it actually makes sense when you think about it because the lines if you see it from the side the lines in a really beautiful car have flow from front to back okay so any line that starts here will end up somewhere on the back okay the lines in this one are a little bit broken up like it kind of that one disappears there and doesn’t fully connect at the bottom

Front okay and the nose is too busy compared to the 458 it is busier and you know when the 458 came about it was like whoa yes if this is the new ferrari design language i’m in yeah but this feels like an evolution of that no i agree i agree listen i still agree with that i just think that basically i’m going to look back in 50 years and go most beautiful supercar

Ever made 458 italia this is not the most beautiful like you know what i mean but this is a cousin a sibling yeah sure it’s a sibling that’s like roided out a little bit yeah it starts beautiful wheel i think those wheels are going to be timeless they are very cool and i think the design will be time this will always look like a ferrari and the brakes are huge

And awesome question for you we recently released a video of the new maserati mc20 yes we did beautiful car same color scheme yes which is prettier which is prettier the mc20 is a prettier car this is a cooler looking car yeah i think there’s my sentences this is a cool looking car but the mc20 is prettier prettier in terms of flow and beauty and simplicity ah

I’m conducting i think what we’ve learned here is it’s completely subjective and they both look awesome yeah yeah they look good 100 yeah i mean this is the carbon fiber that’s going on here yeah and obviously we can see this v8 engine through this kind of plasticky thing here but that’s an ode i think to the f40 isn’t it because it’s the yeah and it well it’s

Also lighter yeah right i think it’s so beautiful no it is i agree i loved every second it’s crazy looking i love this car i love this car but when we got inside of the roma which is the most recent ferrari we drove you didn’t really love the interior no but i love this one let’s have a look okay okay so oh okay yeah so listen the quality of these cars is very

Good but if you hit something anything hard enough it will bend yeah in this case someone has bumped this this is a used press car and this no longer says ferrari over here it says ferrari what’s ben the i the i yeah okay so on this side yeah the f is bent really yes it’s ferrari um yeah that’s a shame that’s too bad all right you know what you slide into these

Seats there’s a bug in here again it’s an italian bug ouch it’s a german bug trying to learn about what the italians are doing uh yeah you saw that makes it more exciting yeah that memo never got there yeah because you trapped the bug yeah um as you slide into these seats they feel like they’re going to be hard and uncomfortable and we’ve been in we’ve been in

This car for hours and it’s it’s so comfortable yeah like you they are hard and uncomfortable but like they’re not long term they’re really really nice they’re just yeah they’re perfectly really shouting at you now what have you done is that you let the bug go i can’t um yeah these are very comfortable seats we love italy and germany by the way seriously give

Me a bratwurst on a pizza this works perfectly okay so inside it’s like the leather quality is really high yeah it’s so supple like smooth like i love it i love it in the carbon fiber trimming everywhere and it’s not the roamer it’s not the sf90 it hasn’t got the new tech you see i was gonna i was gonna lean into that in a second really hard but yeah a hundred

Percent well we don’t need to so much better yeah yeah we’re going to go on at the roma but this is just brilliant um i love the silver slash aluminium um cage yeah that’s an expensive option it look i hope it comes out on camera it looks so cool it’s beautiful it really we’ve got the little apple carplay in this screen here yeah and you can adjust what you want

In that screen using this little knob over here yeah and then i mean this we’ve got the mandatino settings it’s lovely it’s lovely i love it i i don’t have anything bad to say about it honestly like it feels special outside inside from the driver’s seat hopefully the the interior tech in the next gen ferraris is improved because i think going away from this

Steering wheel design was a mistake but i mean we will always have these oh you know what i want i want this car with a naturally aspirated engine oh well sir that exists yes i’ll just get one for you for half the price grab the price yeah right four five eight four five eight so like i think that i would still rather just have this exact car but with the four

F original 458 engine is that the sound because of the sound nice the power delivery it’s literally the only thing this car is missing for me yeah yeah i think that’s it just sound oh and the slight scuttle shake yeah so the other those two things this is a perfect supercar yes and the only reason you know about those two things is because everything else is so

Perfect you notice them so i think it’s fair to say that we got on a lot better with the f8 than we did with the roma mostly because our brains weren’t fuddled with a confusing ui and as a result we were able to focus only on the enjoyment of the car but also because we can’t stress this enough the f8 is simply brilliant and yeah okay as far as new supercars go

A mclaren 720s is quicker in a quarter mile and yes the f8 sound doesn’t match something like a v10 scream that comes from a naturally aspirated lamborghini huracan but if a huracan sings the ferrari dances and by the end of the week this car above many others that we’ve tested was incredibly hard to part ways with thanks for watching you

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