Ferrari F8 TRIBUTO vs. 488 PISTA | Doreen Seidel

I compare the Ferrari F8 Tributo with the 488 Pista.

Hey everyone and welcome to the coolest playground on this planet aka exotics racing in vegas this video is about the two beauties you can see in the background it’s the ferrari f8 tributeo and the 488p star these two cars have a lot in common so i’m going to compare them i’m going to compare the looks inside outside some facts and then i take both of them out on

The racetrack when you look at the front you can see that ferrari changed the front a little bit they both have the hole in the front for a better aerodynamic but let’s have a look at the headlights as you can see here on the 488p star the headlights go all the way up it’s the style from the 488 and if we move over to the fa tribute you can see they are much

Shorter they are a little bit lower and then you have these air vents up there for a better aerodynamic you can also see the hole here for the average tribute this one is much smaller than if we compare it to the one of the pista this one is much much wider you can see that in general obviously we have more carbon fiber for the 488 pista we didn’t take that

Option for the f8 the side of both cars are pretty similar here you can see this kind of arrow on the side down there down here is much longer if we that if we compare it to the one of the f8 but the the roof and the side of the car would say they look pretty similar some more changes are definitely in the back of the car this is the fa tribute you can see four

Lights in the back if we compare that to the 488 pista it’s only two both have a big diffuser and both have the drs the active flaps down there to be correct and exact it’s three it’s one on the right one on the left and one in the middle the p star also have this brake light down there very formula one like i love that i wish the fa tribute would have the same

So these were changes on the outside and you can see if you really look closer you can see they actually changed a lot from the previous model 488 to the f8 tribute let’s have a look on the inside of the pista and the first thing you can see is everything is carbon in here you have carbon on the door on the steering wheel the shift pedals everywhere you look you

Can find carbon fiber and you can see that this car is really the goal of the car was to be as light as possible you don’t even have floor mats in that car we also just chose the option with the racing seat so it’s a carbon fiber seat very light to be honest kind of uncomfortable but yeah this is how it is to be honest this car we took it with some option and not

All the options possible so i’m sure it’s possible to have even more carbon fiber in and outside of the car let’s hop in the fh rebutto and what i can see is definitely less carbon which is also the reason because we took it with less option than we did for the p-star but the biggest change also are the air vents in the pista they were kind of boring they were the

Straight ones and here on the f8 they brought back the round air vents from the f-12 in this one we took the comfortable seats so it also can come with the racing seats but it’s always just a matter of how much you want to pay for your car okay guys let’s talk money i tell you what we spend for both of the cars so the fh rebutto we kind of took the base model

We have some options but not not that many we paid 320 000 for the fa tribute the pista i would say we put some more options you can see that on the plate and it’s i would say medium you can definitely add some more you can it’s not fully equipped with everything but i think we would we did medium we spent 480 000 for the pista that’s nuts that’s so much money

And to give you an example only the stripe itself to just to paint the stripe on top of the car cost ten thousand dollars that’s nuts if you look at the facts for both of the cars you can see they are pretty similar and the reason for that is that they come with the same engine it’s the 3.9 liter twin turbo v8 engine and this engine won already multiple engine

Of the year awards so it doesn’t surprise me that ferrari also took it for the f8 tribute it brings 720 horsepower power has a top speed of 211 miles per hour and makes it from zero to 100 in 2.9 seconds for exactly both of the cars so dfa triputo is 50 kilo heavier than the pista but you can see it’s not a lot so i’m keen to see them on the racetrack and see

If i feel a difference between the two as you can see for now i parked the cars in the middle of the racetrack on the start finish line so i have to move them out in the pit lane and then i take them out on the track one after the other and let you know what i think okay i will start to take out the 48 piston track kilo very nice just put the key in the middle

Let’s fire the baby up let’s put the manitino on race ready to go i have to warm it up first because i didn’t drive it besides of driving it driving it from our storage to the track when the tires are cold it’s a bit sketchy is there anything better than the noise of an engine but it’s downshifting it’s so freaking fast okay and i already have to break wow

And that engine sounds perfection so nice to drive this car it’s so much fun it’s it’s shockingly fast wow this car sticks to the road oh my god that’s amazing wow okay that corner speed with that car the downforce is really amazing wow as uncomfortable these seats are when you get in and out but they hold me really really well in the seat honestly i didn’t

Take it out for a while and i completely forgot how good it drives it sticks to the road perfectly the acceleration is mind-blowing what a good car i love it i love it keen to see the fa tributer in the direct comparison so i am in the fa tribute now and come on let’s fire this baby up seat belt on first thing first put it on race ready to go all right the shift

Lights are stripes here that’s interesting so in the 488 you have the shift lights here on the steering wheel there which is little buttons and here are little stripes doesn’t make a big difference but just as a side effect a bit more understeering here wow okay acceleration equally i would say as good as in the pista oh sorry i have to concentrate okay

Straight for ourselves let’s go wow okay heavy braking the acceleration is honestly it’s the same then on the piston it’s 50 kilos heavier i don’t feel that at all when it accelerates the only thing i feel is in the turns it doesn’t stick as good as the pisa i have to force it around to turn way more and to be honest i kind of i feel i’m flying in the sea

From the right to the left i don’t have a i don’t have that perfect perfect hole in the seat okay let’s do a cool down lamp wow what a ride with both of these beautiful cars honestly i enjoyed that a lot and but i have to say i felt big differences when i drove the cars so they both have an amazing acceleration i didn’t feel any difference there but when it comes

To the turning i could with the pista i really could turn in and it stick to the road it had so much downforce and you really felt safe and under control all the time with the fh rebutto i had some understeering when i turned in so you can definitely feel there’s a bit of lack of downforce or at least the pista has more down force than the f8 another reason for

That is also that we have different tires on both cars on the pista we run the michela cup 2 and on the f8 tributar we run the micheler pilot board 4s so the cartoons are a bit better so that also gives the car a little bit more grip but definitely that’s not the only reason why i felt the difference so if you ask me which one i prefer to be honest if you go on

Track days if you go on a racetrack on a regular basis definitely the pista also because of the seat like the racing seat makes a big difference in the tribute i was like flying from the right to the left so if you go on race tracks take the pista if you need a really fast absolutely beautiful gorgeous nice car for your daily life take the fa tribute and save

150 000 okay guys that’s it let me know if you have any questions type it down below let me know which car i should take out next on the racetrack and then yeah don’t forget to follow me on my other social media channels and give me a thumbs up

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Ferrari F8 TRIBUTO vs. 488 PISTA | Doreen Seidel By Doreen Thievin