Ferrari Roma Tutorial

Today we’re going to do a quick little tutorial on our ferrari aroma got our key here i’ve got focus i’ve got unlock lock i can double double click for the uh rear bonnet walk up to the car just grab the handle no need to even unlock it’ll unlock itself back here i’ve got a battery tender plugged in that will go right here that is the most important part

Of any new ferrari is the battery tender need to make sure that you’ll plug it in as much as possible so back here we’re going to have our car cover factory battery tenders for us it’s going to be in that bag there under here we’ll have our fix-a-flat your various tools that are associated with the car some uh some gloves and some fuses if you use puller this

Button here will fold down the rear seat you just click that i’m not going to reach in there but you can uh you can fold down the rear seat so your rear seat fold down again just click that button there fold them down your plaque here will have all of your vehicle options go ahead and plug it back in again just right jump on it i just pop that to unlock the

Front bonnet stick my hand underneath slide to the left and we’ve got our motor the only thing i really pay attention to here would be your windshield washer fluid otherwise the dealership will take care of all that quick pop to close it on the inside on the side of the seat you will have your quick adjustments up down forward back for the backrest obviously you

Can move the seat back and forth as well on the door panel here we will have our trunk release memory positions this will be the actual release for the door so starting on the left side we’ll move to the right we will have all of our mirror functions here so i can fold my mirrors this button got left and right adjustment now the trick here is start with your

Finger in the center hold it up hold it down that’ll move it up and down hold it to the right or to the left and the right if you tap it will not move it so you need to start in the middle just hold it left and right uh you’ve also got your automatic headlights uh your parking camera your parking sensors and this will be the stop start so whenever i get in the car

I like to click that turn that off your steering wheel is going to have your cruise control voice control answer and disconnect for the phone resume that’s going to be part of your cruise control this will be your up and down to increase and decrease speed you’re going to have your brights here and now because my headlights on they won’t come on permanently but

You can see that as i push it backwards it will stay on if i push it backwards it’ll flash if i push it forward it’s supposed to stay on once you know obviously i mean at night time and the uh the headlights are on um turn signals here on the steering wheel forward and back i can use the rear or the front i’ve also behind the steering wheel have volume it’s a

Knob kind of hard to show so there’s my volume you can also click that click that button it will mute click it again on mute got our up and down paddle up paddle put you in the first gear like any ferrari we’ve got our start stop button the way i’ve got it right now is just kind of an accessory mode i just turn that on by hitting that button without pressing the

Gas or without pressing the brake uh and that will put me in accessory mode we’ve got our mandatino here we’ll adjust digitally on the screen this one has magneride so i can click this center button right now it won’t work cuz i’m in comfort but if i go to sport click that it’ll go to bumpy road mode which makes the suspension soft while everything else is kind

Of tuned up so your gearbox your uh your differential everything else will be you know maximum attack not maximum attack but more aggressive than in comfort mode and then obviously you’ve got race and then esc off will turn everything off um your screen here so pretty much everything is going to be operated by this little pad on the steering wheel let me get

This out of the way we’ve got our windshield wipers so we’ve got automatic if i flip it up it’ll go into which wiper one i’ve got my sprayer which i can hit there as well so back to the screen i’ve got my pad here this is going to be basically my joystick or my you know my click pad this is going to be my back so it’ll bring me to my main menu so if i go to main

Menu click on vehicle it’ll show me the status of everything so i’ve got my tire pressures visual color you know temperature of everything it’ll go to green once everything’s warmed up um i can go down this will be my trip odometer go down one more time it’ll give my g meter i’ll click back and go to audio if i go to audio it gets in my audio settings click the

Center so basically it does select i’m clicking the center by the way so i can click favorites it’ll show me what i’ve got saved in favorites if i click it again i can go to source i can go to xm i can go to am hard disk usb all that good stuff and then if you got your phone plugged in you can if you’ve got your phone connected with bluetooth it’ll show you that

Option as well go back it’ll also take me to menu so it gives me my menu for each screen so let’s say i want to change the equalizer i’ll go to source i’m gonna put it back on fm i’m gonna click it again i’m gonna go to menu i’m using my finger right here i could choose hd radio only i can go to audio settings volume control speed dependent volume equalizer

Balance fader etc then go to navigation click navigation it’s going to pull up my navigation screen click the center again put on a favorite destination recents interactive mode lets me interact so i already just chose it so i can basically choose a point with my my cursor there so i can connect the phone just click okay go through the menu options i’m not

Going to do that right now settings i’ve got all my quick settings again for audio um let me go back to the beginning so settings here i’ve got car settings kind of all the options here tpms calibration pretty much all the big car settings you’re going to find in this initial screen infotainment system language so i can change the language i can change the

Display settings this is kind of cool you can change the theme so i can go yellow i can change it to rosso according to nero with this car because it’s tight gracious titania i think we’re gonna go with aluminum and we’ll leave it there so kind of a cool little screen to play with you can change the uh tachometer depending on your mood you’ve got your audio

Settings again advanced driving assistance system so i’ve got speed alert that is off i can decide to set it on and turn it on and then you know obviously choose a speed that it would alert me lane departure warning uh right now i’ve got it turned off i’ll leave it turned off traffic sign recognition i’ve got turned on automatic front sensor uh for parking let’s

Turn that on so you know what let’s leave that off so that basically whenever you’re under a certain mile an hour it’ll turn that on as you get closer to something i don’t like that just because if you’re in a stop light sometimes it’ll come on and kind of annoy me so we’ll leave that off and then service will tell you once it needs to be serviced and that’s

Pretty much it on this main screen here really kind of a cool way of doing it if i swipe through so i’m going to go to vehicle and then i can just swipe like this and it changes the screen that i’m on so i can kind of quickly get between screens so leave that on radio my screen here um will be for me it’s a little bit easier to kind of do like the audio stuff

Like that so i can just click right now i’m on the audio section of it i’ve got my favorites hd radio direct tune so i can tune between the various stations phone again it’ll just pull up your phone pretty easy to use you can go through look at recent calls stuff like that click them um really really nice nice function there on any screen i’m gonna have this

Little area where i can click that add new device etc so it’ll give me the options so from up here i can click this and it gives me the those main kind of options for the car so i’ve got my balance fader click settings here infotainment let’s see keyboard layout i’ll leave that audio settings so then you get your equalizer settings um you’ve got your navigation

So you can just click search you know i can either use my voice control here to search or i can type in everything in i won’t go through that but uh my climate control really great screen here obviously we’ll use this quite a bit so we’ve got our auto on each side i can hit sync to make them equal so i if i decide to make this side passenger side let’s say 82

Uh i can sink them here so all right now now they’re synced up now they’re synced i’ve got my fan speed pretty easy i can choose where i would want the air coming out right here or just click auto which is where i’ll usually keep it um kind of a quick access to volume here if you don’t want to use the volume control behind the steering wheel i can change

This leon lindor because an enormous legacy not only it takes his a m i can change this here between the time and the temperature and again on any screen so if i go to audio i’ve still got all of this down here so i can go straight to my climate control screen back to audio i’ve got my seat adjustments so i’ve got my heated seats i can choose them all the way

On all the way off if you’ve got cooled seats you can do that as well then i’ve got my fine tuning so you’ve got your big adjustments are going to be on the side of the the seat but your fine tuning will be over there um die bolster your side bolsters lumbar is really nice back bolster so yeah they’ve got a ton of great options there kind of a quick screen

Anywhere you’re at on this screen you can just hit these icons on the bottom and it’ll kind of give you a quick quick access to that this car has passenger display which is very cool again this is for the passenger they can adjust their seat right here they can also obviously adjust it on this side so you’ve got left and right we’ve got a performance screen it’ll

Show you gear speed or gear position rpm it’ll also show you the temperature of the car um let’s see how fast you’re going got our audio settings i can turn that off and on i can also adjust the volume right here as well then i can click this kind of play with the air conditioning on that side so pretty much anything you can do over here you can also do here

But you also get you know a few extra features like the performance screen stuff like that the main controls for driving the car obviously to put in gear you’re going to hit the up paddle right here like any ferrari neutral will be both pedals at the same time parking brake will be underneath the dash here so i’ll pull that to activate the parking brake so let’s

Say i’m getting out to go to the valet i would hit both paddles and then i would pull the parking brake and that’ll put me in neutral while the car’s still in park engine’s still running if you decide to just get out you can turn the car off and it will put the gearbox in park and also put the emergency brake on for you automatically whenever you decide to leave

You’ll just hit this up paddle right here put it in first gear and then you can you can drive away once you take your foot off the brake put it on the gas or release the parking brake so down here is how you put it into reverse so if my car was on i hit reverse with my foot on the brake it would put me into reverse i can toggle between auto and manual with this

Center uh center display here so right now being manual you’d also see right here i’m gonna click it again it’ll change it to auto so anytime you’re in the car you can see which one it uh which position it’s in as far as the gearbox right in that little center part of the screen and i’ve got launch control here uh launch control i believe in this you have to be

In race hit launch control foot on the brake foot on the gas while it’s in gear release the gas it takes off it’ll rub up the motor and kind of drop the clutch uh you’ve got your cup holders here your cup holder i like to put my phone either right down in this area or if it’ll fit i’ll slide it in here there’s one actually on each side kind of cool or you could

Put a wall something small there in the center which this one has uh the connectivity so you can plug in and you get full like apple carplay stuff like that and then you’ve got another usb and then a nine volt and you’ve also got a little holder right here kind of hard to see but a little holder for your key so yeah up here we will have lock it unlock for the

Doors this is gonna be uh to turn off your map lights whenever you get into the car you’re gonna have your interior alarm we use that on the showroom floor not typically needed otherwise um it’s going to be your life it’s really cool you just kind of touch them turn off it on really nice pressure center sensor there and that is a ferrari aroma

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Ferrari Roma Tutorial By Craig Becker