Ferrari SF90 v Rimac Nevera: DRAG RACE *REKOR DUNIA*


Hi how are you matt watson here from car wow so i’m sitting in a ferrari sf90 stradali and i’m gonna have a drag race against the new rimac nivera can you believe it now i’ve come to a runway in croatia bought this car along because they’re making some bold claims about that car but before i talk you through the details on that i’m going to tell you about this

Ferrari because it’s pretty impressive so we’ve got a four liter twin turbo v8 it’s mid-mounted but you’ve also got a bunch of electric motors combined you get 1 000 horsepower that’s nuts also you’ve got electric motors on the front axle so you’ve got four wheel drive it’s going to be quick this car i know it is it’s going to be quicker than that rimac we’re

Going to find out anything you need to know about this car is that it weighs in at just under 1800 kilos price-wise 376 000 pounds anyway let’s find out about that rimac from the guy who built it it’s matty rimac from rimac hey how are you good matt how are you yeah i’m good so i’ve heard that you’re claiming that that coil sat in your new navera is the quickest

Accelerating production car in the world is that right well matt i’m not claiming anything let’s see before we race though i’d like to know the stats on your car you should know them right yeah i know one or two so thousand nine hundred horsepower four electric motors 120 kilowatt hour battery pack 2 360 newton meters of torque and lots of uh power on the wheels

Yeah i think you’ve said that before that’s like the quickest run out of stats that i’ve ever heard anyone give anyway what we’re going to do is just quickly put up a little slate now so you can have a look at the stats side by side for this car so pause the video now there you go let’s get on with the race now before we do please make sure you subscribe to this

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A fair price car wow your one-stop car buying comparison site now before we get on with the drag race we’ve got to do the customary car wow sound check so i’m going to rev up this ferrari let’s have some twin turbo v8 noise oh that revs so smoothly look at that uh matty uh can you rev up your car i could burn front or rear tires independently or all four of them

If you like but maybe not now after the drag races maybe so let’s cut to some sounds that that car might make anybody’s enough for that let’s race right before we go i just want to ask one question like with this ferrari i’ve got to put into launch and i’ve got like about five seconds to then engage the launch control action with the right foot planted in the

Revs building if i don’t time it right i could fluff the start have you got some kind of weird procedure that you need to go through that ribbon just hold the brake throttle as long as you wish release the brake that’s it off you go okay so you got the easy job i’ve got the hard job doesn’t matter right so i’m ready three two what i mean this is nuts i

Mean i didn’t get a great launch uh so matty my launch wasn’t great and then um i started to go backwards we can do it again if you like i definitely want to go again because i think i might be able to do a bit better okay i want to see you do better are you taking the piss out of my midlands accent you can do the same with me with my creation accent i can’t do a

Christian accent maybe i’ll learn one i wasn’t really with it on the launch i noticed his hands going up and then i had to do the launch procedure i did it in time but i’m going to be focused this time focus focus focus smashing off the light that’s about star what what again it’s never been so much fun getting so badly beaten whoa i had a good launch there it

Was pretty blooming good i still think i beat you off the line should we just talk about reaction times rather than the overall results so did you like the way i beat you off the line you spanked me rubble okay mate come on just one more go i think i might be able to do a bit better absolutely let’s do it it doesn’t seem to care i reckon if i’m going to stand

Any chance i need to cheat really badly yeah i got him and it’s good launch come on no no what the actual right i’m bored of this car can i drive your car matt i’m bored of winning as well please take the car yes i’m going to drive it i’ll drive it i want to see what happens i want to see what it feels like i’ve now jumped into the rimac nevera mati isn’t

Driving the ferrari it’s political reasons because he does work for lots of different manufacturers so instead i’ve got him to start the race so this is fun let’s see what happens i want to feel this i can’t wait to just see what the acceleration is like and it’s much easier to launch than the ferrari apparently i can have it in any mode and as long as i put my left

On the brake floor the throttle it’ll know i want to launch and it’s just yeah simple so let’s see if i can do a good job now i’m ready to launch smashed in oh yes oh oh my how is the ferrari i imagine that’s what it feels like to be shot out the barrel of a gun it’s just insane there was a ferrari in that race it got beaten quite badly so how is it you know

Your car’s really slow and it just didn’t fall asleep yeah it it only did the quarter mile in 8.6 really you measured 8.6 there you have a world record for a production car congratulations matt will have beer tonight i just broke a world record actually actually i didn’t the car did really 8.6 8.6 wow we thought we will achieve that on a prep surface we achieved

Like 8.7 so far so with you now you you actually got the best time so far oh that’s wicked so then what exactly happened well the rematch did the stunning quarter mile in 8.62 seconds which as mati said is a world record for a road car all be an unofficial world record the ferrari meanwhile took 10 seconds to do the selling quarter mile however the best time i

Had at the ferrari was in the second race where it did a 9.6 second quarter mile which is still very impressive now we have a rolling race from 50 kilometers an hour we’ve got the cars in the sport settings ferrari’s in manual mode you’ll be in second gear here we go three two one go that’s even madder than the launch i’ll let him go a bit just because i could

But that is just crazy here he is now here he is no you don’t oh you could be a real nightmare with this car god what happened to you mate i’ll actually let you go a little bit ahead of me just on purpose did you like fluff a gear change or something no really no no slips everything full attack qualifying mode nothing else happened and lack of power well like a

Thousand horsepower is not enough it’s what it’s not today is it let’s be honest okay so gordon when you want to you can accelerate go accelerate as hard as you can towards the tent whenever you’re ready just go accelerate watch this i mean this is just what it’s about it’s irrelevant it’s irrelevant that was crazy right there yeah you lost again gordon gordon

What are you doing you’re playing here with me i think yeah it’s so much fun as well sorry you did a good job thank you for coming now we have a break test from 120 kilometers an hour when we reach the cones full emergency stop see which car stops in the shortest distance there we go up to speed now here we go here we go here we go here we go really i’m gonna

Have to get out because i’m not sure about this it’s so close i think i might have a longer bonnet than you so i might have just lost but it’s close oh yeah look at the doors these doors are nice okay right this is serious no way look seriously look at this this is just the saddest walk i’ve ever done in my life but it’s a walk to victory i lost again you lost

Yes i can’t believe that i can’t believe that well yeah i do like those doors well there we go uh surprised i thought my body was longer than his turns out it’s not i did beat him wow this thing insane utterly insane and as ever please if you enjoyed this video make sure you subscribe to this channel and hit the bell icon to turn your notifications on that way

You won’t miss a single upload wow if you’d like to find out more about the rematnivera click on that video window there because i’ve done an exclusive walk round of the car with its creator mate rimac for my own personal channel matt watson car so go check that out actually in that video mate gives me a very strange gift you can find out what it is it is bizarre

Just click on the window there now if you click there you can check out the car white drag race leaderboard to see just how well the rimac did compared to all the other cars with drag raced and as ever if you enjoyed the video please give it a like and make sure you subscribe to this channel i’ll see you next time

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Ferrari SF90 v Rimac Nevera: DRAG RACE *REKOR DUNIA!!* By carwow Indonesia