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Keith Tennyson from Fields Lexus Glenview explains all the new and improved features in the 2022 Lexus GX460.

Ho ho ho happy holidays friends and fam this time of year has always been about getting together with those that’s closest to us and celebrating what we have what better way to do that than with the redesigned ultimate family luxury crossover the 2022 gx460 hi i’m keith claus let’s all learn together how to feel that family holiday experience every single

Day the gx used to be the oldest product in lexus’s lineups but now it’s found its way back into the spotlight its luxury crossover competitors have always been crushed by its legitimate off-road capabilities luxury feel and toyota build quality made to last that’s what’s made it the grand crossover after all now we’re truly able to take our place at the table

In the 21st century age of technology generation 11 can you believe how far we’ve come navigation with 3d maps and predictive traffic is now standard along with three years of complementary dynamic navigation and destination assist in every 2022 gx prefer your own maps from your phone no problem your 2022 gx is also equipped with apple carplay and android auto

Capabilities to fully integrate navigation from your phone to your screen even better the voice command microphone has been moved to provide amazing voice recognition and accuracy finally as if mark levinson could have gotten any better now we’ve adopted clarified sound processing to make those 17 speakers and 330 watts of maximum power sound even more clear crisp

And dynamic to begin with the dashboard has been fully redesigned in a manner truly befitting of the vehicle of lexus caliber the most prominent change is a stunning 10.3 inch high resolution screen which is nearly 30 percent larger than the outgoing 2021 model in addition visibility of the screen has been greatly improved by relocating it to the top of the

Center stack thus allowing you to reference a screen without taking your eyes completely off the road on top of all that lexus has also seen fit to include a version of their black line special edition which is also available in the exclusive nori green paint finish which has never been offered before on the gx who could forget safety and performance which are

Of course our top priority for our families parking situations will be a cinch with now standard intuitive parking assist system and this can only be improved by the available updated panoramic view monitor with multiple views for both parking lot and off-road driving situations speaking of off-road capabilities lexus has retained the 4.6 liter 301 horsepower v8

And body-on-frame construction which provide the legendary on and off-road proficiencies it has always been revered for it now i’ve talked enough i’m going to pass it to my cousin keith tennyson all that being said these changes are still handled with the greatest of care by our takumi masters whose only purpose is to discover and eliminate any imperfections in

Addition to my knowledge professionalism and jovial demeanor when you join our fields family you’re privy to a number of benefits you can enjoy for a lifetime what better than a family-run dealership to cater to what’s most important to you friends and family come join us make yourself at home

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FIELDS LEXUS GLENVIEW – 2022 LEXUS GX 460 By Fields Lexus Glenview