Fifth Gear Aston Martin V8 Vantage

fifth gear drifting aston martin vantage

When james raced if a while back we could see just how good he was on a bike he reckons he’s fast because he’s bred rustling nothing that laps off his box and i’m dreading sitting in a car you’re not right hey it’s just all wide at wrong you bike that was susan that day dangerous it was that day with her with tiff behind me that goes yeah so cars you’re chewing

Like cars what have you got what do you want what’s your dream car colonel cai is nasty martin one five nine diesel an aston martin was my idea that’s he got now for them so ah i can’t wait to get me you see so i’m not keen to get it and that’s also your dream car there this thing we started by finding out exactly what do you get for your 85 grand ah ah that’s

True country this is just a pair it’s just select i donate like shoot your own it must have something to where’s the fat boy way up it is i little crystal ashtray smart once we checked out the cars accoutrements it was time to james to learn how to drive his dream car goofy and say be on a track we began with an assessment of his raw talent with safe to say was

A bit nerve-wracking in all these rider by making you nervous okay miss dozen that’s odd that the assessment is there i’ve made a few notes we’ll talk about those in a moment one listener he’d like to take me back to the pit area i’m just need to go to the loom james lapped in 1 minute 43 and to make you first oh here’s a case of changing his bike riding habits

Take advantage of the cars extra grip i told him to break a lot harder and turn into the corners much later just those two hints had an instant effect we stop here and now unbeknown to you oh yeah i put the stock much on that what you did 143 last time out what’s record well i’d be happy if i beat the 140 because i think you said i could keep the kerning if i’m

One of them all absolutely 140 gone okay uh yeah i think i’m knocked about three three or four seconds one minute thirty one thirty and i was getting a second just something absolute judge well i wasn’t even pushing any harder bit let nick that’s right proper stuff losing in seconds when you come on the back of the bible ii know if you can shave me another 13

Seconds off at motogp i’ll be alright mate rock and roll perfect that is worthy of a brew and sandwich yeah they’re gonna have another cake sadly there was no time for cake because it was straight on to james’s advanced lesson it had to drift this 420 horsepower aston which meant first game a demonstration that turns out please like the boys as brave as you think

A little sting yeah action yes you there’s a difference though in there in terms of like corner entry not much right james’s turn to try and drift so sorry the corner quite late turn in drill squeeze that breaks that open the tap i’m enjoy that first patch is the crucial room cut it on the brakes hard in power but that maneuver i can bang i’ll give you two

Axes there there’s actually bit more difficult when going slow then you got no talent it’s like learning to wheel in yeah to get that balance point on the winner to keep it up there yeah you know the way everybody kind of goes look you know i carry there when hook that’s like a a crap lead away just get it open together that’s the sort of stuff i do and when i spin

Complete that’s like going over the back and good to them i don’t stop certain the place happening we’ve got three more guys i think three yeah three more taconic get it right all right so i have a bit of a thing i think you might you might you might get it you do realize if i’d um i’m gonna have to buy the car and stay i’m by the truck so it’s never been raced

Rallied wallet careful owner stop it oh my god just send me out he’s there you started taking around a four-wheel yeah that was there then you have that here how’s the best one yeah that was the best for deer pretty good murderous slide yeah they’re just not too much longer it’s called a day that’s right that was bangle

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Fifth Gear Aston Martin V8 Vantage By andpolska