Fifth Gear Subaru Legacy R Spec-B

Our very own member Boot’s Legacy Spec-B been reviewed on Fifth Gear by the one and only Tiff Needell. With a couple of other cars…

Next our cheapskate alternatives earlier we gave the ford transit sport van our highest ever team test score we loved it so much that we’ve picked three cars and also provide space and pace but at a more affordable price storming performance cavernous rears and nifty handling these are our cheapskate alternative estates – tasty transit van but instead of costing

26,000 pounds prices start at just 1500 my cheapest estate was renowned for being the weapon of choice for motorway coppers the volvo 850 r from 1500 pound back in the mid-90s volvo and desperate to shake off their rusty antiques dealer image so they decided was quite a performance car and came up with a legendary 1005 they put a spoiler on the front of that spoiler

In the rear to make the 2/5 are and shocked the british touring car championship celebrate their success there then they created this final version the 850 r fashion turbo lag as well even by modern standards and this is a fast car with a top speed of 155 miles an hour at a nought 62 time of just 6.7 seconds volvo does have a good reputation for build quality

But there are some things to look for first give the engine revs and check for any blue smoke coming out of the exhaust as it could be a sign of failing turbo seals allow the engine to burn oil replacement turbo will cost you seven hundred pounds when the engines warm remove the dipstick and check for smoke it’s a sign of a crankshaft ventilation system fault a

700-pound fix finally take a close look at the rear shock absorbers to check for any sign of leaks they’ll set you back 270 pounds apiece to replace the 850 our offers performance and practicality for peanuts but an extra three and a half thousand pounds buys a more modern machine a subaru legacy r-spec me cars like this are why we love cheapskate alternatives

Because it gives us a chance to introduce less well-known machines that deserve your attention this subaru legacy arcs vector p is a felting of state it’s it’s on an impreza wrx chassis but in place of the 2-liter turbocharged flat-four engine as a 3 liter normally aspirated flat-six engine which provides a slightly smoother power delivery but it still has that

Same rally bred for your drive system subarus are well known for their mechanical strength but there are a few checks to make when you’re driving check there’s no chattering of the brakes take a closer look at the surface of the disc and the uneven wear made point to corroded calipers they’ll cost 200 pounds each to replace uneven tire wear can point towards a

Tired wishbone bushes budget one hundred and fifty pounds of corner for replacements check the exhaust system for any corrosion or leaks especially this wide joint at the back small amounts of a corrosion can be repaired for about a hundred pounds but replacing this center section alone will set you back 400 my final choice represents the ultimate fastest date

An audi rs6 heard unbelievable ten thousand pounds this was the first rs6 that how he made when it was launched it was a serious supercar bead set in fact you can still see off some very serious brand new high-performance machinery that’s thanks to its 4.2 liter v8 under the bonnet which with its twin turbo charges produces 450 horsepower it’s an astonishing

Car for the cash but you need to buy carefully to avoid big bills this is an automatic model but if you’re testing a manual make sure you feel each ear changing its bit not she was any strange noises it can be a new gearbox that’s required and they cost five thousand pounds which is virtually half the price of the car check the suspension is level as the dynamic

Ride control system can fail aftermarket replacements are common as original parts are 2,000 pounds fitted finally the rs6 is a bit of a heavy side so the brakes can take that’s helping the pounding so check the discs for little ridges or a nasty edge on the outside it’s replacing all four discs and the pads will set you back around 1700 pounds that’s nearly 20%

Of the value of the whole car so if you want the space and pace of the transit sportvan but don’t have the cash or don’t want a man get one of these cheapskate alternatives instead

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Fifth Gear Subaru Legacy R Spec-B By Gambit Subaru