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Jason be driving the latest Audi R8. Rumour has it that this could be the last outing for Audi’s flagship supercar.

Now what you’re looking at here is both a new car but also the lust of a breed this is the audi r8 and this top of the range performance version will set you back a hundred and fifty four thousand pounds and for that money well it’ll do 205 miles an hour and it would get the 60 in 3.1 seconds which is a conservative figure apparently all of that is powered by a

5.2 liter v10 normally aspirated motor that kicks out 620 horsepower and it’s the engine that means this car although it’s just that a facelift he’s already on borrowed time but more about that sad news later right now here’s be driven illa rate was originally launched in 2006 and was a no knees first proper supercar it was designed to complement the range and

Offer real competition two porsches 911 some people thought it was actually a bit better the first series of alright ran to 2015 before the series two appeared it was more of an evolution than a revolution only decided stick with a winning formula so the replacement looks very similar to the original car but in fact it was a brand new piece of kit and now the r8

Has been tweaked again with some in-your-face village and a few mechanical upgrades and as is the way with these things this is now the most powerful r i’ve ever made so one of the initial impressions in terms of road cars like it’s on probably the hardest person to please because i’m a big fan and the 911 turbo and i’ve not really been a fan of this version in

V8 for but this v10 really is really lovely i mean the engine is what makes it it hasn’t got that smash in the back though turbo gives you but it’s got this linearity and it’s just beautiful it’s cars permanent four-wheel drive it’s got a clever diff it distributes power around the car it will feel like a rear-wheel drive car in certain times and when it needs a

Little bit of pull out of the corner with the front axle they don’t give you that but the days of hearing a beautiful wailing naturally aspirated v10 are they are likely to be numbered as almost all other supercars have switched a smaller capacity engines with turbochargers and that’s what makes this r8 a dying breed so i wanna open it up properly let’s head to the

Track and i’ll explain as we know every manufacturing customer on the planet is under such pressure to make and drive much more fuel-efficient cars and sanfur petrol heads like us this will be the last normally aspirated earlie re ever and more than likely this will be the last normally aspirated audi engine that will ever be made this is the performance editions

It’s got a few extras on we got thirteen hundred and 50 quids worth of dynamic steering and that will depending on the speed will change how much steering angle i gave with a given amount is steering and i must say one of the nicest things about driving this car is the steering is pinpoint accurate it’s nicely weighted she’s feels great in your hands it also has

A least trick magnetic dampers are which adjusts the suspension on track meaning under high speed cornering stays incredibly flat ward’s got carbon carbon brakes so we got fantastic stopping power with no fade 20 30 mile-an-hour 140 150 feet 160 he’s pretty quick this thing so easy to drive thanks to emissions regulations the future of the supercar is going to

Be turbochargers hybrid systems and more cars with fake engine sounds pumped through your speakers yeah but it’s progress you

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