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FINAL TEASER: 2023 Hyundai Ioniq 6

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Do you prefer the Hyundai Ioniq 5 or Ioniq 6?

We very recently got out of the hyundai ionic 5 after spending a week doing some testing and it’s currently the front runner of the game show that we’re playing currently at my house called what will be my wife’s next car we also have the ev6 in our driveway this week so it’s getting pretty close however hyundai may have just thrown a wrench into that plan here

So what we’re going to talk about is the incoming debut of their ionic six let’s talk about it welcome to downshift my name is matt for all the cars that we’re testing currently as well as some behind the scenes content check out our instagram at downshift media uh the ionic 5 was the first dedicated ev from hyundai and it debuted their egmp architecture and in

Layman’s terms it’s the same chassis that’s going to underpin basically everything at least everything electric for the foreseeable future or i should say near future until gen 2 of egmp comes out including the next piece of the puzzle the ionic 6. unlike the 5 to 6 is a more sedan style vehicle also unlike the five it is a much more curved and swoopy and let’s say

Mercedes eq type vehicle we’re going to get a little bit more technical but we don’t have full answers until again we get some some answers later this week i should also go ahead and say the full debut of the design is going to occur later this week i’m thinking tomorrow and then we’ll still have to wait from there for full specs so we can still make some pretty

Educated guesses based on the ionic five because they’re going to do a lot of parts sharing uh since they’re built on the same platform and motors and all that sort of thing so we still have a pretty good amount of information that we can pretty educatedly guess at with this ionic six but either way let’s talk about if my assumptions are to be correct and a lot

Of the under the skin stuff remains the same between the ionic 5 and the ionic 6 we can expect you know the smaller battery pack with a single motor rear wheel drive bigger battery pack with the single rear motor to get your maximum range over that 300 number or what we’re testing currently in the ev6 as well as what was in the ionic 5 it’s that dual motor h-track

All-wheel drive with the bigger battery pack and that’s that 77.4 kilowatt pack again that’s in the gt line for the ev6 that we’re testing this week and the ionic 5 limited that we tested the other week so power would be the same uh i would guess the output would be exactly the same between the ionic 5 and the ionic 6. so expect 320 horsepower and 446 pound-feet

Of torque with the dual motor it’ll also be built on the 800 watt architecture so expected charging times will be the same as the ionic 5 10 to 80 in about 18 minutes with the appropriate dc fast charger and i don’t want to skimp over this because it’s important this is some of the fastest these are some of the fastest charging cars that you can buy today we just

Tested the ford f-150 lightning last week that’s built on the 400 architecture so that was doing about a hundred miles of range on a dc fast charger every hour so in 18 minutes to get 200 miles of range we’re talking like six times as fast amazing stuff but back to the comparison between the ionic 5 and the ionic 6. now i would expect range to be really the biggest

Differentiation between the two obviously the ionic 6 is a more low slung more aerodynamically proficient vehicles so i would expect range to improve over the ionic 5. the big question for me is will the dual motor big battery pack go above 300 miles because currently in the ionic 5 it’s like 268 it’s somewhere under 270. so could aerodynamics play that big of a

Role we’ll find out production of the car will take place in south korea though we know that to be true and then while we wait for the full unveil tomorrow let’s take a look at some of the teaser images that we were given today and see what we can see first of all the whole car is shaped like a slice of cantaloupe that’s been turned upside down it is very curved

But the square pixel lighting elements remain the same which is pretty cool i like that it’s kind of like the yin and yang of the curved body design and then a very geometric square lighting element the front fascia image almost looks like an old portion 911 with the way that it kind of flares up over the hood and then you’re lighting your headlights right there

You do have a small vent in your lower fascia this will be to cool the front motors so that’s very typical to see you do have a big hyundai badge on your front front bumper as well and you will have functional air curtains uh in your lower valance to bring air around the tires and make the car a little bit more slippery then around the side of the vehicle the

Fenders do seem to be kind of flared again porsche it’s not gonna be anything like a porsche but whatever we can have some fun uh the wheels do look familiar though to something that we’ve seen on like the tucson from earlier this year and last year and then the biggest story from the teaser images that we’re seeing is no side view mirror at least no side view

Mirror in the conventional sense of it being a glass actual mirror now some places overseas and in other countries have allowed this side view camera in place of a side view mirror thing it doesn’t fly here in the states we’re typically pretty slow that’s why we haven’t had like laser lights until very recently like headlight technology in other parts of the world

Is like eons ahead of where we are in the states so i would expect that side view mirror technology in other parts of the world will again continue to be eons ahead of where we are um but anyway the idea here and the reason that i bring this up at all is just because to have a smaller a smaller item hanging off the sides of the car inherently makes the airflow

Better you’re disturbing less air it’s more aerodynamic and that always translates to more range that’s the whole reason that everyone’s trying anything and everything that they can to fit the door handles inside of the doors now of course here in wisconsin that sometimes becomes a problem in the winter where people’s door handles are freezing and they can’t

Get into their cars but it doesn’t i haven’t heard of that being an issue for people with the hyundai lever style doors which of course is what you would probably get here on the ionic 6 as well in tandem with that i would expect an incredibly long wheelbase like we see in the ionic 5 that longer wheelbase is really nice for ride refinement gives the suspension

Time to settle before the bump hits the rear suspension so the car feels a little bit more planted feels a little bit more elevated and of course with the wheels at the extreme ends of the car at the front and the rear then you have less overhang so it feels more dynamic a little bit sharper behind the wheel it’s a better driving experience overall and then this

Image right here i mean look how sloped this rear roof is it looks very porsha tycon it looks very e-tron gt it looks pretty expensive now i don’t know what that’s going to mean for rear seat headroom but we’ll see when we get interior images but then around back the cool one of the coolest things to me is the the rear tail bar it almost looks like something like

An active rear wing like we got in the mercedes amg gt43 recently interesting this thing must be supercar fast then i guess i don’t know then in your lower rear valence you do have continued functional air curtains it looks like you do also get additional what looks like brake lights could be marker lights down in your lower valance next to your tire essentially

Which means that i hope they’re not the brake lights or the turn signal because at that point they’re basically on ground level and everyone here in america owns a jacked up pickup truck so they’re not going to see any of that so they’re not going to see if you’re braking they’re not going to see if you’re turning so we’ll see when we see the final output and then

We don’t have any shots specifically of the interior but based on the ionic 5 we can make some educated guesses here as well i would expect a two spoke steering wheel to have the kind of four h dots in code as we saw in the ionic five i would expect an augmented reality head-up display wireless car play not for the kia version but we’re talking about the hyundai

Anyway so it doesn’t matter um heated and ventilated front seats heated rear seats potentially heated steering wheel your typical infotainment system with the sound of nature your quiet mode etc black and white or they call it gray leather option which the gray in the ionic 5 is is white basically a big pano roof with no shade interestingly again the kia ev6

Has a pano roof which is like half the size of the ionic 5 but of course you get a shade so what do you want trunk space is a question again with that sloping rear back as well as rear seat headroom and of course leg room i would expect to be pretty good but that headroom with that that compromise shape on the outside is a bit of a concern of course your highway

Driving assist system your autopilot uh is always very good in the hyundai’s and it was very good with the ionic five so i would expect that to continue here and then your plethora of regen options with your steering wheel paddles i would expect that to be here as well with high pedal which is terrible and i hate eye pedal but that’s kind of what we know so far so

The full design unveil like i said will happen tomorrow we’ll still have to wait for tech specs from there but when we do get those we’ll cover them here so if you’re interested in that make sure you hit subscribe and i’m a little curious i’ll leave you with the question here based on the images that we’ve seen today are you leaning ionic 5 or ionic 6 we’ll see in the next one you

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FINAL TEASER: 2023 Hyundai Ioniq 6 By Downshift Studios