FIRST DRIVE IN THE NEW 2023 V8 RANGE ROVER SPORT! – I got the chance to test drive the all new V8 Range Rover Sport, having ordered this and the hybrid version. I was excited! Huge thank you to Land Rover for inviting me!

Hi guys and welcome back to archie hamilton racing and to another video where today you join me where i am out in madrid in spain today’s video i’ve kindly been invited out here to drive the all-new 2023 v8 range over sport it’s going to be amazing i’ve always wanted to get behind the wheel of one owning the svr both svrs in fact it is finally time to get behind

The wheel of the v8 sport we have the v8 sport but we also have the hybrid but today’s video we’re going to focus on the v8 so i actually have an order on the all-new range over sport v8 i also have the sport hybrid which is coming as well uh which is all very exciting the car we’re going to be driving today is the p530 range of sport v8 and this is in forensic

Red it’s an amazing color how cool does this color look it looks insane it looks so so good doesn’t it this car has 23 inch wheels on it as well as you can see just here and the wheels really do actually make the car the larger wheels and you can actually spec those wheels on the hybrid sport as well that is an option if you wanted to do that it does naught

To 60 in 4.5 seconds 4.3 seconds if you are doing a launch control so it is a serious serious serious bit of kit and we’re going to be seeing so much more of these obviously i do think the svr is going to be coming soon that’s going to be something which is further down the line the new shape is mega i just think what a bit of kit what a flipping bit of kit

I’m going to take you in the car so we can see a little bit more about it this is fully fully spec so this is a first edition by the way so this is everything door handles we like them so this is fully spec’d so let’s have a little look in i love the all-new range over steering wheel which just looks insane all this new dash um which is so so nice so nice

Obviously today left hand drive we are abroad but it’s just so good oh yes and it’s a v8 get the foot on the gas let’s go to here and we can play around with the different modes so we have uh well this is now dynamic which is if we put the windows down we can hear it hang on a minute that’s dynamic and if we go to eco lovely and quiet we have loads of

Comfort grass gravel snow mud ruts sand rock crawl wade first edition which this has you have the forged carbon which i love the fortune card but it’s just nice very very cool in here we have a fridge so i have uh some coconut water for when i’m ready very kind of them we have the two levels on the fridge and then we have the tvs which are in the back here which

Are very very cool um have all our bags which are everywhere i’m actually we’ve seen through glass he’s gonna be in the video in a second but all these tv obviously you can spec all of this open the boot just a button just down there and then you’re in all our bags are in there so you’ve got good boot space as well so all in all it’s a great bit of kit you join

Us we’re in the lovely range rover v8 sam welcome thank you it’s probably been years since you’ve been on the channel genuinely think it’s been about four years what we’re gonna do is we’re on a very nice uh mountain road actually i’m actually gonna film it so we can show people because there’s a this is a very nice mountain road and what we’re going to do is we

Are going to experience the car uh by following a battered renault scenic town good timing we’re experiencing it right now yeah don’t because this is not a race car no i know it’s got sport at the end of the name range rover sport but we are still in a big suv yeah i’m actually i wanted to look at the weight i don’t know i don’t really don’t really mind about

The weight okay two two and a half tons oh my gosh pretty quick yup tons but we took off yeah my gosh mate they are quick and and what something you said to me earlier is that they’re probably holding back a little bit of power for the svr well i would guess that because what is it 530 this lunatic yeah it’s quick it’s it’s quick yeah yeah and the thing is

There’s going to be very few occasions where you’re going to drive your range of a sport like this but it’s super nice to know that when you get on a road like we’re on now yeah that you can do this how does it how does it feel behind the wheel you know what handling is really really direct and that’s the thing i really like about it because sometimes when you

Have like an suv it’s a bit sort of wallowy it’s not that great it has that sort of if you put it somewhere it will go somewhere it feels like is it a less roll or am i imagining that yeah it doesn’t have it does generally doesn’t have much role oh there you go oh my god that was grip and go whoa whoa look at this i’d call you lewis for the rest of the day

Sure we’re going to put it to comfort oh because i’m very happy with it yeah eco comfort comfort perfect just going to do everything for you and it is just a cruiser yeah and that is what i love well that’s what really let’s face it these cars are going to be most useful right yeah if you’re going to have this car you can use it day in day out you’re probably

Going to be ferrying kids around you’re probably going to be doing shops for the trip like shops to the trip shops yeah can have trips to the shopping trips to the shopping market yeah it can happen yeah or big adventures like this maybe you’re gonna go down to spain for your summer holidays so this is actually where i know yeah this is where it’s at how do

You find it because another thing as you’re on that point comfort levels how comfortable are you right now super nice and you know what i feel like because the old generation i guess was maybe getting a little tired this immediately feels like a hundred thousand pound car to me yes i like everything just is lovely to touch the design this massive screen i know

It feels quality everything feels really quality driver experience with the head-up display all everything here is insane this whole area and one thing which you’re not seeing and you probably you won’t be able you might be able to hear if we turn the sat nav up the sat nav talks to you here oh yes the sound comes out of here that’s so bizarre i’m getting as

Well i’m like what yeah but i actually because you were asking me out comfort i’m not going to test this by really elongating my seat oh look there’s a seating controls on the screens look at this mate honestly if you were on a long journey now oh i am on a long trip yeah yeah we are we are on a two-hour trip yeah but it’s spain you know get that out i’m gonna

Look up look up at the sky mate this now is another level as i say the old car was always great my dad had 16 of them and i used to love spending time with them but this is it’s a step above it feels more luxury more premium yes i haven’t driven one yet you’re the one behind the wheel but there’s a place to be it’s nicer than it ever was miles per gallon we’ll

Talk quickly talk about that on a longer journey it’s roughly 25 okay what i was doing back there was probably about nine sure um but this engine if you’re gonna pick it you’re not going for no you’re not she bought the hybrid sport as well as having a deposit in one of these because orders on these there’s a little bit of a shortage of certain things which is

Where the world with the world this is not just uh land rover um so basically i’ve got the hybrid sport coming first um i think you’ve made the right choice now i’m biased because i’m not a massive fan of super sporty suvs i’m a bit like i i do get it but i don’t feel it’s necessary because would this car have a place for you the the hybrid yes the hybrid because

Firstly this one size-wise is much more up my street than the big range rover so i’ve always been a ranger i’m a sport fan because i like it like a bit more of a compact suv yes even though this isn’t small it’s it’s going to be covered um but i when i’m driving a car like this i want to waft i i don’t want to push out so even if i’m on a porsche tycoon turbo even

If i’m in a urus even if i’m in an svr you want to be on hybrid i want to be in hybrid yes i just want to loft like so as i’m biased in that sense price wise quickly we’ll talk about that uh so these are for this is the first edition so first edition meaning they have all the options i’ve gone for the uh sport hybrid which is first edition so basically you get

All the lovely forged carbon you get all the little bits and pieces isn’t that lovely uh i like it but you might not care i think it seems weird well don’t think it’s weird it’s the best spec if you’re gonna do it get the best spec and make wood great think of resale values no but i’m sorry if my dad saw that he’d go this what’s that that doesn’t look finished

But the that’s not the modern generation no but it’s i’m i’m trying to educate people that forged carbon is the way forward it’s not the way forward it’s the way forward if you own a mansory hurricane if you’ve got a range rover and let’s face it whilst i think sport covers the widest demographic for ranger ever yes we’ll get 25 to 75 year old owners okay fair

Enough but i think for the first edition that seems like an aggressive choice to me well anyway we have a lovely fridge in here it’s just and that fridge is freezing cold yes i was i was saying this earlier that is a cold fridge and that might sound ridiculous but the fridge is cold well no but usually they’re like cooling boxes you know and they’re never that

Effective that i put my hands on i could feel ice on the side of the fridge so that is jack today well worth it let’s just round it up 120 grand all in for a first edition hybrid are you in yeah this is let’s say 150 on this you know a culinary 350. you’re going for this yeah so but i wouldn’t say that this necessarily rivals the cullen because of the big range

Rover okay but i’m saying comfort levels yes so i i’m with you where i think what they’ve done is elevate the sport away from a mccann okay you know so size-wise rivals this now i think has gone to a luxury level above yes but 120 is a lot but at 95 and then a few options i’m like actually in this current crazy world we live in where all those cars are that

Much money 85 starts at i mean there you go even better yeah but they’re you know well spec they’re going to be circle 100k but if you look at my equivalent mercedes what why spec’s 115 yeah 115 i thought we said 150. labels are equally as expensive yes and i think it’s easy to justify the price now it’s a bit like what jaguar did with the f-pace svr yeah that

Was forever the like bargain urus turbo gt et cetera but it felt bargain where now it it’s even you know it’s right up there on the level you’re starting to push on you no no it’s just fun it’s genuinely fun i’m not just trying to push all the time i just really like the way the car turns in and handles i would love to actually push it hard on the track really

Yes out of 10. i’m gonna go 10. i love it that’s so punchy no because i thought it worked perfect i think i think nothing wrong there’s nothing you would change about this car no so when you get yours what would you change yours will you put i think there’s i think i don’t know what i’d improve always you’re a critic it’s not but you’re excited you can’t say

It’s perfect it is perfect what more do you want tell me what more do you want in a car to get rid of the forged carbon no no people get in the comments i guarantee you everyone will like forge carbon it’s cool they’re being edgy just accept it we’re in 2022 just get over it it’s cool i would like after two kilometers to have a think about what else and i’ll

Let you know in my video yeah subscribe now you’re doing more on the hybrid right i’m going to be filming the hybrid yeah wow if you want to see more of the hybrid head over to sam’s channel and uh we’re going to keep wafting in much luxury and uh it’s been very fun that’s it thanks for having me right we’ve jumped out of the range over sport it was so so cool

And finally i get the chance to get behind the wheel of the new one it’s just been amazing the way it drove where it turned in the comfort levels everything and living with it for three hours three and a half hours was just insane such a such an impressive car so i hope you guys have enjoyed it it’s been mega and uh that we have one which is all very nice and

Clean at this amazing location which we are at um but yeah i just love them they’re such good cars and well my hybrid sport is uh not too far away everybody so well very very soon we will be seeing my one join the garage and uh yeah it’s going to be fun and i generally think wow fingers crossed we can order the v8 soon when all the books open i still have my

Deposit on it um but first things first is my sport hybrid and everything else but anyway hope you enjoyed the video give it a thumbs up huge thank you as well to land rover for inviting me out here all details down below hope you enjoyed the video you

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