First In the World 2021 Cadillac CT5 on 26 Forgiatos

in this video we will review this First In the World 2021 Cadillac CT5 on 26” Forgiatos

So so what’s up everybody superior shelby here you know i’m coming with some hot hits today i got to for you guys a cadillac ct ct5 20 21 on some 26 inch brush face forgianos we’re actually going to go over all the custom features for this really cool brand new car more so let’s check it out all right you guys so i got my good friend rick here what’s

Up man what’s up man good good good first i’m going to go over your super clean car here so tell me why you picked this brand new 2021 well i’ve always loved the cadillac as a little kid i always see them riding through the neighborhood and stuff like that so i always told myself when i got older i was going to have one so i figured it’d be the perfect thing to

Do and why white though well i mean you know i’m white so yeah hey when i go somewhere they’re like damn that’s a white one yeah for sure and i would never even think that honestly but i know white cars is a really really like a lot of people like them it looks super clean it looks good especially with these rims so i do want to talk about your brush rick

So you got 26 inch 4gs why these particular brush race brands well i have been fighting between brush and gold and stuff like that really but when i seen this ring i seen it gold originally yeah and then when i went to order it it was like well gold’s gonna take this long so i said well give me the brush and we’ll go back to the gold later yeah so that’s why

I stuck with it oh my gosh so you’re thinking about going gold later oh my god we got to do an update review because i got to see this car would go cars getting wrapped in there yeah really oh i can’t wait you guys gonna be so excited and i do want to check out the inside of your car gotcha all right let’s go hey what’s up everybody shelby here from superior

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Look at this he’s got tags everywhere his car is ridiculous that’s ridiculous i love this car this particular car like first off they are going crazy with their all of that new exclusives like they are going crazy um this car is did it come with any like new features what is your like favorite one feature oh the favorite one is the massaging seats uh it’s

Got a couple things you know it’s got apple carplay stuff like that yeah you know it’s just a new car it’s a new car i did not know this car has seats that massage you kind of like a bailey like those luxury cars do that so this is a luxury car now like this is competing now you guys i cannot wait first off rick thank you so much this is super nice um and i

Can’t wait until you’re like complete now you gonna put music in there yeah i’m working on that now really oh you’re gonna do the thing right you feeling like that’s a whole hit right here oh so so this is a hit in the making for sure yes yes oh my god on these sixes that it feels really good you don’t even know that we ride those seasons so this is dope i do

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First In the World 2021 Cadillac CT5 on 26” Forgiatos By Ace1Whips