First Look 2023 Kia Soul GT-Line Limited – Bold and Refreshed

What’s square, sporty and so much fun? The Kia Soul! this beautiful Neptune Blue Gt-Line Limited just arrived today & we are so excited to show you guys!

Hi everyone welcome or welcome back to the kia handai channel my name is gabby and with me i have a special guest this is my favorite guest to feature on this channel it is the 2023 kia soul gt line limited this is our first time getting a gt line limited for the 23 model and yes it’s different than the 2022 we have a facelift but not just a facelift actually the

Rear ends different and the interior is a little bit different so today we’re going to be doing a full walk around we also plan on doing a tech review video so let us know down below if you do want to see that because there is a lot of tech going on in here that we won’t be able to cover it all today so starting off with what’s under the hood it’s unchanged from

Last year so it’s a two liter regular gasoline engine no turbo anymore with an ivt transmission so together it outputs 147 horsepower and 132 pound foot of torque now that it’s not a powerhouse but it’s very very good on gas it is fun to drive and it is ridiculously comfortable so let’s get a good look at the front grille i also wanted to show that it does have an

Hydraulic hood was about to say bonnet but we’re not saying that today so i’ll give it a shot and you can see you have your new kia logo integrated into this glass panel that connects with your lights now these lights are full leds stay tuned for the end of this video because we’ll do a full walk around with everything on so you can see just how sharp the cutoff is

I also wanted to point out that you do have led fog lights down here as well too so i really like how they made the sole a little bit more sharp so it looks very very sporty now you can’t make fun of the kia soul anymore i won’t allow it you’re gonna have to go through me first the sole is stunning now it’s very very attractive it hit puberty if you will so looking

At this front grille as well too it is exclusive to the gt line limited trim it used to have kind of a shark tooth-esque grill so now they kind of change it it looks almost like honeycomb or like a beehive type of thing i really like how it’s multiple different materials as well too so you have some black you also have some aluminum chrome in there too so there’s a

Lot of definition and texture to this vehicle you also have your front radar plate over there so it’s kind of hidden just underneath your plate frame and what that does is it monitors the distance of the vehicle ahead of you so it doesn’t just work with your smart cruise control it also works for forward collision avoidance so if a car ahead of you were to slam on

The brakes or cut you off if you don’t react the vehicle does have the capability of braking for you which is really nice come along to the side do a full walk around your wheels are 18 inch machine finished alloys with a very very nice striking design so nothing on this car is boring it’s very sporty and these wheels are exclusive to this trim level so if you go

With the ex premium which is one below still the same size but a different design on your mirrors over here they are power um a power folding but power adjustable and heated and you do have a turn signal indicator there coming around a little more you do have a silver belt line along the bottom so still kind of ties in with a lot of design in this vehicle a lot

Of texture a little black break in the middle there and the rear end now this is very very i want to say different and i’ll show you what i mean we’ll take a look down here and you can see we have a center exhaust port so this is i believe it’s exclusive to the gt line trim never seen this before and we just noticed when it was on the hoist so even the brochure

Doesn’t say this it was a surprise for us because this is our first gt line limited like i said and i love it it looks really nice especially when the vehicle is in movement we’ll take a look back here as well too the sole badging has changed fonts so big upgrade it’s very um just like the rest of the vehicle it’s very sharp now less bubbly and we have a gt line

Badge on this side you still have the what’s the iconic boomerang lights that you’ll see when we turn all the lights on um very very sharp the sole still kind of has its trademark foxy design we’re never going to lose that all right so now we’re going to take a look at your rear cargo space so first things first i’m just going to lift up the floorboard you can

See you have a real spare tire in your kit to change it also another thing is this is pretty deep down you can drop down this floorboard to sit just right over your spare tire and increase your amount of room if you need more stuff or more space in your trunk close that again and i’ll have mark kind of zoom in on our speaker there so the gt line limited does have

A premium sound system it is harman kardon in the kia soul and you have a speaker in the back as well too really cool thing about the speakers up there you also have ambient lighting so it’s quite a party at night time um these are just your regular summer mats that come with the vehicle and it actually does come with the cargo cover so you can have that popped

Out like this you can also remove it completely depending on what you’re putting in here if this is too low you can take it out super easy to move and you can actually fit this underneath your floorboard as well too so you don’t have to put in your garage or somewhere in your house your rear seats they do fold completely flat so if you do need more space and you

Don’t have your passengers that’s also an option that’s about it though for the trunk now we’re going to show you the front the drivers area and then your rear seats as well too all right so now i’m inside the kia soul and you may have noticed we have a little bit of red accents in this vehicle so it doesn’t matter what exterior color you get you will get red

Accents now this i love i don’t know about you guys but i think the blue and the red tie together gives me almost like a spider-man vibe i really do like it it’s very sporty inside and then again if you don’t like the color clash you’re never looking at your exterior color when you’re inside so i don’t know um down here you’ll see your harman kardon sound system

So as follows you have it in the front the back seats and the rear everyone’s getting a premium sound even your dog in the trunk whatever it may be of your groceries all your window controls over there so you have automatic windows for driver and passenger and then the rest are just regular really nice door handles as well too so not only these door handles but um

The center as well too that you use to close your door cup holder at the bottom on the left side here it’s pretty standard what you see in most of our vehicles except for this button so usually we have our parking camera kind of in the center near gear shift we have it here so i’m just going to press that and you’ll see your parking camera comes up this is just if

You ever want to look at where you’re at in your parking spot or if you’re sitting eating in your car you want to look at what’s around you it’s an option you also have your auto stop and start so that’s when you approach a red light or a stop sign and your vehicle shuts off some people love it some people hate it but it does help with fuel savings and then your

Traction control now on the steering wheel you’ll notice it’s a decut sport flat bottom steering wheel with red stitching along the vehicle so it ties in with the whole red contrast theme new kia logo of course all your media settings are on the left side of the wheel so including your hands-free voice command button your phone your volume and your seeking track

And on the right side here’s where you’re going to have your driver’s assistance settings so you can see on my dash here you can see your trip info your compass your tire pressure and where you’re at in your lane another really cool thing i do like about this dash is it’s digital so you can see your speedometer and your tachometer on your dash you can see that i

Actually left the trunk a little bit open my door is open your fuel reed or you start your distance to empty the total odometer and right now we’re not on a road but if i was driving this car it would show me my speed limit which is really nice especially if you’re in a new city on the right here though you have your cruise control so just turn it on you also have

Your following distance and your steering assist button so you can press that to turn anything on or off right on the fly now we’ll have mark come around and we’ll show you what else is in here okay so mark’s just going to join me in the front of the sole but first i want to show you before he hops in you have power seats for not only the driver but the passenger

And i just realized that i didn’t show you my power seats here so you have lumbar control you have of course to lift and raise lower your bottom of the seat and then of course your back rest as well too so mark what kind of buttons do you have you can do a little demonstration so back and up down backrest there you go we see you go back a little bit perfect so

Now he’ll join me in here and your seats aren’t only powered seats they are heated and ventilated for driver and passenger so right down here we have our controls for that heat ventilation three different levels for each heated steering wheel as well drive mode select is right over here so the kia soul is our one car that only has two drive modes normal and sport

And you can see how your dash changes color as well too now you can set up your dash to stay to one certain color let’s say you only like the red you can do that in your settings as well too for more of a red kind of galler guy now over here we do have our wireless phone charger so it’s very nice if you forget a cord like me all the time you also have a usb there

That’s where you’re going to use for your apple carplay and your android auto the center one and on the right side we have a usbc so most phones now come with the usbc cable instead of an actual usb so it’s really nice that you have that integrated into your cart and you don’t need a special adapter right over here we have our wireless charger again our climate

Control so this is dual climate i could have marks set to a different temperature than me or i could sink it together and it is automatic so i can set it to for example it’s at 21 degrees and it’ll keep me there not go any higher and not go any less and i won’t have to play with it again so that’s really nice you can turn off automatic and do it manually if you’d

Like it’s up to you and over here we have our main ten and a quarter inch screen that has integrated navigation i’m just going to slide over show your map real quick you can make it full screen map or you can have your media or another map show the time whatever you like so you can really customize this all right now i’m going to show you something that’s very

Very cool at least in my opinion and that’s your color mood lamp so you’ll see on your main screen here or sound mood lamp i can press that and there’s a couple different things you can do with this you can have it as glow only where in this case it’ll kind of illuminate your door panels so i’ll have mark pan over keep in mind it is daylight so it’s going to be

A little hard to see but you should be able to see a little bit of purple light in the door sill on your red accents let us know if you see that at night time it’s obviously much brighter and you can adjust the brightness as well too so if it’s a little bit too much for you or if purple’s not your color have no fear you have a couple different options you can

Also have it as music plus so depending on what kind of music you’re listening to it’ll flash with the music so very very cool actually another thing this vehicle has is themes so this is a little bit different let’s say i click party time for example and mark is going to show you his shoe because it’s glowing right on his shoe and you can see it kind of changes

Obviously this is way more dramatic during night but during the day it’s not doing too bad of a job and uh depending on what kind of music you listen to you have your premium sound system you have your sound mood lamp it’s a party in here no party like a soul party i’ll close this and show you and then you just have everything else that a regular kia navigation

System has you have your climate control your radio this also has siriusxm and hd radio quiet mode that basically meets your speakers in the back and we’ll take a look up here and we have this beautiful sunroof so it does open and it does tilt as well too and then if you’d like you can have your cover on you’ll notice that the interior lights are also leds so

They’re very very bright not really right now but at night time you get a good amount of glow in here there’s no lighting issues in the kia soul we have lots of lights and i did mention earlier that the cutoff is very sharp with the regular led headlights now you can kind of see against the ev6 in front of us you have your lights so now we’ll take a look at the

Back seats and then i’m going to show you a full walk around with the lights on in the kia soul oh okay all right wait all right so now we’re in the back of the kia soul you can see the seats are very comfy one thing the kia soul is amazing for headroom so it doesn’t matter if you’re short or tall mark is how tall are you mark he’s six foot and let me just

Put the camera on him for a second you sit properly he’s got some room let’s see there we go he’s got a decent amount of headroom and would you say your feet are comfy like your legs yeah so we have the front seat all the way back and he’s got some pretty decent leg space of course me i’m not the tallest girl so i always have leg space no matter what car i’m in

But of course really good headroom as well too one thing with the back seats here you have two more usbcs built into the um center console so you can charge your phones you have a leather pocket on the back of the passenger seat right over there and both of these seats are heated so i have my button on my door handle and mark would have his on his door handle and

You have two different levels of heat as well too so you can adjust as needed got that you still have your red accents here and you still have your premium sound system so everyone gets a taste for that good sounding audio um you do have lighting as well there too so if you’re reading or whatever at night you can have light and then i’ll pull this down there we

Go and either an armrest or a cup holders so your basic back seat one thing i really want to show on the seats i don’t think i showed earlier um you do have red stitching so i can’t really show the front seats right now but if we take a look at the back red stitching throughout all of the leather and i really like how they always continue to design elements into the

Back a lot of car manufacturers only focus on driver passenger and it’s just not fair for your backseat friends so you have that here that sums up our interior walk around and we’ll take a look outside and show you what the beautiful leds look like i promised i’m going to show you what the lights look like on and i am a woman of my word so these are your beautiful

Full led headlights you can see they have a very very sharp design with an amazing cut off so i’ll have charlotte payne over to the ev6 we have parked right across you can see she is quite sharp you can do some little finger puppets whatnot and i’ll also show you your fog lights so right down here you have a straight kind of rectangular or lined fog light and i

Can imagine that would actually work quite well with fog because it’s just straight and then i turned our turn signal on so you can also see what your repeaters look like so a nice amber almost boomerang-ish look and then you can see on your mirror you still have your turn signal let’s take a look at the rear look at that boomerang you can’t tell me that is not a

Boomerang or doesn’t remind you of one and then you have your indicator there as well too so beautiful beautiful kia soul this color is called neptune blue i forgot to mention now they did release a new blue we haven’t received one yet called surf blue and msrp of this vehicle is 29 495 plus hst and freight and all of that good stuff now we are a real dealership

I think we’ve mentioned this in all our videos i’m going to mention it again if you want to deal with us we’d be happy to help you out with your new kia purchase and if you’re more of a hyundai guy or girl we do have two hyundai dealerships brantford hyundai and owen sound hyundai that would love to help you out as well too you can find all our links in our bio

Stay tuned for more videos and thank you so much for watching

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