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First Look 2023 RAM 1500 Limited Elite Edition @ NAIAS 2022

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The 2023 RAM 1500 is getting a few changes for the new model year, including the new Limited Elite Edition. Up until now, there really hasn’t been any video of the 2023 RAM 1500 online, but that changes today because Tim Esterdahl found the truck on the floor of the Detroit Auto Show and filmed this walk-around for our audience. Is this 2023 RAM 1500 Limited Elite Edition the next truck that Tim is going to buy? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Hey it’s tim pickup truck plus suv talk early morning here in kobo center or huntington place they call it now detroit the president is on his way i want to shoot some quick videos before while he arrives and shut down the so floor because that sucks all right so this is the 2023 ram new it’s got some new features here what i love about this is this is the limited

Elite edition so this is the one i talked about on the video i did and i didn’t know what a few things looked like well guess what i can see it now so let’s check it out so this is the ecodiesel model this comes in a v8 we can do the mild hybrid you can do ecodiesel inside the cabin so this is the deployable bed rails are part of that system about this limited

Edition vehicle elite edition so here is our frameless display and you have to excuse all the noise we have i have things going on at beeping at me so yeah so that’s the new frameless that’s a frameless you can see where it’s got that’s new digital display that’s frameless over here we have uh the big entertainment system but right here this is the jeweled shifter

That i couldn’t actually see this is the jewel shifter there this is just such an amazing interior look at the quality of materials and what you get when you get this limited edition so uh that is the metal pedal kit but i didn’t know what that was and there it is there for you right there it’s like a mopar part they put on there adjustable pedals big feature with

The ram trucks people like that quite a bit pendulum sunroof there boom and so let’s talk more about this truck just the interiors they do are just fantastic fantastic oh all right so then we have the ram boxes on this model we have the the dutch door tailgate right so this opens this way underfoot yeah it’s all locked so this folds down you can fold it up or

You can open one side oh we opened there we go we can open one side or what open the other side and then this cut this addition it comes with the mopar deployable step here as well so you can put a step right there and hop right into your bed you know if you had no timer cover attached to it come over here and then i guess it’s not pulling up but it opens up

So that’s that’s what’s going on there all right come on the sides here’s our wheels and tires right so pirellis scorpions have had these on the ford power boost they were pretty good so this is crew cab 4.2 or two wheel driver four wheel drive starting price of 63 160 up 32 miles per gallon and highway we have some of their best-in-class stuff here functions

This comes with a four corner air suspension it has the headlights guaranteed to turn heads well that’s because it talks about these headlights i have some videos on this as well these are directional headlights like they would with the luxury vehicles when you turn right the headlights actually move and light up in front of you it’s a really nice feature i don’t

Know um you know it’s one of those things that when you use it you’re like wow you like it but you may not know about it so we have a 12-inch touchscreen we have the part running boards we have the 12-inch programmable cluster exterior with multi-function tailgate we talked about we have four adjustable cargo tie-down hooks available truck bed cargo divider system

So we have we have bed hooks in there uh ram box cargo management as far as as well deployable bed stuff from apart i talked about that the spray and bed liner all new led tail light hitch lights so let’s talk about that because that was interesting as well in that it’s right here yeah this you see my hand with it that shoots down at your hitch so at night you

Can easily see hooking your ball up hooking your chain up or put your ball on putting your chain on hooking in your cables there it’s just a nice feature a little bit of light there you don’t have to carry a flashlight have somebody watch you hook it up better for that and then over here interior wise we have the exclusive center console badge let’s talk about

That the quilted leather bucket seats the console lid and door trim suede headliner sun visor and a pillar unique indigo sea salt gray interior color trim that metal pedal kit which i showed you the 19 speaker harman kardon system the jeweled roller shifter which i showed you right the driver’s seat memory and then the class exclusive rear recline seat so what i’m

Talking about here is this seat will recline so it’s it’s it’s right here i don’t know if i can do it it’s one-handed but yeah so and then that actually folds up too but this this comes down this will recline i have video on that as well and then we have what’s nice adjustable vents all sorts of usbs all sorts of heated and cooled seats on the outboard side so

That one doesn’t get it but both upward get them some slide recline heated cooled it’s like wow for i mean i know that’s an expensive price but man this is a lot to that and i i need i would have to double check but it says limited elite edition so 663 i bet you this limited edition this kind of stuff add some more money but below 70 probably by the time you get

A dealership if they have one right that’s always a problem these days and uh back home so the limited right here that’s the console lifter on the console that’s that badge there and then if you haven’t seen this it’s kind of funny it’s easter egg has just geometry and math there as well and then this is like i said the programmable you can do shortcuts you can

Add different things to that as well and oh it’s got particular park assistance well that’s what that is or no those are parking those are parking sensors um actually maybe both you know what let me know in the comments it’s again really early one cup of coffee only this morning uh they’re gonna close on the show floor for like two hours because mr president’s gonna

Be here and then we have the upper glove box which is kind of look how nice that is and then again that jeweled thing there i have the trailer steering now this is new for ram in 2023. so what that does is when you hook up a trailer you can just turn this dial and that will take over for the steering wheel and so you just use that dial to back up the trailer and it

Makes it easier now you know i’m always going to get the comment right so you should know the back of the trailer if you bought a truck i think that’s more for the occasional tour persons like me i don’t tow every day and i have a really small short wheelbase chevy trailer i’ve had this channel as well that’s something is hard to back up that makes it a lot easier

For those kind of trailers now if you give me a double axle 24 foot trailer i’ll back that up no big deal but some of those more difficult ones and some of the ones if you don’t tow very often it’s a nice feature what’s nice about that is you just program a few things in the center console for your trailer and then it the computer figures out what you got and then

It’ll actually will like i said you turn the dial which way you actually want the trailer to back up not thinking about turning left to go right and the bottom steering wheel and all the different tricks they try to do throughout the year so you’ve learned from your dad and your grandpa and your brother all kind of stuff so that’s the new feature there for 2023.

So again nice ram nice limited there really a big fan of these seats i mean my goodness feels like quality i got cloth there leather insert i probably have heated and cooled i guess i’ve heated in cold seats find the vehicle settings yeah mirror dimmer i can do all sorts of things with cameras so yeah and then this has got the air suspension so i can adjustable

Air suspension right there right so you can raise the lower four corner air suspension that we talked about i want gonna check out that driver’s seat one more time now let’s just do one more quick look at this i don’t know if this is a pearl white i’m guessing it’s that’s what they have it and again it’s not listed there it’s eco-diesel version because you’re

Just building whatever they can on here look i have tow hooks and coming around here so then just like i said i want to look at this one more time and kind of wrap this up but yeah metal kit jeweled shifter the configurable screen trailer back up the interior right all the nice interior finishes and uh yeah and then on the exterior right we have ram boxes

We have the unique tailgate and we have what i would say other changes too so that’s what i got for you guys today that’s new ram limited elite edition i think it’s pretty badass what do you guys think is it badass is it too expensive i know it’s gonna be too expensive for everything but what do you guys think of this truck read your comments down below check out

The videos over here on the website check that out two good stuff over there as always thanks for watching i will see you down the road

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First Look! 2023 RAM 1500 Limited Elite Edition @ NAIAS 2022 By Pickup Truck Plus SUV Talk