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FIRST LOOK 2023 Toyota Camry hybrid XSE review

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Hey everyone it’s marcello here from the toyota world youtube channel and i’m back here at beautiful maple toyota and we finally got our first 2023 toyota camry hybrid it’s an xsc and pre-dawn gray and in this video i’m going to show you what it’s all about all right everyone so here it is the lovely 208 horsepower 2023 toyota camry hybrid it’s in the pre-dawn gray

This is the xse model you can tell by a lot of the xse characteristics which i’ll touch on in just a second but what do you guys think xse model is available with red interior okay it is also available with a two-tone body color and black roof with the black mirror caps and some other block accents but what do you think about the monotone single color option

Like this pre-dawn gray talk about class talk about luxury talk about some sport enthusiasm here man this is exciting we’re already getting 2023 to landing at our store um i did recently do a video and put it up about a week ago or so on the 2023 camry se i believe it was an upgrade uh non-hybrid but here we have a hybrid okay let’s dive into the review so other

Than the badge yes there are some features and characteristics of this vehicle that giveaway that it is an xse model 2023 camry hybrid let’s get started okay so to me here’s what gives away the fact that you’re looking at a xse model camry hybrid as opposed to something like an sc or an se upgrade and right away it’s those beautiful sport black 19-inch high gloss

Alloy wheels which do come only on the xse camrys take a look got the lower profile bridgestone tire there wrapped on top of the lovely 19 inch it’s sporty xse alloy wheels but that’s not all so you’ll notice uh when you go side by side with something let’s say like a an le or an se toyota camry you will see that the xse do have a premium lighting system so the

Xse does give you a premium headlamp and a premium tail light let’s take a look at the back end foreign so here’s the rear end those are the tail lights that you’re getting when you go with the xse as opposed to the se the le or the xle now let’s just take another quick look at the front end for just a second we’ll take another closer eye on the xse headlamp show

You what’s different here you can see a lot more characteristic on the headlamp a little bit more busy when compared to something like the sc you’ve got a lot more going on you’ve got the projector over to the corner here with the signal markers and then you’ve got these nice three led bars which are pretty much your daytime running lights really cool now one

More thing when you hop in the interior you will notice it is a full leather interior this is not a soft hex interior it is not a combination of fabric it’s more fabric with soft text or leatherette trimming something similar to like the se upgrade model has this is a full leather it’s got a little bit of a perforation here on the center parts of your back and lower

Part here if it were a red interior option xse camera hybrid it would obviously be all red these seats so that’s another way to give away that it is an xse let’s look further on the interior so moving right along here to the center in between your temperature gauge and your hybrid meter here and your speedometer you’ve got a seven inch multi-information display

System which does come standard when you go from something like the sc upgrade to the xse really useful to have let me know what you guys think about the xse in the comments below really easy to toggle through there’s your hybrid system right now it’s just sitting idle so not much going on pretty cool stuff and when toggling through your safety equipment you’ll

Notice yes the camry xses and even the sc upgrades do come standard with the blind spot monitor system and the rear cross traffic alert system uh both very useful to have i love it i mean if you’re ever reversing on to a busy road or a busy street you’ll know exactly what i mean but very useful to have these safety features and this equipment on the camry you’ll

Also have the very conveniently located wireless phone charger it does have a synchronizable dual climate control on the camry xses they’re also greeted with a beautifully leather wrapped heated steering wheel and a matching leather wrapped shift knob now you’ll want to see some really cool stuff on this 2023 toyota camry let’s take a look at the energy monitor

When you are actually driving the vehicle and you’ll see what the hybrid components are doing and when check it out okay so right now the vehicle is just sitting idle nothing’s going on and we are cruising at a very low speed here you can see it’s just the battery that’s operating the vehicle nothing else now when you brake that’s right the energy is getting

Recycled and sent back to the battery so that’s why i love the toyota hybrid system it’s a self-charging system regenerative braking you’ll see here the engine will kick in a little bit as i push down on the accelerator and then back again supplying energy and charging back that battery under the hood like i mentioned before it’s a 2.5 liter four-cylinder

Putting out 208 horsepower but i got to tell you guys on the gas pedal when you’re accelerating this vehicle it really seems like it’s putting a lot of torque out on this vehicle here this camry hybrid xse and that’s because on the hybrid powertrain systems it delivers 100 of the torque right away whereas on regular combustion engines if this was just a regular

Four-cylinder or a v6 you typically have to get up to a certain amount of rpms in order to hit that power band that gives you the most amount of torque and most amount of horsepower and as for a fuel economy so let’s start with the size of the fuel tank it’s a 49 liter fuel tank which puts out a whopping 5.1 liters per hundred combined fuel economy and that city

And highway driving that translates to about 55 miles per gallon not too bad at all for such a sporty looking vehicle what do you guys think another cool feature on the camry xses is that you have an eight-way power passenger seat so you’re getting the power driver’s seat and the eight-way power passenger seat pretty cool stuff take a look at the seating capacity

Here in the back you’ve got lots of space for the passengers uh i’m six foot two and i was just sitting in the front seat and i was very comfortable in the front had plenty of room and you can see it can still fit a pretty decent sized adult in the back seat of that vehicle and pulling off of the sc upgrade model you do have the sport front and rear fascia now what

I mean fascia i’m typically talking about the bumper and the trim of the vehicle you’ve got that nice honeycomb style front end in the front and it matches beautifully in the rear you’ll have to go with at least the sc upgrade package to get this kind of bumper and this kind of fascia there’s your rear end very sporty very unique of course you’ll also get the

Power sunroof standard equipment when you go at least with the se upgrade transferred over to the xse of course how beautiful let’s talk about the headlamps now another way to know that you’re inside of the camry xse model as opposed to something like let’s say an le or an xle this here has the sport tune suspension so you definitely will feel a different drive

When you’re driving something like this versus the lower grades or even the higher grades that don’t have this sport enthusiast appeal very responsive on the turning very easy to handle if you have to swerve through traffic make a sharp turn add a little bit of a higher speed especially this vehicle handles it very very well and it’s very very responsive support

Tooth suspension on the camry hybrid xses there you have it guys this is our first 2023 toyota camry hybrid xse model just landed at our dealership thank you maple toyota fantastic amazing inventory i hope you enjoyed the review and this information if you did smash with a thumbs up see you on the next one

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FIRST LOOK! 2023 Toyota Camry hybrid XSE review! By Toyota World