FIRST look With Ram CEO-2023 RAM REBEL HD CUMMINS – Diesel Power Wagon with Killer Payload & Towing

The ALL NEW RAM 2500 REBEL Is here! Welcome to the YouTube show where we rate vehicles on our Hipster Scale and give insight on “Who is this car for?” As well as give our thoughts on Interior, Exterior, Powertrain and Dynamics.

Foreign welcome back to the texas chart channel i’m here with mike he’s with ram he’s going to walk us through the all-new rebel 2500 i get that right you got it okay perfect so first thing out the gate explain to me how does this differentiate from the power wagon well first we all know the power wagon hasn’t gone away the power wagon is still in the marketplace

Right uh but one of the things that our loyal fans and customers have been asking for four years is that they wanted the legendary cummins diesel engine in the power wagon okay now for a lot of technical reasons that i won’t bore you with we couldn’t package the the diesel in the power wagon okay so based on that feedback and secretly we’ve been working on this

For a couple of years we wanted to create something that and this the rebel the 2023 ram heavy duty rebel is positioned between our laramie and the power wagon that’s where it sits in the lineup okay so power wagon is still above it power wagon is still above it it’s still the king of the hill okay so this does have there are some differences between the two and

We’ll get to that in a minute okay but this is really a late we’ve been working on this quietly for a couple of years so very proud to be able to introduce it to the world here at the fair very cool so the biggest difference in my mind is you’re losing the disconnecting from sway bar that’s right right and you’re also losing the front locker that the power wagon

Will give you right right and also the power again what difference is the power wagon also is you have a two inch lift so we uh so this is much more i would say from that perspective more mainstream right so you don’t have the two inch lift um but and for that extreme off-road rock crawling that the power wagon is known for right oregon s17s these are standard 20s

With optional 18s i mean you can see this aggressive 33 inch tire oh sure but with the bilsteins and the and the five link uh the coil suspension which get to a second okay it still has fantastic on-road manners but all the off-road shops that you would expect well and that’s one of the things we love about the power wagon is the on-road manners are still killer and

Then it flexes really well so you mentioned shocks right here the bilstein you still get the bilstein shocks these are the same shots they are as a power wagon yep okay but here’s the biggest deal if you need to tow or you need to worry about payload the power wagon is the 6-4 hemi only and actually almost famously has a minimized payload because of the articulation

That’s right for suspension so this gives you back what’s the payload in this one 3140 3140 pounds of payload and almost 17 000 pounds of towing capability i mean that is that is uh hd appropriate 100 appropriate so let’s walk through it so you know honestly it’s um the rebel makes sense right you’ve seen this in the half ton the 1500 the color schemes make sense

The interior obviously is going to be very similar because you’re going to have the embossing on the seat itself and also the center console lid so everything in here is very ram 2500 right i uh humbly think that ram and kudos to our designers we revolutionized when you think about the light duty pickup truck segment and even the heavy duty pickup truck segment

We revolutionized what a pickup truck can be these are no longer your grandfather’s pickup trucks with creek windows totally but you climb into this cabin the first thing you notice is how comfortable and how quiet it is the attention to detail that segment disrupting 12-inch uconnect touch screen right we have back seats that do front seat things they’re heated

They’re cooled they recline that’s a great term like you said you still got the center armrest which you’d be surprised how many vehicles don’t give you this and it’s a big deal uh you’ve got your charging points everything else you’ve got the very nice seating capacity and all of this what’s really important is everything you see on the 2023 ram heavy duty 2500

Rebel is straight from the factory okay you have the rock rails and interfunctional right they are they absolutely are if you come this way i’ll show you actually we of course this has the unmistakable look of the power wagon that you we all know and love we’ve also added a mopar sport performance so just to add a little bit of appearance to the truck a lot and

That’s the big news right there heavy duty with the rebel that’s a big deal and again it’s going to sandwich um in terms of towing it’s actually above the power wire it is but it’s what’s the difference in capability that’s right so there’s not a whole lot lost there you still have you still have good recovery hooks right here and on the on the gas on the six

Because that’s still you it comes standard with a 6.4 liter the legendary hemi v8 uh with an optional 12 000 pound worn winch with the diesel i can’t put the warm winch on there because of the cooling dynamics okay that’s good to know so if you have the diesel there won’t be a winch on the flashlight that’s right optional right okay let’s carry around the rear what

Do we have here you keep the ram box right well you know i’d be remiss oh we don’t talk about trailer tow mirrors it’s not maybe the first thing you think about but but this is a this is a big deal for ram and i would encourage you if you have the opportunity to check out the new trailer tow mirrors because it’s at some point these trucks are so capable uh you reach

Their sort of functional limits in terms of towing so what we’re really doing is focusing more on the customer we want it to be easier to tow with and instill that confidence because when you have a 15 or 20 000 pound trailer on the back of your truck it’s a little nerve-wracking at times sure so we’re doing more with uh i would say customer friendly features but

This is an advanced mirror it’s got a lot more capability really nice lighting signatures it’ll it’s just about we want to be easy to toe with much more intuitive much more friendly well ramsay has been very livable uh of the truck they’re kind of one of the first trucks to really elevate the interior space especially and just candidly i think all the brands are

Finally starting to catch up uh because it’s been the leading side the good news the good news at the end of the day because this is a competition uh it’s it’s the customer wins when the tide rises so and that that forces us to stay sharp yeah i can’t stop i can’t rest on my laurels so we’re excited we’ll talk about the future in a minute journalist and as a as a

Consumer i’m okay with that yeah okay so what do we have here so we keep we maintain the uh the ram box feature okay uh in the uh in the ram heavy duty rebel now we i think have become also known for some really smart storage solutions so this is lockable watertight storage you’ve got two drain plugs in here for uh adult or non-adult beverages that’s your favorite

Deal of course tailgate but yeah i mean you could see the slot so we have actually uh different accessories for mopar you can put your your guns you could put your fishing rods whatever sure yep 115 dj box there if you accidentally walk your siblings in the yeah not a good idea but it’s there while we’re back here i’d be remiss if i didn’t bring up five links yeah

Let’s talk back here one of the best things in the hd world is the five link from ram it rides like a half ton it’s unbelievable it’s still toast so and i think that’s it’s so it’s a great point it’s really about first of all understanding what our customers do with these trucks get let you know hearing the feedback and then actually implementing it yeah and this

This truck i mean we’ve become also known not only in the interiors which we’re so proud of but the ride and handling those on-road characteristics i mean you feel like you’re riding in a half ton oh it’s fantastic it’s one of our favorite things in the in the hd segment is the riot of this truck it’s incredible so suspension wise in the rear are the spring rates

Specific to this truck it is a little unique it’s tuned especially for the rebel but generally speaking the bones are the same okay so the the the designs are saying they’re probably the same spring rates dampers are specific okay do they differ from the power wagon outback uh no no okay the same and you do keep the rear locker we do on the rebel we do i’m doing

The half ton truck you can get the rear auger okay very cool and we and i think it was important if we were going to do this we wanted to be authentic and sincere so really i mean this is a power wagon this is this is a power wagon body model seat post right uh and just again with a couple of changes that’s a big one that’s a big change right there so explain to

The people uh this is the standard output it’s correct 87 that is the six seven and hit us with power numbers on that do you know 300 370 horsepower 850 pound-feet of torque that’s just so i mean you you hit it in the power band at about 1700 rpms this thing gets up and goes and people may not realize it when you’re off-roading that helps a ton you’re going to

Crawl over things with a lot of ease or that much torque that’s right really cool man i like it a lot really impressive i’m excited to get this thing on the the trail soon and mike thanks for your time if you’re interested in this go see your dealer it’s coming out the last quarter of this year correct that’s right we can order them now again we just opened 2023

Model you’re ordering and they should be at your dealer by the end of the year awesome all right thanks for watching texas channel we’ll see you next time

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