FIRST SHIFT – 10/03/2022: Audi of America on Q4 E-trons price

Audi Q4 E-tron’s price | N.Y. plans Calif. EV rule adoption | Hurricane Fiona aid | Fisker will debut Ocean at Paris show

How canada’s auto industry is aiding those affected by hurricane fiona why the audi of america president says he is pretty excited about its new electric compact crossover and pollstar says it plans to unveil its first crossover later this month good morning i’m kristen strakolitis welcome to first shift more on those stories in a moment but first you may soon

See more evs and hybrids on new york roads this is in connection to governor kathy hokel’s plan to adopt the state of california’s rules requiring all new vehicles sold in the state by 2035 to be either electric or plug-in electric hybrids hokel says she has directed a state environmental agency to propose and finalize a plan to move forward with setting yearly

Rising zero emission vehicle rules starting in 2026 that phases out gasoline only new car sales by 2035. the agency will hold a public hearing before the rules are finalized staying on the topic of evs if you are looking for an ev crossover you may want to look into audi’s new 2023 q4 e-tron electric compact crossover an entry model will be starting at 49 995

Dollars which includes delivery this starting price is something audi of america president says he is pretty excited about considering it is 22 thousand dollars less than the starting price of a 2023 audi e-tron audi says the new crossover will come in two model lines the single motor rear wheel drive q440 and the dual motor all-wheel drive q450 the sport back

Will be available only as a dual motor all-wheel drive model many of you probably have noticed how hurricane ian has been getting a lot of attention from the media lately however canada’s auto industry is turning their attention to those affected by hurricane fiona back in september furthermore the canadian automobile dealers association says it will be making a

Ten thousand dollar donation to help those affected by fiona and urged its members to offer financial assistance fiona is believed to be the strongest storm ever to hit atlantic canada analysts at dbrs morningstar estimate that hurricane fiona caused insured losses in the 300 million to 700 million dollar range pollstar says it plans to unveil its first crossover

Later this month the 2024 poll star 3 built on a new all-electric platform has dual motors it also has an expected epa range of more than 300 miles the ev maker’s ceo says this car will bring the sport back to the suv the unveiling of the ev is planned to happen on october 12th in denmark continuing on the topic of unveiling new product fisker says it will display

A top spec version of its upcoming ocean full electric crossover at the 2022 paris auto show the california ev startup says this ev crossover will be the most expensive of the three mainstream production trim levels costing consumers in france close to 70 000 euros thanks for watching be sure to go to for more news and don’t forget to follow us on

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FIRST SHIFT – 10/03/2022: Audi of America on Q4 E-tron's price By Automotive News