FIRST SHIFT – 10/06/2022: Ford Mustang Mach-Es crash test results

IIHS updates side crash test | Mixed U.S. sales results | Volvo’s interior radar system | Honda gives hurricane support

How honda is helping those impacted by the recent hurricanes what the results were for the 2021 and 2022 ford mustang mach e crash tests and a new feature volvo is implementing to help prevent someone from being left behind in a vehicle good morning i’m kristen stracalatis welcome to first shift more on those stories in a moment but first automakers had mixed

Feelings after the u.s new vehicle markets third quarter closed growing economic challenges and rising interest rates threaten what was expected to be a more robust second half rebound meanwhile u.s sales at toyota hyundai kia and subaru rose in september as the auto industries inventory woes continue to ease but sales fell 8.9 percent at ford even as inventories

Grew behind an 18 drop in truck volume and flat utility sales third quarter volume surged at general motors but slid at stalantis and nissan overall motor intelligence estimated vehicle sales rose 10 to over 1.1 million in september but were down 13 percent through september at over 10.2 million for more information on automaker’s q3 sales you can find it on our

Website at ford is celebrating it’s layman’s winning heritage as well as its global race winning success with the new 2022 ford gt limited edition the global director for ford performance motorsports says with innovative materials design and engineering the ford gt is unlike any other production supercar it is available with red or blue design details

That include tinted red or blue carbon fiber exterior treatment and a driver’s seat in the corresponding color these final 20 special edition supercars will add to its collectibility deliveries of the vehicle begin this fall with production wrapping up later this year staying on the topic of ford is 2021 and 2022 ford mustang mach e earned a good rating in the

Insurance institute for highway safety’s new tougher side crash test the ev also earned good ratings for head production for both the driver and rear passenger for structural performance the crossover was downgraded from good to acceptable because the left rear door partially opened during the crash which could allow a passenger especially an unbelted one to be

Partially or completely ejected u.s government statistics show that since 1998 more than 900 children in the u.s have died after being left in hot cars to help prevent this from continuing to happen volvo is implementing an interior radar system in some of its vehicles the new feature is designed to be accurate and sensitive enough to detect the tiniest movements

Such as those of a sleeping toddler volvo says it is the first such feature to cover the entire interior of the car including the trunk the new interior radar system will be rolled out as standard on the volvo ex90 the automaker also says the feature will be included in its other forthcoming car models honda is trying to help those affected by the recent hurricane

It says it will be doing so by donating five hundred thousand dollars in disaster relief funds to the american red cross these funds will go towards food and shelter for those living in the impacted areas also honda says it is offering its associates an opportunity to join the hurricane relief effort through a matching fund program thanks for watching be sure to

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FIRST SHIFT – 10/06/2022: Ford Mustang Mach-E's crash test results By Automotive News